Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Most Fullfilling New Year Ever - Part 1

Wow its now 3 nights into the New Year and the first time in the past dew days that I had a good rest. Slept at 3pm and woke up just about 8-ish. Well there goes a good night sleep! So I thought hey! why don't I finally do what I've been meaning to do but keep putting it off? Yeah, blog. I always want to write something but am afraid of coming off lackluster. Putting my inhibitions aside, I wanna tell you just how fulfilling my new year was.

This year I didn't go out and get drunk. This year I didn't party like a rockstar. This year I didn't countdown with my best friends. This year I didn't see no fire works display.

This year it was about family.

As boring and solemn that may sound, it was indeed far from that. You see, 10 years ago when we ushered in the new millennium we had had a rooftop party at my parents old house over looking the KL city scape. The highlight of that party was a time capsule. Yes thats right, at the strike of 12, january 1, 2000 we put in notes in a little bottle, sealed it and kept it guarded for 10 years.

We promised to have another party 10 years after to open the capsule and reveal it contents. In it were dreams. In it were aspirations. In it were hopes and goals. Would we have reached them in 10 years? 1 January, 2010 would hold the answer to that question.

BOLD NEW Frontier - that was the theme of our time capsule revelation party.The theme was about looking forward, embracing change and about simply being brave and out of the box.

Oh and might add that it was a costume party! My aunts n uncles were so sporting to go all out to get into character as well. Kudos for that.

Our time caspule was placed in here. Thanks to uncle Mohan's special effects.

Mom unaware we snapped a photo pf her at TESCO. We tried to talk her into coming as a school girl. We told the sales girl it was for her daughter that was the exact same size and height as her. hihi. Don't know if she bought it tho. But mom didn't buy the pinafore for sure.

Instead she came as an Arabian Dancer - Her costume was homemade by the way. Here is Aunty Gnanam as an Egyptian Queen.

Pirate Sujen with another homemade number and Shalny as an English Lady
The Pirate and the Geek - Sujen and Ian think that mine cant be a considered a costume cos I am a geek =p

Cowgirl and Captain Crook =p

Prince Ian and Robin

Uncle Mohan@Gladiator striking a pose at the photo wall
Pops as a Hip Hopper

Keashaav the little Zebra

The all of us

Hawaiian Girl happy to be held captive by the Cowgirl?

Promo as a Sharman and Vino as Queen Amidala

We divided into 3 groups - each with fairly even number of people from all age groups. The first game was a sketch. We were given 15 mins to discuss and 5 mins to perform. Then we played win lose or draw and charades while we feasted on lotsa of different items of food. There was Meehoon goreng, popiah, papaya n mango salad, roast chicken, rojak, pasta carbonara n blognese, potato n shrimp sausage salad, nasi dagang, pudding, jelly, chocolate cake and Im sure there was more that I missed out. You would also notice that the common indian dishes like mutton curry n chicken curry etc is not in the list...that's cos just like the Out of The Norm theme of dressing, the food followed suite.

I was a bit nervous when the time to Unveil the Capsule and its content's came. I couldn't remember what I had wrote 10 years ago. What if it was a dream that I never achieved? As I waited for my paper to come up I listened to others read out what they had put down on paper. Some were ambitions some were hopes, some were met and some not. Some were in progress and some were changed along the years.

Finally it was my turn :
"Wow im 26 now. It has been 10 years already. I hope everyone is doing good. Peace Ya'll."
then in a little box i wrote:
"I love mum and pops and everyone"

LOL. I guess at 16 i was just a simpleton =p

The night ended with us writing another note and stuffing it the little bottle and this time there were more notes cos the family had extended with the additions of brothers in laws and younger cousins and a nephew. We havent decided if we wana open it in another 5 years or 10 years but this time my note was very much longer.

What can I say but we had a blast of a night.


hoyden said...

Gosh Abs I absolutely loved this post! What an awesome was to usher in the new year. And I lurveeeeeeeee your family! Sporting giler!
Hope the next ten brings you sooooooo much more joy and abundance. Love you babe!

Hanis Zalikha said...

Too awesome!!! Dah lah semua sporting habis all dressed up! Tak boleh blah, I waited for your note to come out. Sekali busuk gila the 16tahun Jay. Uninspired betul. Haha. Note baru sure membebel gila :P Rindu you bebeh!

atie said...

wah, geek mata hijauuu. hehe.
btw, i think i know where ur dad got her necklace from.(sorry if im wrong) hehe.. berjasa betul la invention you tu. haha

Jaishana Logan said...

Mel> thanks for the wish. Wish u a great year ahead. Yeah they were so sporting. Too bad don't have my grandpa's pic...He was like a mafia hehe.

Hanis> Tu la, sangat 'watevaaaa' my msg and you are right this time I membebel sampai takder tempat nak tulis dah haha.

atie> you dont need to be forgiven cos you are right haha. So sharp ure eyes LOL.

atie said...

did i just say 'her'?? ops sorry uncle. hehe

Jaishana Logan said...

atie> lol I pun tak perasan =p