Wednesday, August 19, 2009

After d wedding ....

2:11pm He asks:
what's in store after the wedding then?

2:12pm me:
i duno...what happens after d wedding?
start living together
start seeing each other everyday
inlaws gona be prominant in both lives
either side will say come back for deepavali, new year, merdeka etc
not thinking of kids anytime soon tho
i got some growing up to do first

2:14pm He says:
u think too much woman..

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sneak Peak - Big Day?

What have I been up to lately? Why haven't i been blogging? Well I've just been so caught up preparing for my Big Day. Yes you heard it right. Me, Aberami Jaishana is getting Married =) to my long time sweet heart of 6 years. The Big Day is just a few days away in Sungai Petani and will be followed by a dinner reception few days later in KL. Planning a wedding, especially an Indian wedding is really stressful I kid u not. Im so excited the day is nearing =) Its definitely going to be a grand affair like all Indian weddings turn out to be! Thanks to the many Many relatives.
Just thought Id share with you some of our pictures from our pre wedding shoot though we aren't to happy with the outcome =( We shot them at the peak of the afternoon sun... don't ask why...we were puzzled ourselves. We thought they'd know what they were doing since we were really impressed by their portfolio. Yeah I a model I should have sensed something was wrong.
We are hoping to get more pics done after the wedding... these will definitely include us in traditional garb. Btw i think Sujen looks just stunning in a white suit! I lost count how many times the make up artist/stylist uttered the word Leng Chai throughout the shoot.
Though the shoot was not what we expected and cast weird shadows on our face it was all fun since I've never actually had a shoot alone with a male model. So it felt like I got some practice with my sweetheart.

Hmmm well after uploading the pics I guess they're not toooooo shabby ey?