Thursday, January 21, 2016

[Review] Lancome Spring Collection '16

Ah, spring is in the air! Uhm...not in a tropical country you say? Well, actually although our climate is not affected our fashion trends surely are and so is make up!

I was honoured to be a guest at the lauch party in Isetan KLCC and be one of the first few to checkout the collection. Thank you Lancome Malaysia for the products which I am currently enjoying! 

That said, I am delighted to bring to you............


Welcome to a pop, retro-futuristic Paris: a world of poetic surprises where things are never quite what they seem, an invitation to incite every woman’s creativity. An imaginary journey infused with grace and lightness has inspired Lancôme for its spring 2016 make-up collection. The heroine of this Parisian tale re-connects with her childlike side to imagine looks with new-found sensuality, both elegant and delicate, playing with innovative textures and zesty colour. Neo-pastels with soft pop tones, but always with an ultra-contemporary twist. What could be more uplifting than daring to shake up the codes, create new sensations and effects, go beyond appearances and reveal the unexpected?

The metalic tin packaging is customized with the collection’s signature illustration: a Parisienne walking her little dog over the Paris rooftops on a beautiful spring day with a bouquet of balloons in her hand, carrying the message From Lancôme With Love. 

The spring collection features 3 Limited Edition products, My Parisian Pastels, My Parisian Blush and a Hypnose Palette for Poetically Pretty Eyes.

I was afraid that I would mix up the colors and then breathed a sigh of relief when I noticed the were numbered at the back

My Parisian Pastels palette at first glance looks like a box of eyeshadows. It actually is a box of little individual cubes united to form a multi-coloured cube. Each shimmery cube is numbered on the reverse side. The 9 shades are divided into 3 corrective shades, 3 blush tones and 3 illuminating pastels. There is no one way to use these cubes and it is definitely for those who are playful and creative. If you are stumped to begin, the back of the box provides suggestions for which shades to use on eyes and which for face.

Handy packaging. You can try rubbing this directly on to you eyes or cheeks for an intense look

The tiny cubes can be opened individually and be used in a multitude of ways. You can blend colours together to create a healthy spring glow, or used them individually like a chalk. You will also notice that the box has a slight retro feel, sort of like a box of crayons to bring out that little girl on you to play and let loose ;)

The colours 1-9 on my hand applied lightly with a brush. For people with light skin, you can actually use no.9 for sculpting with a natural finish

The colours of the palette are not too over powering so it is suitable for day use. For night, I would suggest using it for its glow and highlight feature along with a brighter eye colour.

Application Tips from Lancome Make-up Creative Director, Lisa Eldridge for every woman to make her own. ..

Face: Sweep a flat brush or kabuki across a horizontal row to take up a blend of corrective, healthy glow or illuminating colours.  

Eyes: Pick up a cube and apply the colour directly to the lid, pressing down more or less firmly to create the desired intensity and shimmer effect

Price: RM200 ( inclusive of GST) 

I know some that would buy this for the packaging alone hehe

My Parisian Blush beautifully packaged blush comes in two shades. 

01 Corail de Ville, a fruity orange for irresistible cheeks. 
02 Rose Haussmann, a flush-effect bluish pink which infuses the face with emotion. 

The texture of the blush is reminiscent of playing with playdough! Just press your finger lightly and spread on the desired area. Oh, did I mention it is multipurpose too? I used it on my eyes and my lips as well, though for lips you would need to add some gloss as the finish is dry & matte.

Price: RM145 (inclusive of GST) 

The Limited Edition Hypnose Pallete comes in DO12 Paris Merveilleux

The Hypnose Palette for spring has warm, intense tones like a spring sunrise, with a zesty orange able to awaken eyes in a wave of freshness. The Pallete comes with a style guide so you will know where to put what colour to create the perfect smokey romantic blinkers. However, don't be afraid to play around and create your own look ;)

Price: RM160 (inclusive of GST) 

Here is My Parisian Pastels & My Parisian Blush Look...

This is shot under sunlight with an internal camera.

I started off by priming my face with Lancome Advance Genifique & Lancome UV Expert.

To finish the look I used Lancome Grandiose Mascara which is especially great for unsteady hands as it just wipes off clean at the area you've smudged - no water required AND Loreal Lip Lover for youthful shiny lips.

I've mapped out where I used what color. Although not intense they really do make a difference and I like the effortless youthful appearance they help create. 

Please ignore my asymmetrical face

I applied My Parisian Pastels' cube number 4 under my eyes (where you would usually have dark circles) and on my lids with upward strokes. If you have light & yellow toned skin you can use cube number 2 as concealer. 

I then used My Parisian Blush in 01 Corail de Ville on my cheeks, lips and at the edge of the eye socket. I applied the color on my lids with my finger tips like a chalk except for the inner corner where I used a tiny brush. 

To finish off, I highlighted my T-zone and chin using cube number 2 to create a 3D effect. 

So, what do you think?


The LANCÔME SPRING COLLECTION is available at all counters nationwide from 11th January 2016 onwards .