Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Top Tier

Hi there =) as you can see I'm still not over the wedding yet. I kept the top tier of my wedding cake till today. Cannot tahaaaan ambik gambar terus cincang and makan the yummy thing!

This is Sujen and Jay during their wedding reception.

They stood upon a fluffy garden of sugar n cream adorned with pretty white flowers with little pink hearts.

Though the wedding over, the bride still blushed during the dinner reception where all her friends and all her family came to shower the couple with their well wishes and celebrate their union

Her groom was equally excited as she was. I dare not use the word blush, for men don't blush. Or at least they say they don't! All eyes were on him as well that night and all his well wishers there too.

They had a magical time that night as they looked forward to their magical time ahead.

......but here they are today; he trying to flick her head as she tries pushing him into the cake.

...well that was just some good natured humour, but life is not always a fluffy bed of roses....

'Don't ever raise your voice in anger,
Don't ever forget to listen to each other,
Don't bring up mistakes of the past,
Don't be spiteful to each other,
Don't let a day pass without a loving word,

Do admit your mistakes and ask for forgiveness,
Do care more for your partner than yourself,
Do take time to talk to each other,
Do understand your partner's feelings,
Do love and cherish each other'

- 10 tips to a happy married life by Anonymous

PS: The figurines are in the freezer. Im thinking (if it doesn't rot by then) we could use it on the anniversary cake. Then again the year after. And again after that. And again. And again. And till we are 60! eheh. Betcha neva gona eat cake now if I offer you huh? I kiiid I kiiid!


R3Stax Admin said...

hey Jay babe, u should watch The Ugly Truth..... it will change your perceptions on the verb of flicking LOL

Went for the media preview yesterday - I swear I can die laughing. And I also swear I'm an exclusively hardcore fan of horror, suspense, action thriller movies...... who damn well enjoyed watching The Ugly Truth.

Jaishana Logan said...

Really ah? Damn it! Can't u just tell me wot it means ah? haha. You have to just make me go watch it roight? What a suspense! Ok I go watch....

Eh just tell me la =p

Renee Tay said...

Hey Jay!

Congrats on the newly wed! you both look so sweet together! =)

And yes, The Ugly Truth" did what it said it would, and that was, to make me laugh. Go watch it!

Hanis Zalikha said...


Jaishana Logan said...

thanks Renee, will catch it soon =D

yeah Hanis and stay kurus as eva. benci

s.i.f.a.r said...

u re beautiful!

Jaishana Logan said...

aww thanks