Wednesday, August 19, 2009

After d wedding ....

2:11pm He asks:
what's in store after the wedding then?

2:12pm me:
i duno...what happens after d wedding?
start living together
start seeing each other everyday
inlaws gona be prominant in both lives
either side will say come back for deepavali, new year, merdeka etc
not thinking of kids anytime soon tho
i got some growing up to do first

2:14pm He says:
u think too much woman..


cheesie said...

hahah that's so funny!

how women and men think differently.

anyway, congrats!!!!1


Hanis Zalikha said...

Will I lose you after the new life? My mom say tak, Indian wives are not like the Malay wives. Haha YES! You still be my Itchy :)!

gEe said...


Nlndr said...

congratulations babe! See you in a few days! =)

Jaishana Logan said...

hey thanks. Im still lazing about in Kedah at the moment!