Sunday, October 11, 2015

Malaysia Urban Retreat Festival - 13 to 15 November 2015

Are you a Fitness Freak? Do you Eat Clean? Do you like to Dance? How about some Music? Yes to any one of those? MURFEST may pique your interest.


MURFEST is the first Malaysian Wellness Festival and pegged to be Top 5 in South East Asia. Over the span of 3 days, there will be more than 80 classes and workshops to choose from. Among which are yoga, aqua yoga, zumba, capoeira, motivational speakers, sound healers. 

Get Jiggy to the beat!

Learn to Sway your Hips

Hop on one foot on a tight rope?

According to Festival Founder & Director Shobie Malani, "The main aim of MURFEST is to educate the young and invigorate the souls of our seniors to embrace a wellness or fitness practice that they can adapt into their lifestyles." She acknowledges that most people have been exposed to at least one of these workshops. MURFEST aims to bring communities together to gain knowledge, change mindsets whilst cultivating a mindful and healthy society.

Simon Borg Olivier in his element

Yoga enthusiast? You will be thrilled to know that Simon Borg Olivier, Melissa Smith and Kosta Miachin are part of the line up along side our very own Singing Tinkerbell cum Yoga Fairy, Ms. Atilia Haron who is also the ambassador of MURFEST.

Atilia Haron - MURFEST Ambassador

The newly launched JUST BE Market sounds quite interesting too. Apparently it is a niche place where communities get to connect and network with wellness experts and artisans from all walks of life. Expect to be sipping on organic coffee, meet natural healers and check out semi-precious healing jewels. You can also look forward to getting pampered with an Ayurvedic massage, sample essential oils, explore raw food delicacies, cool off with cold pressed organic juices and shop for unique trinkets and brick a bracts. 

The URBANITE Concert is for all ages and all walks of life

The signature event of MURFEST is the URBANITE Concert that will be happening on 13 November 2015 at the Grand Ballroom, Hotel Pulman Kuala Lumpur. It aims to bring people together with the power of music and dance. Expect to be moved by Artists & Bands performing world music, reggae and fusion while sitting on sustainable up-cycled furniture and bean bags, Expect relaxed, traditional and healing music while you mingle with others.

Bhangra Workshop - No wonder Bollywood actors are so fit ey?

Move to the pumping beat

Some Interesting Workshops I extracted from the 3 Day Schedule:
- Active Movements From Your Core: How to get in to a Posture 
- Masala Bhangra Dance Workout 
- Everything You Need to Know about going Vegan
- Qi Qong Therapy
- Constellation Workshop
- Capoeira
- Living Your Dreams
- Bellydance
- Raggeathon
- How to Speak and Understand "Man Language" (For WOMEN ONLY)

You can see the full schedule here. Seriously! It's packed with awesome workshops and can be so much fun for the family or like minded friends.The cool thing about the schedule on their website is you can bookmark your favorites and sync them to your phone or calendar.That's neat!

Excited yet? Here are the deets:

Venue : Pullman Hotel, Kuala Lumpur - Bangsar
Date : 13 to 15 November 2015
Website :


From left to right : Shobie (Director of MURFEST), me, Atilia Haron (Ambassador of MURFEST), Jojo Struys (Ambassador of MURFEST)

I attended the Press Conference on 16 October and found out a few new things:

- This festival is an ideal Urban Retreat. To fully enjoy the workshops and concert, you can book yourself in at Hotel Pullman Kuala Lumpur where all events will be held or other nearby hotels (5 to 10 mins away) at special negotiated rates. Checkout their website for special packages,

- If you can't find a baby sitter don't worry as there are many activities for the kids as well. In fact you can even bring them to the Urbanite Concert! It will make a great family outing.

- Expect a very relaxed atmosphere and positive vibes during the Urbanite Concert where everyone is encouraged to dress in something white and comfy.

- Aseana Percussion Unit is definitely not to be missed!

- This festival is for anyone and everyone regardless of fitness level. 


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