Saturday, December 5, 2009

its all about the Pussy in The Philipines...

We just recently got back from our island escapade in Boracay, Philippines. Tho the tittle may have mislead you a wee bit its not totally off tangent either. Here are some funny things we saw that got us ROTFLOAO! Enjoy

.................a Soup consisting the innards and probably 'outards' of a familiar domesticated animal (I found it weird that you dont see many (any) cats and dogs running around freely there like in Malaysia. Hrmm you do the math! haha) opposed to a dead one?.......and at 220Peso/kg?

I think it means this:

Pantat Hidup - 22/kg
Saya Mahu - 270/kg
ABodo SAngat GATAl - 300/kg