Monday, January 16, 2017

Aging Skin - What I learned about in my 30s

I first started to realize that my skin was aging after I passed my 30s which happened to be just after I had my first child. I started to notice that my skin wasn’t as plump anymore. Tiny moles / pigmentation that I had never noticed started to appear on my face. I started to freak out! It was like a double whammy! Do you know that once you hit 30 your estrogen levels start to drop? This results in lower levels of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid that give 20-somethings that beautiful taut skin and plump apple cheeks.  I did read though that post pregnancy aging is just ‘temporarily’ caused by the lack of sleep, high stress and yeah being a mom. However, if you are in your 30’s it is time to ramp up your skincare regime already. If you have not been using any creams diligently, it is time to start. If you have, then it may be time to go for a cream with anti-aging properties.

" ..... once you hit 30 your estrogen levels start to drop?"

As the saying goes “You are what you eat”, it is no surprise that the condition of our skin is highly dependent on that factor. A balanced diet often helps to fight the signs of aging but is often not enough as we are undergoing other hormone changes as well.

"You are what you eat."

So, even though according to my Facebook I am still in my 20s and even though I hate to admit it, it is time to seriously start using Anti-Aging Creams. No, it’s not because I want to live in denial of my age but it’s because I want to age gracefully. However, you would agree that most anti-aging creams can burn a hole in your pocket hence why it may be a reason to put off starting to use them.

"I want to age gracefully"

I am using the Olay Regenerist Skincare Range at the moment which I decided to try based on a friend’s advice. The product promise is “ Look Dramatically Younger without spending a fortune”,  which sounds good to me as I didn’t actually plan to spend so much on skincare.

Here is a bit about the product:

A – Miracle Boost Youth Essence; B – Regenerist Micro-sculpting cream; C – Regenerist revitalizing night cream

A - Miracle Boost – Youth Pre Essence

Time of Use : Day & Night

Function : helps skin look energized and strengthens skin barrier function to give healthy looking skin

Texture : Sheer, light texture

Directions of Use : Use twice a day after toner and before serum & moisturizer.

What’s Cool ?!: Unscrew the cap and the product is automatically drawn in to the dropper

A – Miracle Boost Youth Essence; B – Regenerist Micro-sculpting cream; C – Regenerist revitalizing night cream

B – Micro-sculpting Cream

Time of Use : Day & Night

Function : firmer, smoother looking skin + intense hydration

The Promise : 
Day 1: Visibly reduces pores, improves texture & radiance
Day 14: Noticeably firmer skin
Day 28: Reduces years of wrinkles*

Benefits :
- Helps block direct DNA damaging rays to help protect skin and maintain collagen’s structural integrity
- Hydrates to help rebuild cellular surface structure & restore firmness

Product Information : This new anti-ageing formula hydrates to help rebuild cellular* surface structure and restore firmness, regenerating a more youthful appearance SPF 30 helps block direct DNA damaging rays to help protect skin and maintain collagen’s structural integrity. Powerful anti-oxidants help protect the skin’s surface. Premium skin feel, suitable for daily use

Texture : Creamy, light

Directions of Use : Using fingertips, massage a small amount on the face & neck in an upward circular motion , focusing on areas such as the brow & jawline which need more support

A – I would actually pump it on my palms first but this looks nicer for pictures;  B – Apply the micro-sculpting cream on the brow & jawline area; C – Having fun always makes you look and feel  younger hehe

C – Revitalizing Night Cream

Time of Use : Night

Function : Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with moisturization

Texture : Creamy, Light,

Direction of Use: using fingertips, smooth evenly onto clean skin over face & neck every evening

What’s Cool ?!:  Velvety feel & very light

My Verdict
  •  My favourite thing about this product is it is very light on the skin. Most anti-aging creams feel heavy and block my pores which is one of the reasons I used to stay away from them.
  • My pore size seems to have shrunk and the tiny wrinkles that were forming have lessened so my skin feels smoother to the touch.
  • Make-up glides on smoother and looks more flawless thanks to my new supple skin.
  • I can feel the skin tightening effect from day 1 and keeps improving
  • It’s value for money

I hope this is helpful for you, especially if you are in your 30’s. Whatever your choice may be, don’t forget to smile for a smile has scientifically proven to make you look younger.

For more on Olay products do check out their website


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I completely agree with you and 4 years back I also noticed some change in my skin as it started to loosen up. Good to read some good tips to face off the situation.

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