Wednesday, August 19, 2015

STRIP - Exposes Dirty Little Secrets [Are You Being Cheated On?]

The Bad Guys : The Cheating Razor, Exposed Hand and Two Timing Towel

15 August 2015 - I attended an exclusive event at STRIP Mid Valley. I was intrigued by the invitation as it promised to 'Expose Dirty Little Secrets' and went on to ask the question 'Are You Being Cheated On?' 

Warm Welcome at the Reception

I was welcomed at the counter by the warm STRIP staff who then registered me and offered me a complimentary STRIP waxing session where we got the STRIP experience. It is safe to say 'STRIP will never cheat on you!'. The wax girl (I'm so sorry I don't remember your name hun), took me in to the treatment room as per usual. However before the procedure started this time, she opened a large packet that looked like a Condom only like a horse size haha. 

The Complimentary Treatments of the day and the Hygiene Pack

The XL Condom packet is actually a cheeky way of packaging the tools needed for each treatment. Depending on what treatment you do the contents may vary a bit such as disposable wooden spatulas, a disposable razor cartridge, a pair of disposable latex gloves, wet wipes, cotton pads, cotton buds etc.. This Hygiene Pack concept is to reinforce the fact that hygiene is paramount at STRIP and that they always believe in Playing It Safe. 

To read more on waxing please click here. However, note that STRIP Sunway has updated is look as well.

With the bubbly hostess Joanne Kam
I then went out to mingle with the hostess Joanne Kam and other guests while I enjoyed the light refreshments. I didn't look like someone on a diet as a walloped about half a dozen cupcakes (shhh....). 
Working the Photo booth

The PR people were also on hand to tell us more about STRIP and the way they do hair removal.

Mini Cupcakes from 12 Cupcakes - I like the Caramel Chocolate one

I noticed our very first representative to Asia's Next Top Model arrive. I was wondering how to strike up a conversation with her and not sound lame. But to my surprise she gravitated towards me and told me that I look familiar. Yes me. She asked me if she knew me to which I laughed and said 'I don't think so but I know you."

With ASNTM Cycle 1 contestant Melissa Th'ng

The highlight of the event was the Expose! It was delivered by the very animated Joanne Kam. She started out by showing us the contents of the Hygiene Pack (that colourful giant condom packet). Here is what I learned from her:

Joanne Kam holding the Hygiene Pack and delivering the Expose

1. The second most dirtiest thing / place after the toilet is the Handphone. So can you imagine the hands touching the handphone touching ... eyuwww. That's why at STRIP they always put on new latex gloves for each customer.

2. Each IPL (that is laser hair removal) customer receives a brand new razor 

3. Each customer will receives a fresh towel, regardless where the hair removal is (even if it is eyebrows)

4. Absolutely 'No Double Dipping'. Which means the ice cream stick used to scoop the wax and apply on the customer will never be used more than once. This sounds like a no-brainer but believe it or not many establishment do 'double dipping' or even worse they use the same old ice-cream stick on all customers!

5. Especially when doing Brazillian waxing, all these hygiene steps should not be missed as it may lead to bacterial infections.

With fellow bloggers, celebrities and members of the media

The event officially ends with a group picture. Through this event STRIP wants to get the word out that every customer deserves the right to safe and hygienic hair removal. So join STRIP in saying ‘NO’ to hair removal salons that harbour dirty little secrets.

Checkout the cute campaign posters!

To find out more about STRIP’s Dirty Little Secrets Exposed campaign and hygienic hair removal practices, visit       


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