Sunday, May 3, 2009


That's Jimmy Choo in the middle there!

Wow its been a whole month Ive gone without blogging. I've not abandoned it. And I do come and check on and off if there are any messages and comments. Mostly no... I guess I'm not thaaaat missed. Some people do read nearly everything I post. I do know who you are and thank you so much ~_~
I love this! A Cut Above show.

As you can see my schedule has been packed! But it's all good.

The thing is my dad has been trying to get me to stop pursuing modeling. I understand he means well. After all I am his only daughter whom he adores and cares for so much. (some times too much). Me not getting many modeling gigs in the past gave him a good point to argue with me why I should reconsider my plans of becoming a supermodel *coughs* hehe.

"Use your brains not your looks"

Well lady luck shined upon me recently but I'm not about to get all cocky up on it. Plus I am aware that it is Spring/Summer. One of the best times for a model to make her moola. This is the first time I've worked with Blitz Production (Raffles show) and the first time I was introduced to Cilla and Associates which are renowned agencies here in Malaysia. (Udd is the one that introduced me and I'm very thankful for the selfless gesture).I never really did try before this as I always thought I was too fat. Ok I know that sounds crazy but you can't blame me. Im surrounded by skin and bones. Well right now I can safely say that I'm not fat anymore but I do have way too much @$$ for a model. Hmmm that's most probably my Indian genes there! Anywho I'm working hard to keep in shape and hopefully start exercising soon =D I heard Yoga is good (but Im thinking - Do I really wana be in a room where farts are most welcomed?)
Here's me and Udd at the Raffles show.

Hopefully everything goes well from here on. Thank you (all) for the support. I nearly gave up.


Anonymous said...

u need a PDA/smartphone to keep track of your appointments!

Jaishana Logan said...

Its on my invisible wish list =p

Anonymous said...

i was surfing around and found ur blog!
youre really gorgeous jay :)
hoping that i can join in next season for MDG. haha ^_^ andd be like you now!

Smokin_Aces said...

i hope your surrounded by skin and bones comment does not include me....

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