Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Bimbo Nightmare

Both my husband and I went to bed past 3.30am doing work. I fell asleep shortly after my head hit the pillow. I was rudely awakened by a nightmare…but awoke to my hubby patting me reassuringly. ..

Me: I had a nightmare
Sujen: Yeah I know

You see we are actually preparing to move out of our apartment and I have put aside some clothes to give away…

Me: (in my dream) we were sitting in the hall and this Chinese couple walked into the house and into the room and took my pile of giveaway clothes, heading really quickly back out. The guy was carrying the whole pile and the girl was carrying something scrunched up in her hands. I followed them out to the corridor and demanded to see what the girl took. She then showed me it was my Le An Maxima top! I was so mad!

Me: (keeping calm) I’m sorry you cant have that. That’s not for giving away.
Girl: No. I want it.
Me: No you can’t!

I try to snatch it out of her hand but she just wouldn’t let go! There was a massive tug-of-war.

Me: Give it back now!
Girl: No, It’s mine!
Me: No!!!

I managed to get my beloved top just as my husband came out to break-up the fight.…………

Sujen: What a nightmare ….Me: Hahah..yeah..its actually kinda funny now

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nokia Ovi India TVC

Wow It's been 5 months since my last post. What happen to me all this while you may wonder. Well I kind of semi hung up my model shoes for an office job. Yeah, so my life as a model is, well close to non-existant. I do miss it very much though but you will always reach a split road in your life where you need to decide. I don't come from a rich family nor did I marry up. Ends need to be met. Taking the road less traveled was fun and I would do it again in another life at an earlier age. If you are doing it alone (taking the road less travelled) thats all good. If you have your loved ones, well naturally you would chose the safe path and thats why I detoured.

Anyway, here's something new that I managed to do one of the weekends. Its an ad for Nokia Ovi India. See if you can spot me yea! A friends told me she saw it when she was in Perth on Raj tv. Here in Malaysia we can only see it on youtube. Well at least we have youtube! When I was in China 2 weeks back for work I found out that they don't have youtube or Facebook! WOw!

Here is the TVC, see if you can spot an African lady ;)