Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Psycho Stalker Story - They are watching you

I'm sitting in front of my laptop.
I've been sitting here all day.
It's getting really late, my eyes are bloodshot.
But away from your face I can't tear my gaze.

I log on everyday
I don't open my mail
I log straight on to that site
In hope
You'd surprise me someday
With a comment or a poke

I sit and stare at the screen 8 to 10
Cos I know that's when you log in
I keep clicking to view online friends
Hoping you'd come online by chance

I can sit all day just at your page
I see you have a quite a number of fans
I feel so trapped in this cyber cage
You see I'm your greatest of fans

So it annoys me ever so deeply
When I see you with other guys
Why you gota be so damn sexy
It's 2am I can' t shut my eyes

I have 12 pokes none of them from you,
I'm not gonna poke back cos I just want it from you.

It's 3am you've been tagged
I'm tired of commenting
You never reply me
I throw a sheep at you
I buy you as a pet
Tell me what does it take
for you attention to get?

I'm fighting your vampire now
She's nearly dead
and it's really time now
for me to go to bed

I'll stop by again tomorrow
Hopefully you notice my status
Or you hit me with a trout
At least some conversation will sprout
I just answered your quiz
I came in at 100 without a doubt
I'm becoming such a stalking whiz
I have no idea how that came about

Yours Truly,
Your Facebook Stalker


ohyestheydid! said...

i usually hate poetry but this one is GOOOOD :D

Jaishana Logan said...

Thank you =) it cos u can relate to it?

ohyestheydid! said...

haha i'm more of an msn stalker...and a facebook addict :P
And the follow-up comment email thingie is why my reply is so eerily prompt hehe

brianoffamilyguy said...

*poke poke*

Jaishana Logan said...

Ashes - thanks for reassuring me that Im not being stalked by you haha. I didnt even ask about your promptness =)LOL

brianoffamilyguy - mmmkay

ada van de kamp said...

after reading this, i think im a stalking whiz too. hurmm. i'll copy this, may i? =P

Jaishana Logan said...

haha. you wana copy and do what? paste it on your stalkee's wall? Can la but must credit me, susah say nak karang ni! eheh

~*inilahSShalini*~ said...

Cadbury Creme Eggs...I actually have some you know ;) Mum went to Sydney n came back I actually asked her to get some and I dont even eat them!! Just because I read it on your I have eggs sitting in a bowl in my hall, but I dont eat the ones with the white fondant inside, I like the caramel ones...Shittles....

Jaishana Logan said...

Excuse me? Can you just give them to me? Im craving!!!!

~*inilahSShalini*~ said...

Totally would. Let me know if you're around Ampang area Friday evening I have a house party to go to I'll carry my eggs along.

Wisnu Husodo said...

who the lucky man, you are waiting?
Very Good Poetry. Maybe you can write again... I Like it.
Thank you

Best Regards

Jaishana Logan said...

Shalini> Good to know you r back! Visited your blog yday =) Well drop me a line at K. need your mail add.

Wisnu> u like? cool well the lucky guy... eheh I duno cud be a girl too =p Well Im really bad at managing my blog so I have written stuff b4 like n some other. Im just not great at labelling =p I will soon tho. Btw..ure name sounds familiar...u did one of d shoots for MDG1?

.:Leeming:. said...

Jay thx for everything =)gonna miss you much~

~*inilahSShalini*~ said...

Your pics are up at ...that Jaya one is it?? yeah some clothing store...I'm sure YOU know, but now I know...well I knew awhile ago, but now I'm telling you la. :) My blog has just died...I was too bored in Sydney and now it's the opposite...tragic really, no internet connection at home yet, not allowed access to Facebook at work *sigh*
If you feel the need, to email... :) I'm on probation at work so I'm petrified to open my "personal mail" though it is the smallest crime one could commit honestly. Ciaoz

hoyden said...

Babe! This is really good. We should have you do slam poetry next!

Shikin Hambali said...

so good but so scary but damn good. all the fn elements - check. timeline pun best. can make movie hehhehe

Jaishana Logan said...

Ming> gona miss you too. You not in KL is it? If u are sure bump imto each other!

Shalini> Yeah that's me! How is it la? You stay round there? By the way I sent u an email abt them nasty eggs yow

Mel> Sure. But who is we and what is slam o?

Shikin> makes you wonder what I do in my free time right? Maybe its you that I'm stalking =D BOO!

~*inilahSShalini*~ said...

parents house section 16 so pretty close, and tiz good..have you seen it? :)

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