Sunday, July 26, 2009

MMIG: Miss MalaysiaIndian Global Pageant

Hey you Indian gurl! Have you always dreamed of joining an International Pageant? Then this might be your big break!

10th National Miss MalaysiaIndian Global (MMIGLOBAL) Pageant is invitating Malaysian women of Indian descent (mixed descents acceptable too, as long as one parent is Indian) between 18 and 27 years to its National Selection Open Interviews on 1 August 2009 from 10am-4pm at the Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Dresscode: Saree.
Bring along CV and 2 photographs.
Registration is RM50.

'The Miss MalaysiaIndian Global pageant was conceived in the year 2000 as a social development programme targeting young Malaysian women of Indian or part of Indian descent (at least one parent descending from the Indian Ocean).

Unlike other conventional pageants, the Miss MalaysiaIndian Global pageant's primary thrust is the personal and professional enhancement of the Malaysian woman of Indian descent.

It is a pioneering event filled with glamour and world-class presentation. Held on a national scale, it is now a finely etched programme that draws participants from all corners of Malaysia and audiences from across the segments.

The pageant focuses less of beauty and physique and more on the overall presentation of the women vis-avis through its Health & Fitness (a 5km run), Community and Environment Awareness Programme (facilitated by USM's Faculty of Environmental Science under the helmanship of Prof Zulfigar Yasin) and a Bridging Communities Programme (partnered by the sub-ethnic communities within the Indian grouping.)' - Source : MMIG Website

Seriously what are you waiting for? By the way the past winners have even included Drs, Lawyers and Lecturers. You don't need to be a Model to join. Don't be shy n give it a try =)