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Cover Story: Double standards the fashion?


Cover Story: Double standards the fashion?

Is there any truth to the grouse that foreign models are taking over jobs from local ones in the country? ZUHAILA SEDEK speaks to those in the industry.

THE Malaysian fashion scenario today is such that modelling may promise glamour, but it seems the limelight is not so easily won if you are not Caucasian.

Many feel that there are too many foreign models on the runways, depriving locals of the chance to prove their worth.

And it’s not for the lack of local talents. From way back in the ‘70s right until recently, we’ve produced many credible catwalk queens.

(Datin) Adib Yasmin, Juriah Jamil, Shasha, Shigim, Nik Marini, Yvonne Blake, Yvonne Gabriel and Christine Lim were among those who had carved a niche for themselves in the industry at the time when local models were most appreciated.

The scene today, however, is not like what it was those days. Names such as Nasha Aziz, Tengku Azura, Tinie, Anita Aziz and Amber Chia still rule the catwalk but some of them have been around for about 10 years.

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The part I paling tak tahan in this article........
Drum roll please..............
" Nineteen-year-old Annabelle hopes Malaysians won’t create a fuss about the presence of foreign models here. “I really need this job. My family in Uzbekistan is poor. I’m glad to be given the opportunity to work. If you were to take this away from me, my family and I would be in trouble. "
I just have to say one thing....Habistu kalau aku makan rumput takpe ke? Man... why dont my parents just invite a begger to my house and I'll sleep outside... you can sleep on my bed, eat my food and wear my clothes while you are at it. After all, if I take that away from you, you will be poor again. Boo Hoo. So yeah its ok that my own parents threw me out. Its ok cos you think I will survive somehow even though Im not blue-eyed and fair skinned. And its ok that I actually have more poise then you. If my own parents don't want me Im sure it will just make me a stronger person right? Maybe I shall save my money and buy my parents a freaking mirror.....
Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all? Well one thing for sure my parents face will definately NOT appear cos thier are far from fair, they are very dark :
They are unfair in treatment as
Thier thoughts are darkened
Yeah it might sound a little too harsh coming from me but enough is enough. The industry is seriously like an evil step mother. In other words its a like that thing that rhymes with 'itch' and its not switch or pitch.
Tolong laaaaaaaaaaa!

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Fashion Week - Pavillion - nothing fancy - no pictures - speedy typing

So like its Malaysia International Fashion Week again but this time is different cos I didn't get called by the agency to sashay down the runway (or rumour has it a flight of stairs; its held in Pavillion this year and the models would be strutting down stairs). Of course I expected to be called, I did MIF-W ever since I started this career! So naturally when I didn't get the call i was a bit mentally and emotionally agitated and questioned myself 'why?'

But I got a call from a designer, Fie his name, a designer from Singapore ( I sound like Yoda?), he asked me if I would walk down the catwalk in his outfits along side Tengku Azura. I was shocked, being put on a pedestal alongside my idol is a big honour. I humbly except his offer and we arrange for a fitting session and showed me drafts of his design and the material. This was really different as usually when you get booked by the agency you just have a mass fitting session where u wear anything you get, no one has time to discuss with you about how you would be the best person to pull it off. I really like his draft design...all black, lace, jacket, pants, killler shoes, very strong look.

So there I was assured that eventhough I wouldn't be part of the agency models, my presence would be felt there as an invited model. Yeay I get to go to Mifa afterall!

Then around the same period of time another ex student who is still in his final year told me that he would be showcasing his designs and mind you not in the student category! He is doing mens wear and he told me he would give me invites to watch his show. I was so excited that I would get to see his creations, afterall which teacher wouldn't? Well I may not have thought him fashion but I believe I did have a hand in some way or rather during his first year (or I hope to?hahaha) after all i did teach Creative Studies!

So yesterday we arranged to meet at his workshop (where they were busy doing pricing) to collect the tickets. He suddenly asked me if I would rather be on stage then watch. I was like "Er....anything" the lack of enthusiasm is not cos I was not interested. I was caught by surprise and I had been planning on what to wear to the show all this week! And this was menswear! "please jay, can u try this on, i wana see how it looks on you, its not really manly stuff, its like can be men or women, i thought of showing that" and it appears that he would be using celebrities at the end...Im like yeay! but Im not a celebrity! But them on anyway and they look jes great! Simply fabulously androgenous outfits. So like you can buy it as a gift for you man and you could wear it too! haha. oh btw...his stage name is MadMub which translates to AhMad Mubaraq! Geez i thought it was cos he was Mad like the Mad hatter!

I thought it was just that but now I have another show which would be my first show tommorow. Not to sure what or whose garment Im wearing but the stylist is the talented ever young cutie Cris Yong. He told me the call time is 5am! "What? 5am? how many shows?" then he replied.."Ok 6am then, the make up very drama la". It's gona be awesome I'm sure! All I need to do now is find my camera charger! DAMITTTTTTTT