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Watercolouriminlove Watercolour Class for Adults

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. – Pablo Picasso

In simple and clear words, Pablo Picasso couldn't have said it even better. 

Last weekend 6 September, while little Suryanh was at his weekend school with his pops, I ventured out to learn something too! After giving Anna her last feed, I bid farewell to my little lady of 4 months and rushed off as she looked at me with her beady eyes. I was headed to 11, Jalan Senangin, Bangsar or fondly known as 'sebelas' (sebelas is a pop up living co-working space) to 'Watercolouriminlove' - a watercolour class for adults by 'Weekendiminlove'.

Honestly, I didn't know what to expect. All I was told to bring was watercolour and an open mind, owh and an empty stomach as there would be some good grub organized for us. Like really gooood grub!

Finding the place was easy thanks to Google Maps tho I think Waze would get you there all the same. It was located in a housing area with a lot of parking spaces.

At the entrance, I was welcomed by the founder of 'Weekendiminlove' and 'Watercolouriminlove' workshop guru, Ms. Atie Jaafar. After completing her first degree in Fine Arts Majoring in Painting, Ms. Atie first set foot in the industry as a graphic designer. 6 years later she became a lecturer and then completed her Master in Contemporary Art & Design both in LUCT (Limkokwing University of Creative Technology). Whilst Ms. Atie still teaches design and art subjects in LUCT, she does a myriad of freelance art and design related projects. So there - she has 15 years of experience, you know you are in good hands!

Grub by RootCellar and table set up by The Table Project
Eager beavers waiting for the class to start - Who may run in to a celebrity or two
As I walked in the entrance I noticed the artfully rustic food set up at the entrance and the full house class of eager beavers.

Water for drinking and for painting
Our art teacher The Artie Atie, started by asking in general what we want to take away from this class. I find out later in the class the answer to this question. She also showed us different watercolours, suitable brushes and paper types.

Doing the Graded Wash Tehnique

After doing the graded wash, just add salt. It will give some texture once you shake it off. My mom asked me if my 3 year old son did this -_-

There are many techniques in painting with watercolour but we learnt two techniques for a start. The first technique is called 'wet on wet' and the second is called graded wash. Once we were done with practicing we broke for 'makan' by Root Cellar KL.

Some of the unique eats by Root Cellar KL

So rustic the table setting by The Table Project

According to their Facebook page, 'Root Cellar KL is a project by chef and all round nice person, Basira Yeusuff in collaboration with a bunch of people who are also not too shabby'. Ain't that cute? The scrumptious food was laid out so appetizingly by The Table Project. I tried to mingle as much as I could but food got into my way or should I say mouth hehe. 

Ms. Atie & Ms. Basira - I love their artistic and quirky personality

The best part of joining events for me is the social aspect of it. Do you know that according to Health Magazine, having a robust social network that includes relatives, friends, and other relationships is one of the best kept secrets to a long and healthy life!

We stole a snap shot after lunch. (See how I dressed up my casual Sunday garb with red shoes and a statement necklace?)

Then we were back to business. Ms. Atie did a demo of how to apply the techniques she thought us earlier and told us that we are tasked to create our own masterpiece. 

Yasmin Hani and other participants look on as Ms. Atie is shows us how she creates a flower wreath.
Flower wreath in creation. Here is a fun fact - you don't have to wash your pallet, just add water to use the colour again!

Tada..done in a few minutes

We got to practice first before we started on the final copy. Thank god for that as I messed up my first trial. I added too heavy a colour when the paint was still wet causing it to look very muddy. 

The practice piece that I destroyed. 

Ms. Atie also advised us to relax and let it flow as watercolour is all about spontaneity. In real life I think this translates to "you will learn how not to be so uptight and anal about everything". Like seriously, just chill ... think of the bigger picture and let your mind and body motor skills? take you there. 

My subconscious inspiration
My painting was a tree. On hindsight, I remember being really mesmerized by a tree I spotted on the highway last week and snapping a picture of it. There must be something my subconscious knew and made a connection..I don't know, but I was indeed satisfied with my work. 

A more advanced student

Did you know that watercolour painting is a form of therapy? In the words of Ms. Atie, "Watercolour teaches you too be spontaneous, let loose, express & challenge yourself with every brush stroke. Just go with the flow, what ever will be will be. Mistakes are inevitable but that's okay..Just like life, you need to just do your best and be happy with it. C'est la vie..."

My Masterpiece - not too shabby :) 

During the duration of the class I found out from different people why they took the class...

1. Can do own designs without having to commission it out

2. To learn some formal things about an informal hobby 

3. Learn a new skill 

and the sweetest ... 

4. to design their wedding card together (ngawww =x) 

This sweet couple are going to design and paint their own Wedding Invitation

The day ended with photo op and everyone receiving a goody bag. Everything from the venue, menu and delivery of this class left nothing to complain about. In fact, I was telling a friend that it was very hispter without even trying to be. There was art in everything. I left feeling very satisfied and accomplished.

We are all proud of our masterpieces

Sounds exciting?

- Checkout Weekendiminlove's Facebook and Instagram page, drop them an email at to join a class. 

- The class is priced at RM150. This fee includes palette, acid free paper, goody bag and the designer food you will be enjoying. All you need to do is bring your choice of watercolor and paintbrushes. Just make sure they are watercolour paintbrushes yea.

If you have any questions for me please leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you :)

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