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Celebrity Fitness Malaysia throws workout party to raise awareness of World AIDS Day

Participants gathered as early as 8am to dance and spin to the first workout of the day, Zumba
What better way to end the year than to support a good cause? On the 20th of December, Themodelmom together with 200 other Malaysians gathered to raise awareness for AIDS through a three hour workout party titled Move for WAD organised by Celebrity Fitness Malaysia, 

Azura having fun with BodyCombat

Many local celebrities, namely Yasmin Hani, Azura, Sha'rin Mohd Razali, Anthena Tan and Angeline Ooi stepped forward to lend their name to the event and sweat it out together with other participants.

#MoveForWAD T-shirt

Celebrities and participants alike dressed in a special T-shirt designed for the event to show solidity with the world wide movement. 

Yasmin Hani sweating it out with other participants
This year the theme was 'Getting to Zero' which symbolizes zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths.

Themodelmom caught in the act

I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 hour workout that was held on the Sky Park at Nu Sentral but was pleasantly exhausted lol. The three hour workout started with Zumba, followed by 2 Les Mills programmes; SH'BAM and BODYCOMBAT. It was the first time for me trying any of these.

For those of you who are not familiar let me break it down for you:

Zumba = an aerobic workout with various styles of latin dance moves usually to latin or latin inspired music.

SH'BAM = fun, addictive, dance workout to club & hip hop chart topping hits.

BodyCombat a high-energy martial arts-inspired workout that is totally non-contact with moves from Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Capoeira and Kung Fu. 

Ryan Cheal, Vice President of Celebrity Fitness Malaysia hands over a mock cheque to Fahrin Ahmad, Malaysian AIDS Foundation Red Ribbon Celebrity Supporter Red Ribbon Celebrity Supporter, who accepted on behalf of Malaysian AIDS Foundation
The event started with a cheque presentation of RM15,000 from Celebrity Fitness Malaysia to Fahrin Ahmad, Red Ribbon and Celebrity Supporter of Malaysian AIDS Foundation. In his speech, Ryan Cheal, the Vice President of Celebrity Fitness Malaysia who presented the cheque said "There are more than 6,200 new infections of HIV a year, adding to the total number of 100,000 Malaysians living with HIV. Despite this, HIV and AIDs remain a sensitive issue in Malaysia, and the social stigma surrounding the disease makes it difficult for patients to reach for the help they need,”

Celebrity Fitness Superstar Instructors lead the crowd in heartpumping rounds of Sh'Bam.

Speaking on behalf of Celebrity Fitness Malaysia, Ryan Cheal elaborated that Celebrity Fitness Malaysia hopes to empower patients and encourage healthy conversation around HIV and AIDS among the public, ultimately creating a supportive community for all.

To do my part, I will share with you some more facts that I gathered from the World AIDS Day Official Website


Did You Know?

Effective treatment can mean that people living with HIV are no longer infectious.

People living with HIV can have a normal life span if diagnosed and treated in time.

People living with HIV are able to become parents of a HIV-negative child.

There is no job someone can’t do specifically because they have HIV.


Move for WAD was made possible with the support of NU Sentral, Bean & Beans, L'Oreal Malaysia and 7UP Revive.

For more information on Celebrity Fitness and for more exciting activities, log onto or

Thursday, December 17, 2015

[Gift Ideas] Christmas with Printcious

With Christmas and year end parties just around the corner many of us are busy seeking out gifting ideas. I myself have been pretty pressed for time lately with juggling mom duties, events and keeping up with my blog.

Printcious interactive website is currently having Christmas Promo

While looking for ideas, I came across this local site called Printcious. I noticed it's tag line "precious gifts from your heart'', so I suppose Printcious is a combination of the words Print & Precious?

Personalised Tiles make good gifts too

There are many cool designs to choose from and personalise or you can just create your own

Printcious actually gives you 3 main options. You can shop from their pre-designed selection, Customize existing designs or Create your own from scratch. You can change colours, fonts and even add more that one picture.

The Gifts section will give you some ideas
For the totally blur there is even a section called 'Gifts' that will give you ideas based on the gender of the recipient or the occasion.

You can either Sign Uo and Create an Account or Login via Facebook

After I scan through, I sign up as a member as it is very simple. You can either create an account by entering a username, email and password or simply just login through Facebook.

Update your details such as mailing ad and profile. You can even put things on your wishlist for easy re-call

Next I update my Address & my Profile. Actually you don't HAVE to update your profile but I saw a note at the bottom of the screen that said if I fill up my gender and birthday they would send me a voucher for my birthday. My birthday is coming up no harm :)

The main items that Printcious offers at the moment are T-Shirts, Mugs, Cushions, Ceramic Tiles, Puzzles and Mousepads. They are all customization and your imagination is the limit.

Its pretty easy to navigate

I am actually looking for a gift for my uncle's birthday. I'm not feeling too adventurous so I look for a pre-designed T-shirt. To my surprise there are over 1900 designs to choose from! Luckily they neatly divided it in to categories that include Art, Humour, Keep Calm, and many many more.

There are over 1900 designs for T-shirts alone!

Finally I found one that was so very suitable! My uncle is also going to be a Grandad soon and this T-shirt I came across couldn't be more apt! I change the colour to Pink and add to cart. From the cart you can proceed to check out or shop more (I choose to shop more). They are also offering 20% off until 25 December 2015.

My selection

You can choose the T-shirt Color

On customisable designs or own designs there is an easy to use built in design /editing tool

I'm just sharing this site with you as I think giving customised (or semi customised) gifts are very meaningful. You can even print your kids footprint on a tile as a gift to grand parents, print your favourite holiday picture with your girlfriend on a cushion, put 'Property of ' and give it to your husband to wear on boys night out hehe etc. 

I just posted this cos I think it's really cute haha

Cushions could dress up the occasion or make as good gifts too

Customize your own at
Check them out on FB at

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Katrina Kayora Ong is Malaysia’s Most Colorful Young Woman - The FreshLook® FreshFaces ColorGirl Search 2015

The 30 most colorful young women in Malaysia shortlisted from 2,221 entries in the FreshLook® FreshFaces ColorGirl Search 2015 with judges

Kuala Lumpur, 10 December 2015; In an intimate and vibrant event, some of Malaysia’s most colorful young ladies showcased themselves at the FreshLook® FreshFaces ColorGirl Search 2015 Finale. 

FreshLook® FreshFaces ColorGirl Search 2015 Grand Prize Winner Katrina Kayora Ong

The 30 ladies that took to the stage were actually shortlisted from a whopping 2,221 young Malaysian ladies who registered through the official contest site 100 participants were selected based on the result of the largest InterUniversity search held this year, involving over 26 Universities, six university Prom Nights, and eight universities’ “classroom curriculum” engagements.

Katrina Kayora Ong is a 19 year old girl from Sandakan, Sabah who is an American Degree Transfer Program student at INTI International University, Nilai.

The objective of FreshLook® FreshFaces ColorGirl Search was to find one young woman who is determined to inspire and make an impact on her generation. The search, initiated by Alcon’s FreshLook® color contact lenses, which provides a natural tint to the windows of the soul, aims to support young women in their choice to lead an interesting and expressive lifestyle.

The FreshLook® FreshFaces ColorGirl Search 2015 was conducted in collaboration with the Malaysian Youth Community (MYC!) in conjunction with their annual FreshFaces Cover Girl search. The Search was also supported by Zalora, GoPro, Kiss Me, and Amber Chia Studios.

The Fiery Nicole Sheila Nagalingam, an 18 year old studying A-levels at Brickfields Asia College 

Katrina Kayora Ong was selected the winner from a rigorous process that involved participation in workshops namely Color Etiquette and Grooming by Michelle Lim, Corporate Grooming Consultant; Poise & Posture by Amber Chia, International Celebrity Model, and Social Media Etiquette by Jason Ko, Chief Executive Officer of MYC!. The screening process did not stop there. The girls were required to demonstrate the application of the ‘colors’ into their everyday life and post those stories in their respective social media platforms. 

21 year old songstress Lydia Charmaine Lourdes, HELP University Bachelor of Communication

"I colour my day by looking for new adventures everyday. Along with new adventures come new colour that I discover along the way. I also colour my day by surrounding myself with all my colourful friends letting them colour my life and also to colour them with my randomness." - Katrina Kayora Ong, Winner of FreshLook FreshFaces ColorGirl Search 2015.

Tall & poised 20 year old Bella Chee Yuen Chi studying Bachelor of Communication at Monash University Malaysia

The 30 semi finalist described by Jason Ko, CEO of MYC! as “...bright and articulate students in Medicine, Engineering, Sciences, Arts. The next generation of Malaysia is indeed in the good hands of these young colorful women” paraded both in casual and dressy outfits of their choice and were free to show off their colourful personality in the way they dressed, the colour of lenses they chose and most importantly their short speech on how they choose to colour their world. Albeit each lady was unique in her own right, I noticed that they all shared one thing in common - Confidence. Just like what Mr. Sandeep Tewari, Country General Manager, Alcon Laboratories (M) Sdn. Bhd. had mentioned in his welcome speech.

The elegant and bold 21 year old Arinna Erin binti Wira Izran Mass Comm student from HELP University

"Our approach to the FreshLook® FreshFaces ColorGirl Search 2015 is to empower young women to live their lives colorfully. Color can be expressed in everything that you do; and in everything that defines you. Having the courage and confidence to be yourself encourages a positive mindset, thus helping one to improve the quality of life,” - Mr. Sandeep Tewari, Country General Manager, Alcon Laboratories (M) Sdn. Bhd.

The search culminated with the finalists vying for the top 12 spots as the 12 monthly university spokespersons of MYC! magazine for 2016. The winner, Katrina Kayora Ong will attend a photoshoot in New York sponsored by MYC! She will also represent FreshLook® as the official ColorGirl for the year in their consumer engagements.

The 19 year old from Sandakan, Sabah who is a student in INTI International University expressed, “I truly did not expect this, and I am just so blessed and grateful for this opportunity and experience. I made it to the Top 30 of FreshLook® FreshFaces ColorGirl Search and was so honored to have won".

The other girls that caught my attention that day included Nicole Sheila Nagalingam, a fiery young woman with a determined walk, Lydia Charmaine Lourdes a fairy like petite girl with an evident passion for singing, Chee Yuen Chi with her model like figure and runway walk and last but not least Arinna Erin binti Wira Izran who was a sight to behold in her Muslim attire on point. 

Themodelmom with the lovely Katrina Kayora

I managed to catch hold of her after the announcement and asked her a few (mom-related) questions:

Themodelmom: What do you think about women with higher education that choose to stay at home to take care of their children?

Katrina Kayora: It is really their individual choice. I have no strong feelings for or against it.

Themodelmom: What is the right time to have children?

Katrina Kayora: When you are ready. You have to be ready. There is no right age but when you feel stable and you will know it yourself. It may be getting a house, stable career and emotionally but the individual will know when it's time.

Themodelmom: Were your parents supportive in you joining this contest?

Katrina Kayora: Yes. Very supportive. They bought me a ticket to come down for this event. I am very thankful.

Themodelmom: Do they know yet that you have won?

Katrina Kayora: Oh my god, No! I have to call them.

While I was talking to her I noticed that she had naturally brown eyes and that classic bee stung lips. Personality wise, she was very calm and humble.

Katrina also told me that she was very excited about going to New York. She added that winning has not set in yet and she still felt very much in shock. And with that I wished her all the best and bid farewell.

All the best to all contestants! All you girls have the power to spread positivity and colour our future.


About FreshLook® Color Contact Lenses 
FreshLook® color contact lenses is Alcon’s most established range of color contact lenses, boasting a unique 3-in-1 Color Technology, which helps the lenses to blend with the user’s natural eye colors, resulting in a stunning natural eye color change. FreshLook® ColorBlends® is available as a monthly disposable lens in a range of twelve colors – gray, green, blue, brown, honey, turquoise, 4/4 amethyst, true sapphire, pure hazel, gemstone green, sterling gray and brilliant blue - providing plenty of options for the color-savvy people. For users who prefer a daily disposable option, they can select from the FreshLook® One-Day® or FreshLook® Illuminate range of color contact lenses. 

About Alcon 
Alcon®, the global leader in eye care, provides innovative products that enhance quality of life by helping people see better. Alcon’s three businesses, Surgical, Pharmaceutical and Vision Care, offer the widest spectrum of eye care products in the world. Alcon is a division of the Novartis Group, with pro-forma sales of USD 10.8 billion in 2014. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, Alcon has more than 25,000 employees worldwide, operations in 75 countries and products available in 180 markets. For more information, visit 

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[Shopping] Freeport A'Famosa Outlet Village - Style on a Shoestring

Freeport A'Famosa Outlet Village - The Facade

Yet another outlet mall has opened it's doors to eager shoppers recently on the 5th of December 2015. Freeport A'Famosa Outlet Village, located in Melaka is just over an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur City Centre via the Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan / E2.

The Dutch inspired interior

You can actually walk up, stick your head out the window and snap a pick

Commenting on the opening, Chris Milliken, Commercial Director at Freeport Retail who are the long term managers of the centre said, “We are absolutely delighted to officially welcome customers to the outlet. We are sure that they will find a visit to the centre a fun experience where there is something for everybody whether that be those living in the region or the many tourists who visit Malacca and the A’Famosa Resort – they are all very welcome at the outlet”.

Something for the kids

To kick-start the opening of this new mall, 40 Bloggers were chosen and given the privilege to participate in the Style on a Shoestring Contest. We were divided in to 2 groups - Stylish & Casual. We were given RM350 and 2 hours to prove that it is possible to look like a million bucks even on a tight budget.

Themodelmom & other blogger friends as we arrived at A'Famosa Resort for the forum

2 hours does sound like an ample amount of time, but it is not really enough to comb the whole area that offers over 60 fashion, sport and accessories brands in some 180,000 sq.ft. In fact the line entering Nike seems to never cease as everyone tried to get their hands on the heavily discounted items.

Left to Right: Malaysian Celebrity & Influencer Xandria Ooi, Sue Lynn @ Bangsar Babe - the famous veteran in the blogging sphere, Pam the forum moderator, NYC based Malaysian Blogger The Ambitionista and blogger Bwincessnana

Before we were set free to roam the outlet, we were given some pointers by some veterans in the influencers and bloggers sphere. Thanks to Freeport A'Famosa Outlet, we were also given the opportunity to ask these amazing ladies anything we want about being a professional blogger.

Themodelmom seizing the opportunity to ask a powerful question to the esteemed panel.
Here are 3 tips that I took away about looking stylish without busting a hole in your pocket:

i.   Only shop during sales or at outlets
ii.  Never spend a fortune on something that you will only use once
iii. Invest on staple pieces that are versatile

As you can see Themodelmom really enjoyed this interactive session haha

My Shopping tips:
i. Visualize what you want before you go shopping to avoid spending hours looking at random things if you are pressed for time
ii. Take a picture of the outfits that you like to simplify selection process

A group shot with all 40 of us pre-shopping

After our inspiring session with these awesome ladies, we were given a tour of the village. The outlet is set in an open air mall featuring a lake, fountains, carousel and windmill with architecture loosely themed on Malacca’s Dutch heritage. Brands open at the moment include Nike, Cotton On, Esprit, Puma, G2000, Carlo Rino, Clarks, Forever 21, Samsonite, Folli Follie, Sacoor Brothers, Melinda Looi among others. We were told that more brands will open in the coming weeks and Phase II that will be ready in 2016 will offer another 40 shops!

Discounts on top of discounts

I started by checking out Luv Lux that sold luxury brands such as Moschino but couldn't find what I was looking for. I was a bit hesitant to go in to Melinda Looi boutique as designer clothes are usually way beyond budget. However, I was pleasantly surprise that you could get things for under RM150! But again, it wasn't what I was looking for for this particular contest. I did make a mental note tho to come back if I need something to wear for an extra special occasion.

Finally get to wear designer labels. No one will know you got it at a steal. Unless you be like a Malaysian & tell em :p
Themodelmom in Forever 21 ready to try on her choices

I spent most of my time in Forever 21 (which I kind of already expected). It was hard to keep focused on my theme but I had visualized that I wanted to get some shorts and dress it up with a jacket or a long sleeved shirt. Oh, so that is my little secret of shopping. I always visualize what I want first and work around it. If not you will end up spending hours looking at random things (well, unless that is what you want). So, I managed to match my outfit and gave it to the girl at the changing room to reserve as I went to checkout other shops for options.

Forever 21's crazy deals

After walking to the end again and trying on some shorts and tops from Esprit that were 40% off, I ended up going back to Forever 21 to get my first choice! 

I wanted to send this pic to my FB and ask Yeay or Nay before  purchased however the signal was not so strong. 

Worn out by all the walking about and thinking, it was time to recharge at Zang Toi Cafe which was the only eatery open during the time of our visit. Everyone was looking really good in their own way after the shopping spree.

Iced Lemon Tea and an assortment of cakes from Zang Toi Cafe

Here are our group shots....

Group A - Stylish

Group B - Casual


here is my look! 

So, What do you think?

Jacket from Forever 21 @ RM90
Sequin Top from Forever 21 @ RM90
Shorts from Forever 21 @ Free (N.P. RM 79.90)
Clutch Bag from Forever 21 RM50
Ear Stud from Forever 21 - Buy 5 @ RM20
Aviator Shades from Cotton On @ RM25
Total Cost : RM275

I conquer with the words of Chris Milliken “Outlet shopping is a day out and bargain hunt and it is meant to be a fun experience for all the family." Or friends :)


Freeport is one of the pioneers of the outlet industry in Europe having been the first company to bring the outlet concept over from the USA. It opened its first outlet back in 1994. Since then Freeport has opened 12 outlet villages either as sole developer and investor or in joint venture with third parties. Freeport has opened 5 outlets in the United Kingdom and others in Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic and Slovakia and is currently developing a major new outlet in Lyon, France. Freeport A’Famosa Outlet is the company’s first project in South-East 

Visit Freeport A'Famosa Outlet Village's Facebook page for updates on sales and upcoming events such as the nightly fireworks display for the new year and Chinese New Year.

Monday, December 7, 2015

TRIKSTARS - Masters of Trickery only from 5 to 20 December 2015

Running out of ideas for date night? Stumped for what to do during this school holidays? How about some magic? 

Casts with local celebrities during the Premiere of TRISTARS - Masters of Trickery

Head on down to Sunway Lagoon and catch the highly acclaimed TRIKSTARS - Master of Trickery by Dion & Randall Productions. TRIKSTARS is not any old magic show but a show featuring internationally acclaimed magicians and illusionists showcasing their unique blend of spectacular stunts, magic, and comedy! However this 2 hour show filled with entertaining 3D effects, amazing stage props, and breathtaking pyro techniques is only going to be in town from 5 to 20 December 2015 and will run every Wednesday to Monday at 8:00pm.

When I got invited to the Premiere on 5 December 2015, I thought it would be a novel idea for a date night. You see, it's very easy to forget that you are a couple when you take on the role of a parent you know (especially moms). So, my husband had suggested  a couple of weeks ago that we need to make some time at least once a week to hangout out ...just the two of us. 

We arrived at 6.30pm at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach entrance and headed down for early dinner at The Lighthouse. After filling our tummies we took the feeder train to the Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater where the fun was awaiting us. Actually, the train ride itself felt like an amusement park ride (in a good way) and the view of Sunway at night was simply breathtaking. 

Snuggling like you should during date night. That's the opening band in the background.

We were warmly greeted at the entrance of the amphitheater and we chose our preferred spot as it was free seating. You may want to go early for this reason. As we waited we were entertained by a very up beat and cheerful marching band that played latest hit songs such as 'Good Girl by Robin Thicke' as they cheekily swayed their hips and moved to their own music. There was about 2,000 people at the Amphitheater for the premiere including some celebrities such as Sasha Saidin, Muhammad Haslam bin Abdul Rahmad, Elizabeth Tan, Brian Lim and local rock band An Honest Mistake. I also saw a glimpse of the boyishly cute Sonaone hehe. Yes, because he is cute he gets a separate mention lol.
We ran in to some friends at the event - fellow bloggers Jason & Clarrisha

The event started with an opening speech by Mr. HC Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Shopping Malls and Theme Parks. He said, “Being a strong brand that is well recognized in the International and Malaysian theme-park market, the partnership between Sunway Lagoon and Dion & Randall Productions is a strategic one, and a great way for us to put forth another fantastic event for the benefit of our customers. Through TRIKSTARS we are taking the audience on a fantasy journey of escapism, giving people the opportunity to spend quality time with their friends and families, something that Sunway Lagoon holds very dear,”
Phelston Jones - the guy with super quick hands

There was a total of seven performers all the way from from Las Vegas and Europe. The show was started by Phelston Jones who captivated audience members with his mix of magic and satire. Honestly I felt a bit uneasy at first but I think it is because he got in to character so well that I believed it was real or maybe it is real? lol. 

Sylvester the Jester - Real life cartoon

Then there was this guy, an American magician Sylvester the Jester who was a real life cartoon who was pretty adorable.  He dazzled viewers as he brought a cartoon character to life.

However my favourite was Magus Utopia and the King Charles Troupe followed by Award winning dance couple Sebastian and Kristina who did the quick dress change among other tricks. The quick dress change is amazing! To see it on YouTube and to see it live before your eyes is something else!

Magus Utopia - one of the nightmare scenes

Magus Utopia, an award winning act kept us all at the edge of our seats with their dark spin to magic. They were perfect! Their act was called Nightmares and they succeeded creating a real life nightmare with their dramatic and believable costumes, storytelling, strong visuals and illusions. 

The King Charles Troupe - Super cool & entertaining

The King Charles Troupe played an awesome game of high-energy basketball played entirely on unicycles to some real cool hip hop music as the crowd cheered them on.

Rudy Colby, The Coolest Magician on Earth - great audience interaction 

Last but not least I enjoyed watching The ‘Coolest Magician on Earth’ Rudy Colby's act. I mean, I kinda know the science behind the act but he is so good that he still managed to fascinate me.

J'aime Holland and the dancers in one of their performances

So in a nutshell, Themodelmom not only puts her chop or approval but recommends that you catch this show! Oh and in between the acts be prepared to be wowed by famed songstress J’aime Holland and the Vegas styled dancers as well as B-boys. Other than magic, be prepared to enjoy the extravagant costumes! Ok, I said nutshell. It's a big nut I guess hehe.

Magus Utopia in another chilling scene

Note: I don't recommend this for very young children as there are some scenes that would be too scary or dangerous (in case they try it at home you know).

TRIKSTARS – Masters of Trickery is produced by Dion and Randall International founded by Adam Dion Bahoudian and Nina Randall Bahoudian who bring with them over 35 years of experience in stage, theatre, film, television, music, costume design and talent management.

“This is our first collaboration with Sunway Lagoon and not only are we proud of this partnership, we are very excited to have learnt that tickets are selling out quickly indicating just how well the show has been received. Sunway Lagoon is a leader in the family entertainment industry and we are delighted to be working with them, in a partnership that has great potential for success,” shared Adam Dion Bahoudian, co-founder of Dion and Randall International.

TRIKSTARS – Masters of Trickery runs every Wednesday to Monday from 5th December to 20th December 2015 at 8:00pm. Ticket prices are available from RM 70 for children and RM 100 for adults. Book your tickets now at

TRIKSTARS – Masters of Trickery is proudly sponsored by Coca Cola, Nestle, Milo and 100 Plus.

For more information, kindly contact Sunway Lagoon at +603-5639 0000 or log on to Sunway Lagoon’s website at or its Facebook page at