Sunday, September 13, 2009

Istimewa buat Hanis Zalikha

Semasa tengah dok lepak sebelah suami tengok tv kat Sungai Petani, Kedah...

Kring kring.
Itchy: Yo wassup?
Scratchy: Jay! I want to ask you something.
Itchy: Okay ask lah.
Scratchy: You know that thing you wear on your forehead right?
Itchy: Which one?
Scratchy: Ala I dont know, I think it's called Nande.
Itchy: That's Bindi. Or Pottu in Tamil.
Scratchy: Then what the hell is Nande?
Itchy: I dont know lah you Malays.
Scratchy: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry sorry. Ohh Bindi.
Itchy: Untuk assignment eh?
Scratchy: What is it for? Is it religion or culture?
(Itchy lowers the phone and asks hubby and aunty - a small debate arises in the living room,
hoohaahoohaaa, scratchy is giggling on the other side)

Itchy: If u ask me I think its cultural but then again they say that its to mark the third eye.
Scratchy: So its religion or culture? bole ke pakai?
Itchy: bole je.. ala know u know the term go Google it la. Pottu or Bindhi k? not NANDE!
Tip: When u buy pottu, look for this kinda pack. Its cheaper then buying single ones and trust me sometimes the price is so ridiculously expensive!)

menggayakan pottu a.k.a bindhi semasa pertunangan

Ok sebenarnyer nak explain ni. The closest sounding word to Nande is actually Ketam a.k.a Crab. So tak mungkin la ader ketam kat dahi. And don't ask me why people in Malaysia call it that.

kecik kecik da pandai posing kan? Tapi ader orang tu cakap yang I nampak cam that alien from Toy Story 2

"Hello, Im abszie "

Dibawah ni adalah pendapat saya bagaimana wujudnya perkataan 'Nande'. Sila baca dan bagi komen =)

(Sometime long ago - zaman datuk nenek gitu)

Nenek Scratchy: Hey ape tu kat dahi ko?

Nenek Itchy: Ha? dahi? apa tahi tahi?

Nenek Scratchy: Bukanlaaaa, DAH-e.

Nenek Itchy: Oh itu dhal ka? Kawan! itu ah .... macamana mau cakap ah?. Itu sangat special la. Itu nande. Nande teriyuma? Dhal kulla Nande potta rombe syioka irukkum!

Nenek Scratchy: Ape ko merepek ni aku tak faham la!

Nenek Itchy: Aku cakap ah itu Nande Dhalcha syiok la kawan.

Nenek Scratchy: er... ok. So Nande eh?

Nenek Itchy: Yalah! Aku cakap lama lama ni ko takda dengar ka? nande la!

Maka tersebarla ke seluruh Malaysia yang bende kat dahi itu namanya 'Nande'. Klik sini


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tempat: Envie Club
Waktu: Some ungodly hour (ala time time kutu embun suke merayau tu)

Abs: (Sambil melihat gelagat si mamat ni yang berkaca mata hitam bukak 'move' kat lantai tarian atau lebih dikenali sebagai dance floor)White guys dance funny..
Sasi: White guys have money...
Hey! I rhymed.(chewah chewah hebatnyer dier!)
You know when I was in Thailand I was like a white guy? (kawan I ni is obviously Indian)
Abs: You danced funny?
Sasi: No! Cos youre a foreigner they think you got a lotta money. So I mean I was Like a White guy to them. (lepas tu conversation berikut takleh nak citer sebab ini blog rating 'U' hehe)

Saya taK racist tau cuma nak share lawak jer. Kalo tak lawak sorry la, kalo lawak gelak la, kalo tak paham maknanye lawak yg tak jadi. Tapi masa tu sumpah klakar. Hidup kempen 1M. Kalo tak tau kempen 1M shoot yourself please! Eh I mean only if u r Malaysian. Ok gile boring dan poyo post ni. takde modal jes feel like typing stuff.

Yawn. goodnoight x0x0x0x0x0

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Top Tier

Hi there =) as you can see I'm still not over the wedding yet. I kept the top tier of my wedding cake till today. Cannot tahaaaan ambik gambar terus cincang and makan the yummy thing!

This is Sujen and Jay during their wedding reception.

They stood upon a fluffy garden of sugar n cream adorned with pretty white flowers with little pink hearts.

Though the wedding over, the bride still blushed during the dinner reception where all her friends and all her family came to shower the couple with their well wishes and celebrate their union

Her groom was equally excited as she was. I dare not use the word blush, for men don't blush. Or at least they say they don't! All eyes were on him as well that night and all his well wishers there too.

They had a magical time that night as they looked forward to their magical time ahead.

......but here they are today; he trying to flick her head as she tries pushing him into the cake.

...well that was just some good natured humour, but life is not always a fluffy bed of roses....

'Don't ever raise your voice in anger,
Don't ever forget to listen to each other,
Don't bring up mistakes of the past,
Don't be spiteful to each other,
Don't let a day pass without a loving word,

Do admit your mistakes and ask for forgiveness,
Do care more for your partner than yourself,
Do take time to talk to each other,
Do understand your partner's feelings,
Do love and cherish each other'

- 10 tips to a happy married life by Anonymous

PS: The figurines are in the freezer. Im thinking (if it doesn't rot by then) we could use it on the anniversary cake. Then again the year after. And again after that. And again. And again. And till we are 60! eheh. Betcha neva gona eat cake now if I offer you huh? I kiiid I kiiid!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wedding Snapshots

Sujen takes the oath.

It's in Tamil so I'm like just repeating what's been said. But I sound very convincing.

Signed sealed delivered, I'm yours.

The happy couple - I can't tell if the look on our face says 'Yeay! We've finally done it" or 'Yeay...what have we done!" haha I kiiiiiid I kiiiiid.
While waiting to be fetched by the groom's side to the wedding hall.

Ash - the Maid of Honour and Amit - the Best Man. In Indian culture the Maid of Honour is always the groom's sister and the Best Man is always the bride's brother.

Tying the noose. haha KNOT!

The happiest moment of my life...and my left contact lens is torn. So one eye is green.

Sexy back! The yellow string is a Thali. It was then changed to a gold chain at an appropriate time.
A young Indian James Bond looking sharp in his white suite with his Belle decked in a specially tailored gown by Felix Tan and A1 Tailor.

Okay ... I gotta go now... My HUSBAND wants to use his laptop. I'll be back soon. Hopefully =D well u know me. Ta!

All wedding pics by Andy Saiden and dinner pics by Naz Media. Thank you for the beautiful shots.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blogging from Kedah - Thank You All - Still Wedding Mood

Today is the first day I blog as Mrs. Sujendran. The first day I blog from Sungai Petani, Kedah while my husband lays asleep beside me at 3.30pm on a Wednesday. We are here for about a week. We are not on our honeymoon but you could say its a honeymoon week as we have been off work for quite a while now and spend most of the time in bed, eating, making our honeymoon plans and sleeping.

Ever since the wedding Ive been calling around to thank friends and relatives for all their help during which one of my Aunts told me laughingly "Yeah enjoy yourself, this is your luxury time, you're not expected to do anything, the next time you go back it wont be like that! hahaha" But hey I've been doing the dishes at least! But jokes aside I'm lucky to have such loving, caring n thoughtful in-laws.

At the moment, I'm just lying on my belly typing while waiting for the clock to strike 4.30 so I can wake up my hubby and we can go visiting. Its customary for a newly wed couple to visit their relatives, so while we are here we plan to visit as many relatives as we can as we aren't sure when next time would permit us.

I'm not sure how I feel yet about getting married. Of course I'm happy to have found my soul mate but it still feels like a weekend gateway. I'm pretty sure how my family feels tho. My brother Amit who will be going back to Ukraine very (too) soon has been on the phone with me several times since we left for SP. Mom tells me she accidentally calls my name thinking I'm still at home. Dad sounds mellow tho he tries his best to sound up beat and I can't forget my younger brother Ian's short impromptu speech during the wedding dinner about how I've been like a mom to him. He's been saying he want's to get a puppy to replace me! hehe

Speaking of the wedding dinner, my hubby n me gave the most unconventional wedding speech! It was like watching a bad stand up comedy but Im glad Amit n Cris think it was very 'real'. hehe. But what i feel badly about is that it slipped my mind (at that particular time) to thank :

1. Felix Tan & A1 Tailor(jln alor) : for the kind gesture & gorgeous dress - without you I would have been walking down there naked(ok ok not stark naked but you get the picture)

2. Jerra - for the custom made dinner card! - omg! without you there wouldnt have been that perfect card i was looking for.

3. Atie - for the moving picture show (since we didnt want to call it slide show or slide presentation =p) I know your hard work and sleepless nights to make the presentation nothing short then perfect. Don't feel too bad about the technical glitch on that day cos it was great anyway!

4. Leena - for lotsa things but most importantly for finding me the Instrumental Version of Bittersweet Symphony. You made that moment everything ive ever dreamt it to be.

5. Afiq - for the wonderful speech and also being the surau n buka puasa guide

6. Fizah - for being there at the rehersal and of course being the surau n buka puasa guide

7. Bulma - for being there despite your busy schedule and doing what you could

8. Raj annae - for letting us use your beautiful house to get ready and be as accomodating as you could as well as sit thru the planning stages if the dinner and delivering a speech despite having so much on your mind.

9. Ashley annae - for driving us to the hall, playing bartender for the night and telling me I look beautiful when I started fretting and worrying if my dress was showing too much skin. You really calmed my nerves!

10. Mole akka n Sulo mamee - for the simple yet elegant deco of the bridal car on such short notice!

11. Niths, Thanama n Poe - for hunting for a mukuthi(nose stud) for me. Twice!

12. Baby akka - for retouching my mehendi b4 th wedding

13. Shaliny - for food arrangements throughtout the various pre wedding ceremonies, booking comfortable rooms at crazyliy amazing prices for my in laws and retaouching my mehendi despite being heavily pregnant!

14. Jayama - for your knowledge of the Indian culture and Hindu religion. In other words thanks for being our very own mini priest!

15. Vinesh annae - for coordinating the dinner

16. Varun & Ian - for being my favourite hosts! oh and for looking as sharpp as can be!

17. Vasdave brothers - for acting as bartenders for the night and for always being there for us. and to Navin for the unconventional yet insightful speech.

18. Kanna - for scanning the ol skool pictures

19. Andy - for the LOVELY LOVELY wedding pictures. Its still the talk about town y'know hehe.

20. Amit - for doing so much running around and sitting patiently thru all the carzyness tho I know how impatient you can be haha.

21Sujen - for bringing me a wonderful new family that I'm genuinely happy to be part of.

22 My Inlaws - for being understanding and caring and excepting and going the extra mile to make everything perfect.

23. ALL My Family and Friends that have been involved in planning this memorable occasion.

Last but not least I would like to thank My Mom n Pops for going thru hell to bring me a taste of heaven. Its funny how words are lost to the people I want to thank the most. I guess the closes I could describe how much I appeciate this two people is thru a big long hug and an I Love You, I Will Always be Your Baby.

It's 4.35 now, time to wake up the Mr. and go visiting. I shall update some pictures later.

Still in wedding mood ~lalalalalala~