Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Selberan's Ideal Diamond 10th Anniversary and unveiling of The Leia Collection

On 22 October 2015, I was invited to Malaysia's premier jeweler Selberan's Ideal Diamond 10th Anniversary celebration and the unveiling of their Leia Collection which was designed specially for the 10th Anniversary.

DJ Ira doing her thang whilst looking cool in an Eggie Azman original

The event was held at Selberan's Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Boutique. It was kept simple with free flow of drinks and canapes whilst DJ Ira put us all in to party mode. While awaiting the highlight of the event, a fashion and jewelry show, guests were encouraged to try on anything they liked that was on display.

A guest tries on a necklace of her choice

I was too busy snapping pictures and observing people to try on anything but a RM1,000,000 tiara =P 
An expensive tiara makes you feel like a princess or a rockstar or both

Whilst mingling I managed to say hi to the designer for the outfits that would complement the jewelry, Eggie Azman. According to Selberan, the reason they chose to collaborate with Eggie Azman was her knack for modern designs with an avant garde twist. Eggie Azman's brand DNA goes hand in hand with Selebran's brand where traditional design masterfully meet contemporary style.

Eggie Azman & Themodelmom

The following pictures are Themodelmom's picks from the jewelry show. Honestly, one must go to their boutique and check out the entire collection as there will be something to suit each taste.

Hana earing 

Right Hand: white & yellow gold Frida bracelet & Achive ring. Left Hand: Frida ring

Chantum pendant, earing & dimension ring

Inara Pendant, Achive Raya earing & ring

Elin earing & ring

Close up of Chantum earing

Rococo necklace with sapphire 

Close up of 3D Chantum ring & Chantum pendant

Onda bracelet & Onda ring with Selberan Supreme Diamond

Malaysian Supermodel Amber Chia and Themodelmom

The models with Chen Tien Yue, Executive Director of Royal Selangor & Eggie Azman

Here is a preview of the Leia Collection:

This daring and unrivaled Leia series is inspired by sculptural forms expressed in a variety of rings, pendants & earrings which show off sparkling, ideal cut diamonds in designs that are audacious and sophisticated.

The Leia solitaire ring is a dazzling masterpiece, set with a scintillating Selberan Diamond atop of a sculptural design. The Leia diamond rings are created with a love of bold and striking forms in mind, resulting in a jewel that leaves an impression on those who set their eyes upon it.

The Leia solitaire rings come in two versions – one is a more refined and delicate interpretation, while the other version is an assertive expression of the design.  Both have detailing on the shoulders which refer to one another in this family of jewels.

The elongated almond shape - striking in its length and accented by solitaire diamonds, make for elegant earrings. With their exaggerated size, these jewels are a call for attention.  Likewise, the Leia pendants are pieces that have a delightful balance of glamour and fun.

The diamonds in the pendant or earrings can be customised to sizes of one’s choice – either with petite & beautiful Selberan Diamonds to catch the light and sparkle, or dazzling carats that go as large as you dare.

The sensational and unabashed Leia series in 18k white gold is now available in all Selberan boutiques in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Suria KLCC, The Gardens Mid Valley City as well as the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre in Setapak where the administration offices are based.

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