Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Bimbo Nightmare

Both my husband and I went to bed past 3.30am doing work. I fell asleep shortly after my head hit the pillow. I was rudely awakened by a nightmare…but awoke to my hubby patting me reassuringly. ..

Me: I had a nightmare
Sujen: Yeah I know

You see we are actually preparing to move out of our apartment and I have put aside some clothes to give away…

Me: (in my dream) we were sitting in the hall and this Chinese couple walked into the house and into the room and took my pile of giveaway clothes, heading really quickly back out. The guy was carrying the whole pile and the girl was carrying something scrunched up in her hands. I followed them out to the corridor and demanded to see what the girl took. She then showed me it was my Le An Maxima top! I was so mad!

Me: (keeping calm) I’m sorry you cant have that. That’s not for giving away.
Girl: No. I want it.
Me: No you can’t!

I try to snatch it out of her hand but she just wouldn’t let go! There was a massive tug-of-war.

Me: Give it back now!
Girl: No, It’s mine!
Me: No!!!

I managed to get my beloved top just as my husband came out to break-up the fight.…………

Sujen: What a nightmare ….Me: Hahah..yeah..its actually kinda funny now

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nokia Ovi India TVC

Wow It's been 5 months since my last post. What happen to me all this while you may wonder. Well I kind of semi hung up my model shoes for an office job. Yeah, so my life as a model is, well close to non-existant. I do miss it very much though but you will always reach a split road in your life where you need to decide. I don't come from a rich family nor did I marry up. Ends need to be met. Taking the road less traveled was fun and I would do it again in another life at an earlier age. If you are doing it alone (taking the road less travelled) thats all good. If you have your loved ones, well naturally you would chose the safe path and thats why I detoured.

Anyway, here's something new that I managed to do one of the weekends. Its an ad for Nokia Ovi India. See if you can spot me yea! A friends told me she saw it when she was in Perth on Raj tv. Here in Malaysia we can only see it on youtube. Well at least we have youtube! When I was in China 2 weeks back for work I found out that they don't have youtube or Facebook! WOw!

Here is the TVC, see if you can spot an African lady ;)


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Silent April

Silent April
She sits on the wall
Silent April
There's no time to stall
Silent April
Catch me if I fall
Silent April
When there's no one at all

Come May
Im on my way
Come May
No longer a fray
Come May
Wash the gray
Come May
Im here to stay

Friday, March 5, 2010

Why I don't Facebook Much Anymore

Its really pissing of that some people just love they joy of hurting other people in anyway possible. These sadists get a kick out of making life miserable to those they see as a threat to them. Insecure !

Some low life nut job has been carrying gossip about my Facebook pictures, namely the ones where I was in swim wear (read bikini), it is a freaking beach where that is what everyone wore! Its not like I wore a bikini in the middle of chow kit or to temple or to my niece's birthday party! I would consider them pretty decent actually...its not like I have Playboy Bunny like Size Double D Bazoonkas to talk about!

Whoever you are.... One Day...One fine day.... that 3 fingers that were pointing at you while you were pointing at me, will give you 3 times more of whatever nasty things you said about me. This is a promise.

Oh the Joys of Facebook!

Friday, January 22, 2010

TimeOut I'm Single

Checkout who is on the cover!

This is so exciting, my fourth cover and just in time for my birthday =) Thanks to Omar and Rosheen for making it happen.

So what goes in to making a shoot? And what goes on behind the scenes?

First of all you have a fitting session. The clothing for this shoot was by Nila Palacios Nila's specializes in Latin inspired fashion for all occasions. You can checkout her stuff here

The first dress I tried on was a pink number - didn't seem to complement my skin colour but Im sure it would look nice on someone lighter or someone darker.

This is the second dress - very lady like and suitable for a first date. Nice colour too.

OMG I love the third dress! I think its so cute and something I would so totally wear! At this point Im really hopping they woyld pick this.

Here is Nila helping me pick out something suitable. Isn't she pretty?

Clothes - Check.

The next day I wake up early and make my way to Bukit Damansara. I reach 15 minutes before the call time thanks to my GPS. Ah...the wonders of technology! No more calling and bugging people "Which turning do I take?", but then again depending totally on GPS is kinda risky too cos at the most crucial moment it tends to gleefully announce "Lost Satelite Reception" Bummer. So my advice is if you aren't familiar with a certain place you better check it on maps.google first!

When I arrived there I was greeted by the photographer's help/maid. I walked in and was in awe at the design of the house. Apparently you enter the middle level and there is an upstairs and a downstairs and looking ahead you cant miss a beautiful patio and swimming pool. I said. Silence. "Hello?""HelOoooOOo?" More silence. I had to make a decision. Up? Down? Outside? If I had a studio in my house I assume I would put it downstairs. I follow my instinct. White walls! Yes! Photogrpaher! Yes! I found it. We greet each other then Joss points me to the dressing room. My make up artist is there already. We start almost instantaneously prepping for the shoot.

Shortly after Rosheen and Hyzein arrive. We were then offered coffee. Rosheen fixes me a cup but it gets cold as I choose to have it only after my make up is done. While I get ready Rosheen and Hyzein pick out the outfit and accessories for the shoot. Inside Im thinking "Please please pick dress number 3". They pick dress number 2 LOL.

Rosheen and Hysein busy picking out the outfit and accessories

After picking the outfit and stuff Rosheen proceeds to ask me few questions for the feature interview inside the mag.

Tommy decides to visit us and makes himself comfy

Pre shoot with Rosheen

Yi Kee - the pint sized make up artist

Hrm...Hyzein seems better at it then me

Yi Kee getting ready to touch up during the shoot

Mucking around on set. CAK!

Looks like we have THE SHOT! Its a WRAP!

I then changed back into the clothes I came in, removed some of the make up and we headed outside for a casual shoot that would be put into the interview part of the mag.

A lil Cam Whoring killed nobody!

Yi Kee enjoying the great outdoors.

Tommy thinks this is his bowl. Id hate to break it to him that it's actually the family swimming pool!

Getting artistic with my N97 mini

Tommy thinks he is a chameleon...again...Id hate to break it to him that he is in fact a doggy. A BIG part Dalmatian part Labrador doggy.

I'm chilling out for our freestyle casual photoshoot.

After we were done with the shoot. We were treated to some awesome home made pumpkin soup. I would have to say it was the best ever Ive had! Complete with cream.

Yi Kee-MUA, Joss De Groot _Photographer n Muah

It was indeed a very nice and smooth photoshoot on every level and very warm company too. I was actually reminded at lunch of the 1Malaysia thingamajig as I looked around. One Chinese, One Malay, One Indian and One White.

Ok whadaya waiting for? Go get your Feb Issue of TimeOut KL now! Yeah it is out already!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The New F1 GP Grid Girl?

Saturday, 9 January 2010 - I woke up thanks to a call my hubby received at 8am, and seriously thank God for that call cos I had forgotten that my 7.30am alarm on my phone was only set to weekdays! I make coffee, wash my hair and put on my make up. I make my way to KLCC - Tower 1 for the casting for F1 GP Grid Girls.

I had found out earlier that we needn't where those skimpy little tops n shorts for this job. The outfit were Kebayas made by Nazlin Noor.

I reached at 11am - the time we were told to be there. It was nothing like what I expected.... there were around 200 girls there! The last time I saw these many hopefuls was during the casting for Malaysian Dreamgirl.
After registering at the main entrance, it was more waiting. Then we went up to be measured
We had to take off our shoes so they could take our height. Argh...I was annoyed cos I had just put on my heels upon arrival and they were the buckle type.
The measurement marker they had stuck on the wall was weird. I'm 175cm but according to their meter i was 168 cm! Whaaaaaaaat? So I told the lady measuring us that they've got it aaaall wrong but she then told me its ok cos If i measured in at 168 then everyone else would be much shorter anyway. What I was thinking that time, "I hope they don't make the outfits with the measurement they took". After this they proceeded to take our vital stats - that was quite accurate. (But my butt seem to be getting bigger!)

I was excited to see the view from up there. I've never been up the towers before. HELLO KL TOWER WEEEEEEE

We then proceed to the 41st floor...I think it was the 41st...its the floor with the bridge.

We were called in in 5's. My number was 129. Soooo just wait...wait...wait.

Finally my turn arrives. We were briefed before entering that we were to smile a lot, walk to the front pose, walk to the left pose, walk to the right pose, back to the middle and back to the starting point. Not too hard...but there was a catch ...NO CATWALK! What? JUST WALK NORMAL. But with heels I don't deliberately catwalk...it has just become my normal walk...my knees are always stretched straight thanks to the regimental catwalk training I've had. I become a bit nervous.

Once in there, we make a line at the back portion of the room facing the judges. We were then called up and introduced (along with the nonsense height they measured) as we did as we were briefed.

It was hard to stand there smiling as the other contestant was walking... I probably looked like I was having a huge wedgie and forcing and trying to mask my discomfort. LOL

Once we all had our go, one of the judges requested "Will number 128 and number 129 please walk in front again? Together. No catwalk. Noraml walk." So we tried, and not halfway down the judge reminded us again "Normal Walk" I try bending my legs. I think it probably looked more like an ape walk and laughed saying "I'm sorry, this is my normal walk, I don't know what you mean by normal walk". The judge just laughed saying "that's the problem with models" Problem? Errrr how is it a problem again?

We then wait around for the results. Man this was becoming more and more like American Idol! There was some meehoon and guava (weird combo huh?) to keep us energized. Those selected would then have to wait for the second round of judgment where we would have a short interview session.

I thought my walk blew it, but I was surprisingly selected to the next round. So were my friends. (yeay)

There were about 70 of us now. And each had a short interview, but because there were so many of us it felt like an eternity(maybe it really was an eternity)...all I could really think of was 'How much my parking is gona cost me' ' am I wasting my time waiting here? what if I don't get through? I would have wasted at least 50 bucks on parking, petrol and toll alone!' CRAP.

Some of the girls left. One of my friend left cos she said the pay was not worth it and she felt as if she was wasting her time. I was just thinking, well the pay wasn't Da Bomb Diggidy numsayin? but hey I get to go to the F1 for free and probably get to stalk Schumacer for his autograph and some pics or something ey? And that Hamilton is not too shabby as well yow.. Hmm n Button too.
Finally my turn. I walk in with mic in hand. I felt like some kinda performer. "Hello" I say as I pull to a halt in front of the judging panel.

Judges: Do you think you will be able to take the heat?
Me: Yes. It shouldn't be a problem. My day job requires me to work under the sun sometimes. Im into Biochemicals, and sometimes we treat by case basis. Meaning I have to go to the site to diagnose the case and treat it accordingly.
Judge (presenter on Awani): Oh so you are like the Hot Doctor?
Me: No. Im not a doctor. I actually work on the admin/finance side but sometimes I get involved in technical support.
Judge (Designer): If we ask you to straighten your hair for this job, would you?
Me: No I wouldn't. Reason being I've had straight hair since I was 15 and only recently managed to grow out my natural curls. So I wouldn't permanently straighten it but you could temporarily straighten my hair for the event. They usually do that to my hair during shows
Judges: Ok. Thank you.
Me: Thank you.

Didi stretched out on the one seater couch. Battery low. Already 6 hours here.

After the interview everyone's battery is on the lowwwwwwww....Even while waiting it was apparent that many had the warning beep on. Tho you can't hear it cos humans don't really run on rechargeable batteries. heh

I think again. 'Damn they want straight hair girls....damit damit I just wasted on my parking and traveling here. Damit damit.'

Dayana-also battery low. That black floral thing is me curled up. lol.

Finally all girls were called back into the judging room. The judges called out our numbers one by one. The anxiety was soon over for me as I heard 1-2-9! Cool. Soon after I hear 1-2-8, which was Didi. We were happy but still anxious that 1-6-4 Dayana had not yet been called...after all she was the one who had told us about this casting =(

Then the TWIST. Jeng Jeng Jeng! 4 girls had left. So there was still room for 4! After a moment of suspense the judges called 4 more girls out and last but not least we heard 1-6-4. YES!

They then thanked us for our time and said "Congratulation you passed the first test and also made suria klcc richer cos you are going to have to pay a $#|7 load of money later for your parking!" heh. Ok Ok, actually he only said "Congratulation you passed the first test. This job requires a lot of discipline and all of you here have shown that".

All the girls who got through had to write down their name and IC numbers.

Ha...muka mula lega setelah keputusan diumumkan

Sesi bergambar sebelum mencatit nama dan no. IC

Yeay! its now officially 7 hours stuck on the 41st floor of KLCC. We can finally go back...I wish we could go onto the sky bridge tho =(
Anyway...while waiting for the lift I managed to capture this. Isn't it lovely?

All we have to do now is to wait for th 4th of April 2010 - 50 years of F1 racing and the 61'st time will be here in Sepang. Anyone wana buy autographs? LOL

Oh btw...I paid RM 20.50 for parking =|

Something Fun and Light - You ought to try it too

I stumbled upon this on Nalin's blog. Planned to blog today but Im damn tired after a late night yesterday followed by a 7 hour casting today for Petronas F1 GP Grid Girls. Darn I'm tired and hungry. Slowly eating cos my stomach is nasty. Feeding it bit by bit.

Anywho's here's the game . If you got nothing better to do ...do this and leave me a comment on my page with ure link so I can check it out.

I can't seem to access most of my Followers page let alone Follow them. So please guys...enable it in your settings or give me your blog add or something...would love to see what you guys are up too as well.

Haiiiiih merapu rapu pulak...I was talkin about the game..here it is:

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people (or how many u like la, tak pass pon itsorite numsayin?) and include me. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think.

Pick Your Artist:
Michael Jackson [RIP]

Are you male or female:
In the Closet

Describe yourself:

How do you feel about yourself:
Wanna Be Startin Somethin

Describe where you currently live: Off The Wall

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
Remember The Time

Your favourite form of transportation: Butterflies

Your best friend is:
Billie Jean

Your favourite colour is:
Black or White

What’s the weather like:

Favourite time of day:
The Way You Make Me Feel

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
Another Part of Me

What is life to you: They Don't Really Care About Us

What is the best advice you have to give: Leave Me Alone

If you could change your name, what would it be:
Dirty Diana

Your favourite food is:

Thought for the day:
Heal The World

How I would like to die:
One More Chance

My soul’s present condition: Dangerous

My motto:
Blood On The Dance Floor

Cheers. or Yam Seng.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Part 3 - New Year at Rita Handicapped and Disabled Welfare Home

As we were driving back from KL few days before new year, Sujen suddenly blurted out " We are going to do some charity work on the 3 of January, so don't make plans." "Why?" I asked, but I didn't mean it like "Why on earth would you wana do that?" it was more like "you caught me out of surprise".

Sujen's friend Vasdave and his girlfriend Tessy were going to a welfare home on that day and had sent a message inviting those who were interested to feel free to join in. Tessy's family had organised lunch and had planned to prepare the kids for the next day which is 4 January - the start of a new school year.

I was excited but a admittedly a little nervous. It's not like I've never been to a Welfare home or an Orphanage before. It's just that deep down inside I feel like as if its unfair to turn up all of a sudden and try to make a change in their lives. I shamefully admit that I feel so small and the emotions that run through me are too intense that they swallow me. I kept on wondering how I would make a connection with these children...

When we reached the kids helped unload the cars filled with goods for the Home. Real tiny kids insisted they could carry heavy boxes even I found heavy.

We then walked in awkwardly. Everyone gathered around and ogled at a healthy 4 month year old baby boy - the newest addition to the home. Someone said out loud "Yeah, lets start with the youngest". True. I thought to myself.

I then asked Sujen, "What do we do now?". As we approached the Dewan and sat on the platform, he said "I guess just sit down and wait for them to come to us". Just as I was about to disregard his suggestion we were swarmed by kids of all ages. The little boys got Sujen and the girls came to me, forming two distinct circles.

They had SO much to say. They started by asking me who my favourite Tamil Movie actor and actress were. I told them it was Surya and Simran and later added Jyothika too. I also tried to put it to them that there were better things to watch other then tamil movies all the time. It was sadly obvious that these kids spent too much time on tamil movies.

Next I found out within the first few minutes that they were sitting around me, they were actually scrutinizing me and they expected me to do the same too. How I realised this was while I was having a light moment with them, oneo f the girls pointed out that I have a dimple when I smiled =) It was shocking cos people don't usually realise my dimple and them spotting it made me smile =) After that they asked me how many moles they had on their faces. I felt so moved and it was black and white that all these kids really wanted was a little attention. Someone to hold. Someone to hug.

These kids brought the Tau Foo Fah too me and asked me to feed them. I played the Aeroplane trick my mum use to do with me. It was so nice to see them giggle and eat. This picture was taken by one of the 12 year olds.

As we were chit-chatting and playing with them, our friends handed Sujen and myself a box pf packet drinks each to hand out to the kids. Within moments they were diving for it, but at the end they made sure that everyone had one including me. I said its ok cos we brought it for you guys. They then told me, " No, You have to drink with us, if only a little, please". So I joined them sipping Lychee from a box.
The kids seem to love snapping pictures - I refused to give them mine cos it was my new N97mini. I wasn't being mean but I just can't afford a new one and of course I'm not gona ask the Home to reimburse me for it. That would just be wrong! hehe

....and love posing for pictures

The lunch bell then rang. Everyone ran to thier canteen and got seated. The Home, houses elderly people as well as mentally and physically disabled children and adults as well. We (the volunteers) then made sorta like a chain belt dishing out and serving the food to the kids and adults. Once everyone got thier food, they said a short prayer and thanked us.

Tessy's family had also organized a Tau Foo Fah man to come with his Tau Foo Fah truck to serve it as a dessert nice and hot.

After lunch and dessert, there was just more playing around, a photo op and handing out of stationary sets.
This pretty little girl was part of my entourage - she told me I have to come back there. I promise I will.

Sujen - helping to hand out the stationary sets

Photo Op - The volunteers and some of the kids. Where am I? Behind the camera.

As we left , they waved to us and invited us to come back for Ponggal. I shall make it a point to go back there. If anyone is interested, you are most welcome to join us.

A smile. A laugh. A moment lost in each others eyes. This was indeed the icing of my New Year cake. Thank you guys for letting us be a part of this.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Most FulfillingNew Year Ever Part 2

The 1st of January 2010 and the 2 of January 2010 kind of fused together for the Markandoo family. After ushering in the new year me and Sujen left around 6.30am after helping mom clean up. Some of the cousins slept much later which was a good thing cos it was like sleeping in shifts. Don't get it? Well we did not have enough rooms and bedding for such a big crowd, so the first to sleep were the uncles and aunties and when they woke up the kids went to bed =)
Keashaav - the youngest addition to the Markandoo family. He's adored by all. He doesn't cry either! Just d occasional "uwaa!" for milk.
My dad had planned another fun outing for us all. We were to go Go-Karting at noon. Eventhough everyone was still tired from the night before, we made sure we woke up in time to take to the tracks. We were not sure if the two little ones could ride the Go-Karts as well cos we knew there was bound to be an age or height limit. They were obviously a bit disappointed when I told them on the way to the circuit that they have to be prepared to be not able to race with us. But i quickly added that if that were to happen I promise to take them to the game arcade so they could race there.

We were lucky that we reached there at 1.45pm cos we found out when we reached that they were opening at 2pm that day.

Dhiva - playing with the signage while waiting for the tracks to be readyDhiva - as the pit girl =p

After signing the waiver we got down to business =) 8 cars n 8 racers. Cos my dad and my brother are frequent visitors to that place we got a good deal. Instead of RM 20 for 10 mins we got 14 mins and it was broken up to two rounds. If you go kart often you would realise that its dirt cheap the price I just quoted here. SO if you are thinking of going there its in MARDI but I have to warn you that all the cars are not synchronized to the same speed so its kinda hard to gage the true winner. Oh and the helmet and the hand guard is not properly cleaned either =p Haha so perhaps you could bring your own gear?

After the group race we watch Ian and Sujen battle it out on the Go Karts. Too bad that one of the karts was uder powered.Sujen zooming past

After go-karting and returning for lunch and tea it was another long night of family time. Just chilling out. The next day would be my nephew's 3rd Birthday celebration.

Lil Sanjay - The Birthday Boy

The party was every kid and over grown kid's dream come true complete with a visit from Mickey and Mini, a cute Clown that entertained the kids with a Magic Show and lotsa fun games, and a temporary tattoo corner.

Damn...He can't even see properly and is lifting a kid in one hand and waving at me.

I was given the task of video recording the event. It was apparent that the kids really enjoyed the Clown's performance, but it was the older brother's and sister's that were making much hoo-ha to the point that the Clown called up my brother Ian as one of the volunteers or should I say victims.

That is when we found out that Lolly the Clown was Indian. When Ian went up Lolly put his hand around him and my cousin voice could be heard in the background "Kai vetchitaaaan". Lolly then paused and looked in her direction and replied "Yenna? Kai vetchitaaanaa?" , that shut her up for a moment. ROTFL
[Translation : Cousin,"He's got his hands on him!". Lolly,"Whaaat? He's got his hands on hiiim?"] well it's a lot funnier in Tamil i gota tell you that.

He then asked my brother Ian to pick two pretty girls and he just HAD to pick me and my cousin Loshny who made that funny comment! I wanted to smack him LOL. But in the end the joke was on Ian cos the trick was like this:

Lolly: What's your name?
Abs: Abs?
Lolly: What? Abs? Like Abs? (while rubbing his clown belly)
Abs: Yes (nod)
Lolly: And your name?
Loshny: Loshny
Lolly: Waaaa Like Lotion is it?
Lolly: Do you think you are pretty?
Abs: Er I dunno
Lolly: Do you think you are pretty?
Loshny: Yea I guess so...

Then he tied two handkerchiefs together and put it in Ian's front pocket. He made us hold it on either end.
Lolly: Okay...you girsl dont pull ah.

He said some abracadebra thing and the kids chanted along with him as he tapped Ian's belt.
Lolly: Don't pull ok. I said dont pull. (he hold our hand and tugs the handkerchief)

TADAAA appears a huge pink granny panty between the handkerchief.

Lolly: Hey I said don't pull! Why you pull? Hey handsome boy, why you wearing pink underwear?

The kids loved it!

When Lolly was done with the kids show we kidnapped him over to our table and he amused us with his Balloon art and layan us kacauing him =p

Cousin Promo with the sporting clown. I told my mom and my husband that I want a clown for my birthday too.

Sujen and me took our leave early cos we had bought tickets to Dr. Parnasus at 12am. While waiting I beat Sujen and a coupla guys in Daytona eheh. I just had to annouce that.