Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Bimbo Nightmare

Both my husband and I went to bed past 3.30am doing work. I fell asleep shortly after my head hit the pillow. I was rudely awakened by a nightmare…but awoke to my hubby patting me reassuringly. ..

Me: I had a nightmare
Sujen: Yeah I know

You see we are actually preparing to move out of our apartment and I have put aside some clothes to give away…

Me: (in my dream) we were sitting in the hall and this Chinese couple walked into the house and into the room and took my pile of giveaway clothes, heading really quickly back out. The guy was carrying the whole pile and the girl was carrying something scrunched up in her hands. I followed them out to the corridor and demanded to see what the girl took. She then showed me it was my Le An Maxima top! I was so mad!

Me: (keeping calm) I’m sorry you cant have that. That’s not for giving away.
Girl: No. I want it.
Me: No you can’t!

I try to snatch it out of her hand but she just wouldn’t let go! There was a massive tug-of-war.

Me: Give it back now!
Girl: No, It’s mine!
Me: No!!!

I managed to get my beloved top just as my husband came out to break-up the fight.…………

Sujen: What a nightmare ….Me: Hahah..yeah..its actually kinda funny now


R3Stax Admin said...

are u a bimbo's nightmare?

ixovelle said...

haha it's not that funny Abs. I would think it a nightmare too if i had a dream of someone taking away my LV bag.

Jaishana Logan said...

Casphere> hmmm, thats quite confusing. If Im left pondering for so long about it...does that make me a thinker or a bimbo?

Ixovelle> but it was funny to wake up like as if had a dream of being murrdered! haha

ixovelle said...

haha...i knw what u mean..feels stupid after then right? but it's kinda normal. i think ur dream meant that u're afraid to lose something which is precious to u. ur subconscience telling u in ur dreams.

Mediha Omar said...

hahahaha its so comel! & you're so funny jay!

Jaishana Logan said...

haha it was funny after it was terifying LOL