Saturday, September 21, 2013

Nail Wraps

Wow, this is my first time blogging from phone! That's great cos I have a little baby and every time I open my laptop he magically wakes up. He is sleeping beside me now.. Hope till I finish this entry.

So well, have you ever tried nail wraps? I think everyone should! I tried Sephora ones before but they were rather expensive (rm30 ++). I decided then they were for me quite worth it as I love beautiful nails but dread going to nail spas cos I hate waiting. I have this strong 'I'm wasting hours of my life' feeling.

RM8.90 for a pack of 12 sizes

This is not my first time so I'm quite confident on handling the nail wraps. Firstly, although it may look foolproof please read the instructions found on your nail wrap packaging. However it's usually just choose the size, stick it on and tear off the edges.

Place the rounded end on the inside

The nail wrap I'm using us only rm8.90. Even from the touch of it I can tell its inferior to Sephora ones. It's very thick like cellophane tape n the sticker doesn't seem too strong at all. When you fold it over your nail it's pretty rough and hard to tear it out perfectly.

Stick it on and fold it back before tearing it off

I manage to do all nails.. Now the test would be whether the wrap will last. I'd be quite surprised if it doesn't come out in the shower. Well  going to bed now so I hope that the nail wrap will ' set'.

"I'd be quite surprised if it didn't come off in the shower"

Attempt at creative shot 

So I woke up in the morning and made breakfast. Bacon, eggs and baked beans. The fact that it was scrumptious made it okay that the cheapo nail wraps that got me excited didn't last. Oh and I didn't even hit the shower yet. Just washed dishes only.

Uwaaaaaaa :( Gimme back RM8.90 nao

No wonder the picture on the pack had a shocked expression

2 out of 4 promised on the pack was not met! It is so not Long Wear and it is definitely not Shiny Nails 'ALWAYS!' unless 'always!' means sleep, get up and make breakfast. There goes my short lived excitement. The end.

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