Friday, January 22, 2010

TimeOut I'm Single

Checkout who is on the cover!

This is so exciting, my fourth cover and just in time for my birthday =) Thanks to Omar and Rosheen for making it happen.

So what goes in to making a shoot? And what goes on behind the scenes?

First of all you have a fitting session. The clothing for this shoot was by Nila Palacios Nila's specializes in Latin inspired fashion for all occasions. You can checkout her stuff here

The first dress I tried on was a pink number - didn't seem to complement my skin colour but Im sure it would look nice on someone lighter or someone darker.

This is the second dress - very lady like and suitable for a first date. Nice colour too.

OMG I love the third dress! I think its so cute and something I would so totally wear! At this point Im really hopping they woyld pick this.

Here is Nila helping me pick out something suitable. Isn't she pretty?

Clothes - Check.

The next day I wake up early and make my way to Bukit Damansara. I reach 15 minutes before the call time thanks to my GPS. Ah...the wonders of technology! No more calling and bugging people "Which turning do I take?", but then again depending totally on GPS is kinda risky too cos at the most crucial moment it tends to gleefully announce "Lost Satelite Reception" Bummer. So my advice is if you aren't familiar with a certain place you better check it on first!

When I arrived there I was greeted by the photographer's help/maid. I walked in and was in awe at the design of the house. Apparently you enter the middle level and there is an upstairs and a downstairs and looking ahead you cant miss a beautiful patio and swimming pool. I said. Silence. "Hello?""HelOoooOOo?" More silence. I had to make a decision. Up? Down? Outside? If I had a studio in my house I assume I would put it downstairs. I follow my instinct. White walls! Yes! Photogrpaher! Yes! I found it. We greet each other then Joss points me to the dressing room. My make up artist is there already. We start almost instantaneously prepping for the shoot.

Shortly after Rosheen and Hyzein arrive. We were then offered coffee. Rosheen fixes me a cup but it gets cold as I choose to have it only after my make up is done. While I get ready Rosheen and Hyzein pick out the outfit and accessories for the shoot. Inside Im thinking "Please please pick dress number 3". They pick dress number 2 LOL.

Rosheen and Hysein busy picking out the outfit and accessories

After picking the outfit and stuff Rosheen proceeds to ask me few questions for the feature interview inside the mag.

Tommy decides to visit us and makes himself comfy

Pre shoot with Rosheen

Yi Kee - the pint sized make up artist

Hrm...Hyzein seems better at it then me

Yi Kee getting ready to touch up during the shoot

Mucking around on set. CAK!

Looks like we have THE SHOT! Its a WRAP!

I then changed back into the clothes I came in, removed some of the make up and we headed outside for a casual shoot that would be put into the interview part of the mag.

A lil Cam Whoring killed nobody!

Yi Kee enjoying the great outdoors.

Tommy thinks this is his bowl. Id hate to break it to him that it's actually the family swimming pool!

Getting artistic with my N97 mini

Tommy thinks he is a chameleon...again...Id hate to break it to him that he is in fact a doggy. A BIG part Dalmatian part Labrador doggy.

I'm chilling out for our freestyle casual photoshoot.

After we were done with the shoot. We were treated to some awesome home made pumpkin soup. I would have to say it was the best ever Ive had! Complete with cream.

Yi Kee-MUA, Joss De Groot _Photographer n Muah

It was indeed a very nice and smooth photoshoot on every level and very warm company too. I was actually reminded at lunch of the 1Malaysia thingamajig as I looked around. One Chinese, One Malay, One Indian and One White.

Ok whadaya waiting for? Go get your Feb Issue of TimeOut KL now! Yeah it is out already!


ravin said...

woah cantiks!!!

Jaishana Logan said...

thank you x_x

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Payad said...

the third pic from bottom sangat nais

Brenda B said...

Hi Jay, I notice that you have natural curly hair right? Wouldn't it be a little bit troublesome for the stylist to straighten them every time you go for photoshot or something? It would've take ages, no? Stay pretty :)

Jaishana Logan said...

Payad> me suke too =)

Brenda> hurm well its the stylist job anyway LOL. hehe. Well actually since it's natural its easier to do various styles. I used to rebond my hair but its even more headache for the stylist cos lets say they wana use curling iron on my hair ...after few mins it becomes straight, then lets say they want big hair n need to back comb it...well u just can't back comb rebonded hair. Need lotsaaaaaaaaaaa hair spray.

Ok I got lots to say...then it would be more like an essay then a comment! LOL. Ok my next post will be about my hair! haha. TC Gurl =x

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