Friday, October 16, 2015

IsMé Beauty & Cafe

IsMé  Beauty & Cafe, Empire Subang
IsMé  Beauty & Cafe recently launched it's own skin care range named IsMé Professional Beauty and Skincare. It combines both cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, or simply Cosmeceuticals with biologically active ingredients. IsMé Beauty & Cafe claims that this range is personally tested and selected by their team of beauty professionals and skincare experts. Made in the USA, the range promises to treat skin conditions, prevent premature aging and protect skin health and beauty. 
IsMé  Beauty & Cafe - Bar

If you haven't already been to one of the 3 cafe's and have no idea what a beauty cafe is I don't blame you as this concept is new in Malaysia. In fact, IsMé  Beauty & Cafe is the first of it's kind in the country, focusing on beauty and health both from within and on the surface. Just like the old saying "You are what you eat".
Wow! This is how low cal food looks like now

IsMé  Beauty & Cafe Signature drink
Some product testing  and skin analyis
I was privileged to be invited to a briefing and product testing with their expert consultants along with two other bloggers. We were all given different products based on the expert's analysis of our skin to take home and try. My skin is generally healthy, combination skin so I was recommended the O2 Bubble Cleanser. 

How to apply O2 Bubble Cleanser
1. Dot the required amount of product on your cheeks, forehead and chin. 
2. Gently scrub in a circular motion, add a bit of water as you go
3. Once soap suds form, stop and cleanse with water (if you over scrub, the impurities that were lifted off your skin by the soap suds will go back on to your skin)
4. Repeat Steps 1-3 (but you can skip adding more water) to double cleanse. Trust me, your skin will feel noticeably smoother.

O2 Bubble Cleanser. 3 branches in Malaysia
The product is made in USA . Connect with IsMe Beauty & Cafe
The product is clear. You get this size with one pump..

The texture is light, between gel and water and not sticky
Just add some water and gently scrub in circular movements. It's not as bubbly as you would expect.

My thoughts on the product

I like how the product is fragrance free and colourless. The texture and consistency makes it easy to apply. I actually use 2 pumps although you may actually require less. I also like the size of the bottle so that you can use it longer without having to repurchase in a short time.

I recommend that you get their Gentle Foam Milk too. Use the Gentle Foam Milk to remove make up first followed by the O2 Bubble Cleanser and you get a velvety soft feel, You won't stop touching your face (but you should as it may cause breakouts),

I also learned from mi hermana Salma Hayek that you should skip washing your face in the morning to preserve the natural oils that give your skin youth. She always just washes her face before bed. (Yay? Nay? Let me know in the comments below!)

My thoughts on the cafe
I love how everything in the cafe is low in calories, Personally, when I am on a diet, I tend to avoid catching up with friends as it usually involves eating and drinking and being exposed to many temptations, Now, I can meet up with friends in a 'safe' environment! lol 

The ambiance is very cosy too, Perfect for a girls day out.


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