Sunday, September 13, 2009

Istimewa buat Hanis Zalikha

Semasa tengah dok lepak sebelah suami tengok tv kat Sungai Petani, Kedah...

Kring kring.
Itchy: Yo wassup?
Scratchy: Jay! I want to ask you something.
Itchy: Okay ask lah.
Scratchy: You know that thing you wear on your forehead right?
Itchy: Which one?
Scratchy: Ala I dont know, I think it's called Nande.
Itchy: That's Bindi. Or Pottu in Tamil.
Scratchy: Then what the hell is Nande?
Itchy: I dont know lah you Malays.
Scratchy: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry sorry. Ohh Bindi.
Itchy: Untuk assignment eh?
Scratchy: What is it for? Is it religion or culture?
(Itchy lowers the phone and asks hubby and aunty - a small debate arises in the living room,
hoohaahoohaaa, scratchy is giggling on the other side)

Itchy: If u ask me I think its cultural but then again they say that its to mark the third eye.
Scratchy: So its religion or culture? bole ke pakai?
Itchy: bole je.. ala know u know the term go Google it la. Pottu or Bindhi k? not NANDE!
Tip: When u buy pottu, look for this kinda pack. Its cheaper then buying single ones and trust me sometimes the price is so ridiculously expensive!)

menggayakan pottu a.k.a bindhi semasa pertunangan

Ok sebenarnyer nak explain ni. The closest sounding word to Nande is actually Ketam a.k.a Crab. So tak mungkin la ader ketam kat dahi. And don't ask me why people in Malaysia call it that.

kecik kecik da pandai posing kan? Tapi ader orang tu cakap yang I nampak cam that alien from Toy Story 2

"Hello, Im abszie "

Dibawah ni adalah pendapat saya bagaimana wujudnya perkataan 'Nande'. Sila baca dan bagi komen =)

(Sometime long ago - zaman datuk nenek gitu)

Nenek Scratchy: Hey ape tu kat dahi ko?

Nenek Itchy: Ha? dahi? apa tahi tahi?

Nenek Scratchy: Bukanlaaaa, DAH-e.

Nenek Itchy: Oh itu dhal ka? Kawan! itu ah .... macamana mau cakap ah?. Itu sangat special la. Itu nande. Nande teriyuma? Dhal kulla Nande potta rombe syioka irukkum!

Nenek Scratchy: Ape ko merepek ni aku tak faham la!

Nenek Itchy: Aku cakap ah itu Nande Dhalcha syiok la kawan.

Nenek Scratchy: er... ok. So Nande eh?

Nenek Itchy: Yalah! Aku cakap lama lama ni ko takda dengar ka? nande la!

Maka tersebarla ke seluruh Malaysia yang bende kat dahi itu namanya 'Nande'. Klik sini



hoyden said...

I never knew it was called 'Nande'
Wiki is flawed man!
BTW.... i've never had nande dhalcha. Did you like make that up?

Jaishana Logan said...

nola beb in Wiki it says that its an offensive word used in Malaysia. Not flawed...quite accurate actually. Well, I mean the Non-Indians maybe calling it that cos 'god knows why' but the Indian's find it offensive.

Nande Dalcha? haha I think got la! haha. Got mutton dalcha and all that so... me thinks got la.

AS said...

OMG this is so funny...Anyways, I oso have never heard of potte being referred as 'nande'..

and i always thought potte is a way to show whether you are married or not.
Black potte :- single
Red potte :- married
Others :- buat org konfius..


Hanis Zalikha said...

hahahahahahaha tak boleh blah memang abszie gila alien doh! lawak. kesian nenek Itchy, blur. tapi ini semua salah dia!

Jerra said...

Abs... i miss your jokesssssssssssss

Kanishen said...

hahahah Nande for the win!!!! indian girls wear crab/crap on the forehead.. lulz

Jaishana Logan said...

AS> are you serious? i thought that was what most of our Malay friends called it, especially school days.

And yes u are right it is to mark marital status, but you would realize babies regardless of sex and priest where them too. In the olden days some men would where them as well...

Hanis> Walaupun aku alien aku alien yang comel

Jerra> Sebab kau same lame ngan aku kot =p

Kanishen> I only wear crap when I wear saree =p