Thursday, December 4, 2014

Waxing it Off - Strip Style

Today I'm going to talk about Waxing. Not for your car but for your hairy-self. Let's skip the question about why we need to be hairless in the first place in any or many places and just accept it as a choice some of us make. 

Personally, I started about 7-8 years ago if I remember correctly. My aunt took my mom and me to a place in Bangsar that did waxing and threading which was all new to me at that time. My first Brazillian wax was just before I got married =) . The waxing technician told me that it was nothing to be shy about...that they did this as a profession...that it was normal. So, from the time I decided to start Brazillian waxing with her I called her Dr. Bulu at her amusement.The place eventually closed down and I was left hopping here and there.
I had heard of this place called StripKL but was of the thinking that it was very uppity and not my thing till recently this year my friend Elaine recommended me to give it a try. To my surprise not only were the packages quite affordable, the comfort level and superior standard of cleanliness was definitely worth the extra buck. Thinking back now, I wonder how I settled for anything less. Some places use the same spatula to apply wax time and time again on many different customers eyuuuweeeeeeeeeeeeee

Here I wanna share the reasons (and some behind the scene pics) as many of you have been asking me about it after I posted my pic with the cute Orang Utan on Facebook & Instagram. 

Strawberry Wax, Chocolate Wax and Soft Wax 

StripKL works on appointment basis so you must call to make one. This time around I went to the one is Sunway Pyramid. I usually go to the one in KLCC as it is nearer to my office. Once I stepped inside I was impressed with the details on the space created. It felt like a pet grooming centre to me.. suitable for us hairy animals lol. Just so you know..every Strip's interior is differently decorated.

Anywho, the girl at the counter, which will be my Stripper today asked me if I was pregnant and if so how many months. I later learned from her thru our chit chat during the waxing session that women pregnant 3 months and below are not allowed to do waxing. She explain that it is because the 1st Trimester is an unstable one and they won't take the risk.

She then ushered me to the room, and asked me to change into the 'sarong' hanging in the locker. She also handed me a silver packet that looked like a condom which is actually an anti-septic wipe you need to use if you are waxing your privates. Always clean the front first and then the back, yeah it's a no brainer but you know...just in case you didn't know.

Next I climbed up on the bed and lay down waiting for her to arrive. She gently knocked the door and stepped in, put on a new pair of latex gloves and asked me if I'd like Chocolate flavour today or would like to try out the new Christmas flavour - Cranberry. I opted for good ol Chocolate as the Cranberry one can't be deducted from my credit package =p

She started with the Brazillian first. You  know what they tell you ... the more and more you wax the less it will hurt? Well, I can tell you it still freaking hurts after so many years. However Hard Wax is a lot less painful the the regular soft wax. The good thing is it is over very quickly.

After that she did my legs with the soft wax. The soft wax they use is different as it smoothly roles out of a bottle at a very tolerable temperature so you can expect to NOT get burned.

Why I choose Strip: Ministry of Waxing? 

1. Clean - Staff make sure to wear new gloves everytime they tend to you and use a new spatula for every glob of wax spread on you 

2. The staff are very well trained

3. It has the most yummily scented Strawberry & Chocolate Hard Wax. There is also a Vanilla 'Ice-cream' that they apply to soothe sore areas after the wax.

4. Comfy - Nice fluffy pillows & sheets & towels to keep you comfy 

5. They are super fast > 15 mins is all they take

6. Funky - Chic Deco > You can't miss that this joint definitely has taste

7. Unisex - Men & Women welcomed to step in and get stripped of (hair that is). In case you didn't know a lot of the Indian places in Bangsar don't do male clients.

At StripKL, they use Hard Wax for sensitive areas such as the privates & face areas. Hard wax does require the use of strip cloth or paper. The wax is applied generously and dries in a few seconds as it cools. The hard wax does not stick to skin but encapsulates even the tiniest hair so the technician then just peels off the hard wax and walla! Hello smooth skin! Oh, and hard was is also less painful then soft wax.

Some Things I Think You Should Know About Waxing
- Don't go to near or during menstruation as your body will be more sensitive to pain
- If waxing your face area for the first time don't do it right before a big don't want red patches on your face
- DO Wear loose clothing to your waxing appointment
- Don't use any scented lotions, deodorant  or alcohol based products on the waxed area for 24 hours (it will burn like mad)
- Don't shave between waxing appointments (the hair will grown stronger and be painful when waxed)
- No hot baths, sauna, steam baths for 24 hours

Brazillian Wax?
- If you are a newbie aka noob just be prepared for the pain but remember its only 10 mins and this will make you a stronger person LOL. I have read some sites suggesting to take pain killers before going but I've never tried ..I'm quite the trooper.
- Don't touch the area for at least 24 hours
- No sexy time as this will further aggravate the vaginal flora which may cause infection (remember you just stripped of the hair which is actually natures way of protecting your precious area tsk tsk tsk)
- Wear loose fitting undies and stay away from them synthetic maetrials as well as those stringy ones that stick into your buns
- Enjoy the breeze =)

So if it is your first time or you are looking for a better hair removal experience why not head on down to a StripKL near you and give it a go? They have branches all over the world including New York, Hongkong, Singapore, Manila, Jakarta and such.

Checkout their official website here there is a whole host of areas that both He and Her can get waxed, some maybe you never thought possible. 

BFF Leena pinching Hairy Missy's cheek

Also if it's your first time at Strip you can get a 30% OFF if you are referred by a member, so feel free to drop my name 'Aberami Jaishana'. 

StripKL - Sunway Pyramid 

SURIA KLCCT 03-21815-579/ 572

BANGSART 03-22836-092/ 094/ 096

THE CURVET 03-77265-119/ 75-119/ 76-119

SUNWAYT 03-56215-119/ 6-119

SOLARIST 03-62079-012/ 013

PENANG GURNEYT 04-2287-835/ 836


Anonymous said...

Blogwalking sambil baca entri. :)

Aquarius recently post : Bagaimana akhirnya saya berjaya atasi masalah rambut gugur

Unknown said...

Looks like an interesting place. Will drop your name when I go there :) excited n scaredd...

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