Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Stand Up and Pee! Go Girl, pee like a Lady

How many of us dread going to public toilets?

Do you hold your pee just to avoid going to one? Well you shouldn't as this could lead to UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections - if you are familiar with the term you probably got it before or know someone who has). A simple act of releasing oneself has become or has always been the bane to a lot of women around the world from different walks of life.

The only time you should do this pose is when
paying tribute to the  King of Pop hismelf
So what do we do when we can't hold it in? We line the commode with lots of tissue (although you really want to save paper and save the world you seem to have no choice as you choose your swelling bladder over the world), hover squat over the commode to ensure no contact with your skin (this can be especially hard if you are heavily pregnant) and I suppose there are other things other people do but I'm not you so I don't know what you do in the loo.

However I strictly can't stand those people who mencangkung atas tandas duduk..yes you know who you are..leaving your shoe marks all over. You are one of the reason's why the public toilets is in such a sorry state.

Don't you just wish you could pee standing like a man? Well what if I told you that YES! You Go Girl! Go ahead, stand up and pee like a WoMan!

Many years ago I heard about a device that allows women to stand and pee whenever and wherever. I thought it was really quite cool. When I found out that this device called Go Girl is available in Malaysia, I got really excited and thought to try it out for myself. 

GoGirl is more than just a bathroom product; GoGirl enables women’s active lifestyles. GoGirl is a simple, sanitary device made from germ-resistant, medical-grade silicone that allows women the benefit of going to the bathroom standing up. The easy-to-use device is reusable or disposable and the small storage tube fits easily in a purse or backpack like other feminine hygiene products. 

This device is suitable for :
- Outdoor Lifestyle Girls ( campers, bikers, etc )
- *Golden Girls (Veterans) having issues with knees, after op situation, 
- *Rave Girl (Party goers) with portable loos only
- *Wander Girls (travelling ladies) that may have to Go in the most inconvenient places
- *Preggo Girls (expectant moms like me) who are not able to squat/sit easily

*These catergory names are unofficial names given by yours truly.

This is what a GoGirl looks like
I later found out that GoGirl has been made available in Malaysia since 2013 and already has a big user base although it's still pretty new to our local market. I would think that this is more than a trend, that it will catch on considering that Texas A&M University in the US, has installed permanent women’s urinals! Wow!

It is definitely worth to give GoGirl a try, especially with Thaipusam (for those of you who will be walking for kilometers behind the chariot) and Chinese New Year (some of the more remote rest stops along the trunk roads can be quite icky) around the corner. 

In my next post I will be sharing with you my personal experience using GoGirl including a 'How To' section.

You can get your GoGirl from

RM48.90 for Single Unit
RM138.90 for 3 Units

Feel free to comment or post your questions below =)


hoyden said...

I'm intrigued! I've heard of it but haven't heard of anyone here using it. Can't wait for your 'How To' guide!

Unknown said...

Hmm... I want to know how you use it too

Jaishana Logan said...

Hi Mel & Soosan, I will get my busy butt to post soon ye :p