Wednesday, January 29, 2014

You CAN lose your Baby Weight. I lost 30+ kg

I use to be around 57kg when I was modelling. When I first found out I was pregnant I was 60kgs. I slowly (actually no, it was quite rapid) watched the digits increase at every weigh in. It didn't help that my appetite was ever increasing and just insatiable. During lunch (or anytime I felt like) I would wander off into the mall and treat myself to Haagen Dazs and became a loyal customer of The Fudge Factory. Food Glorious Food!
waiting for baby to pop!

During the third trimester I had  this really bad burp that brings out a really bad bile into your mouth. My stomach felt as if I was having gastric. So, I like many 1st time moms did not know this was acid reflux. I thought it was hunger so I kept on eating! (this one one of the reasons of my weight gain I believe).

At full term I was a hefty 90kg! You could say it was the baby..yes my baby was pretty big (4.05kg) but even that plus with all the amniotic fluids, placenta could not be more than 12kg right? After baby was out, I was so excited to be a mom but when I looked at my body I felt sad. The nice round bump had gone..not to be replaced by flat stomach but a lump of blubber..
My blubber belly, My In-laws, My hubby and Little Muchkin

When I was asleep, in my dreams... I was still that slim girl with wild curls. When I woke up it was far from it. Yet I was determined to get back to my old self. I would like to share with you how I got it all back. Well with 1 or 2 kgs fluctuating of course ;) 

1. Breastfeed (I am a huge advocate for this! You can burn up to 500 calories a day just by exclusive breast feeding. Your womb will also shrink back to its original size faster.

2. Shut Your Ears -  (Sorry to say but shut your ears to the old aunties & nay sayers. Be ready for 'supportive' words like "She is starving herself", "No need to diet la", "You won't get back to your original figure", "Just eat only!","I made you some cake" etc. 

3. Count Calories -Keep a food diary. I used calorie counter app called MyFitness Pal. Tip: You can add 300-500 calories for Breastfeeding or you can add it under 'My Exercises' (Ahh..the rewards of breastfeeding). They also have a phone app version.

4. Balanced Diet - I ate as clean as I possibly could. From the 4th month onwards I totally did not consume rice and processed bread. I ate a lot of fruits, vegetables, chicken and fish and baked my own wholewheat muffins. If you are Breastfeeding I recommend only to start cutting your portions gradually as a sudden drop will cause your body to produce less milk. 
My very own Healthy Muffins packed with Anti-Oxidants 

5. Jumping Jacks - When you are up to it (like for me it was after 3 months). I started my day with 50 jumping jacks. It helps to wake up your body and keep your metabolism up and its great for those who cant afford to go out for a jog.

And THATS ALL there is to it.

Other things I did along my weight loss journey:

1. Final goal. Project the desired image of you in your head so your body and mind will work towards it.

2. Take my time (It took 9 months for my body to get this way anyway)

3. Invest in Flattering clothes for my new body (if you look good you wont feel so bad about yourself). Remember your body will keep changing. I got my self a new pair of jeans (the biggest I have ever owned, a size 34!), 2 dresses in my new size 'XL' that flattered the new curves, a few nice tops to begin with.) My favorite go-to shop for Breastfeeding dresses is The Fabulous Mom. I still wear them today and get compliments.
One of my favorite dresses from The Fabulous Mom. This is 6 months post-pregnancy.

4. Wear a Bengkung or girdle. It was quite uncomfortable at first but you will get used to it. Bengkung is better than normal Girdle because it pushes your hips back to its original size. Some people even say that their hips got smaller that pre-pregnancy. This is because our pelvic bone is soft and expands when the baby comes out. So we need to push it back into shape while its still soft which is like within 2 - 3 months when the oxytocin level in our system is still high. Best results if you wear it religiously day and night tho you will be walking with itsy bitsy steps and picking your crying baby up could be quite a challenge. I don't miss the Bengkung! Haha but it gave wonderful results.
Mine looked like this. This is from TANAMERA. I had to buy2 and join it cos Im tall LOL

5. Appreciate Myself - Have a positive image about yourself. I appreciated my new E Cup! 

To new mama's good luck and Ganbate!

To not so new mama's you can still do it!

To anyone looking to lose weight, the choice is yours!

A recent picture with birthday boy Ravin at his party. 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet is hard work. Build a support system around you that keeps you going. I'm quite lucky that my parents were instrumental for me.

Happy Chinese New Year!

P.S. Although I know my lovely hubby preferred the meatier, huggable me he did not stop me from reaching my goal. I would like to ad a special hug and big kiss to my man =x Thanks for telling me I am beautiful all the way thru and for telling me the little pouch of fat left on my belly now is cute and reminds you that I once was the vessel that carried our little snuggle puff.

Friday, January 24, 2014

An old Unpublished Post..

As I was pondering weather or not to revive ye ol blog.. I found this old post sitting in the draft. It was written over 2 years ago. Just thought I would share it..

Do you evaluate yourself? I do. Too much and too constantly. When I use the word 'too' I really don't know what I'm comparing it with. Oops... 'don't know' is one of the 3 things that my new Boss says he dislikes.

'Don't know', 'Don't like' and '...' and I don't remember the third one. Hmm perhaps it was 'don't remember' ?? eheh

So well, we had a division meeting today. It was an induction for our new Boss if you must. For us to tell him about us and for us to gain his trust.

So we did the usual round the table introduce name, hobbies, family etc. When it came to my turn ...I didnt seem to have sold myself at all.

Gosh if I was a product I would be one that had a nice packaging with no nutrition facts written on it. Like if I was a wouldn't buy me cos you wouldn't find anywhere in the packaging stating that Im made of Pure Belgian Chocolate and Trans Fat Free. You would just see the words 'Biscuit' and 'made in france' and that surely wouldn't be enough for you to buy in.

If I know all these why didn't I do my best to make my first impression a lasting one? All I said was my name, where I worked before and mentioned that I had been a writer for an online magazine before and meekly added I was a model and that I lived in Cyberjaya and have no kids yet. Such a pity..a bimbo.

Sigh. I just didn't feel comfrotable getting excited telling everyone

- how I enjoyed go-karting (for fear of being challenged for a race. I am not the best but I enjoy it!),

- of how I felt so free on the dance floor and on a stage (again..for fear of being forced to prove myself),

- of how I am obsessed with the beauty of the subconscious mind - deciphering dreams and putting them on paper and one day plan to publish a beautiful (but dark) picture book,

- and of the current dance/artform that I have taken up (yeah, Im not revealing it here either but its something like gymnastics)

Then I ponder (I hate getting after thought because I believe that the moment is HERE and NOW). I start to evaluate myself : Why did't I sell myself. Was it because I had my guard up? Was it because I didn't see the need to share my personal life with everyone just for the heck of it? Was it because I was not proud of myself? Was it because I was self conscious?

I have no idea what impression that I gave of...but for me judging myself I think seemed like a pretty boring person

Fast forward to current times and it is pretty much the same, I still don't over sell myself especially to people who I meet the first time. But I don't think I'm boring, instead I think if you spend enough time with me I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve!