Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ning Baizura joins Sweatspa™ to spread message of Health & Beauty through Sweating

With all this El-Nino heat wave going on and schools closing left and right, the last thing on my mind is 'how to sweat' so it really caught me by surprise when this piece of news came up on my desk - "Sweatspa™, reveals actress and singer Ning Baizura as their spokesperson and ambassador"!

Sabrina Tang, Founder of Sweatspa™ welcomes Ning Baizura as their spokesperson and ambassador

Sweatspa™ is a wellness centre utilising medical grade Sunlighten™ Full Spectrum Infrared Therapy to detoxify the body. Through appointing Ning Baizura as their spokesperson, the centre aims to help people gain health and beauty through sweating.

Ning, who is pretty famous in Malaysia for her award winning music, appearance in movies and whom some people think looks like me :p endorsed the centre by saying "Sweatspa™ is the place for me to relax and rejuvenate before I start my day,” she added, “I love Sweatspa™ because I get to sweat out toxins effortlessly. After each session, I feel so revitalized. I could not stop talking about it. So when Sweatspa™ asked me to represent the brand, I was more than delighted to accept the offer because I was already a firm believer of this therapy having seen the difference in my skin, quality of sleep, stamina, and overall health.”

Kak Ning sitting pretty in the Sweatspa™ cabin. To recreate this look make sure you use waterproof makeup ok!!

Yes, I hear  you say that you can very well hit the gym for that same effect but lazy bums of hands please!

So is Sweatspa™ like a sauna? Well, apparently it is totally more than that! Each cabin utilises medical grade Sunlighten™ Full Spectrum Infrared Therapy with emphasis on safety and comfort, to detoxify, relax and rejuvenate the body.

You have probably heard of Infrared Therapy before but Sunlighten™ Full Spectrum Infrared Therapy is in another league by itself. At Sweatspa™ the infrared rays can be controlled for specific treatment.

Infrared Red Ray - Types & Functions

Near Infrared Rays : wound healing and increased immune functions

Mid Infrared Rays :  increasing circulation and promoting muscle relaxation

Far Infrared Rays :  primarily for detoxification

When a customer visits Sweatspa™ they we will be given a body scan; and after each session, a Body Composition Analysis (Inbody) system will read the changes. This way, the customers can track their progress.

Ah if only the weather had the same effect on us as this cabin!

At the moment, the centres open at 10am. If unlike Ning you are unable to wait till 10am to rejuvenate and start your day, you may be happy to know that the Sunlighten™ cabins are available for sale for you to use in the comforts of your own home with two lines available – the Signature series and the mPulse Series. If not, you can still pop by on appointment any time between 10am till 8pm or 9pm depending on the outlet.

Here are some interesting points I got from their website:
In every single session within 30 minutes, you are burning 500 – 600 calories, so you may lose from 0.5kg to 2kg
- It helps ease period cramps
- Suitable for breastfeeding moms! 
- Children above 10 are allowed to use the sauna (at home) under strict rules

It is interesting how my initial thoughts of this treatment has changed upon learning more about it and hey! I think I might try it someday.


Website :

Bangsar Shopping Center
Telephone : 603 2011 6088

Atria Shopping Gallery
Telephone : 603 77318248 / 6012 5306 088

Gamuda Walk
Telephone : 603 5525 8788 / 6012 8388 322

Plaza Gurney
Telephone : 604 229 1088 / 6012 475 2088


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