Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wedding Snapshots

Sujen takes the oath.

It's in Tamil so I'm like just repeating what's been said. But I sound very convincing.

Signed sealed delivered, I'm yours.

The happy couple - I can't tell if the look on our face says 'Yeay! We've finally done it" or 'Yeay...what have we done!" haha I kiiiiiid I kiiiiid.
While waiting to be fetched by the groom's side to the wedding hall.

Ash - the Maid of Honour and Amit - the Best Man. In Indian culture the Maid of Honour is always the groom's sister and the Best Man is always the bride's brother.

Tying the noose. haha KNOT!

The happiest moment of my life...and my left contact lens is torn. So one eye is green.

Sexy back! The yellow string is a Thali. It was then changed to a gold chain at an appropriate time.
A young Indian James Bond looking sharp in his white suite with his Belle decked in a specially tailored gown by Felix Tan and A1 Tailor.

Okay ... I gotta go now... My HUSBAND wants to use his laptop. I'll be back soon. Hopefully =D well u know me. Ta!

All wedding pics by Andy Saiden and dinner pics by Naz Media. Thank you for the beautiful shots.


Nlndr said...

haha i don't think anyone would have noticed the contact lens part if you didn't mention it. :P

Jaishana Logan said...

Ash my sister in-law thought I had a leaf in my eye! haha. It was painful n funny

Anis said...

hi Jay. i'm one of your silent reader. hehe. congrats on your wedding ;) the 'inai' at your hand very cantik lahh .

Jaishana Logan said...

oo thanks. Im finally back to KL n back to work. I seriously feel like cont lazing arnd tho

erykkun said...

wish can take ur wedding pix!

Nlndr said...

(Warning: Totally irrelevant to your post) babeeeee - do read and show some love :D