Friday, March 5, 2010

Why I don't Facebook Much Anymore

Its really pissing of that some people just love they joy of hurting other people in anyway possible. These sadists get a kick out of making life miserable to those they see as a threat to them. Insecure !

Some low life nut job has been carrying gossip about my Facebook pictures, namely the ones where I was in swim wear (read bikini), it is a freaking beach where that is what everyone wore! Its not like I wore a bikini in the middle of chow kit or to temple or to my niece's birthday party! I would consider them pretty decent actually...its not like I have Playboy Bunny like Size Double D Bazoonkas to talk about!

Whoever you are.... One Day...One fine day.... that 3 fingers that were pointing at you while you were pointing at me, will give you 3 times more of whatever nasty things you said about me. This is a promise.

Oh the Joys of Facebook!