Thursday, May 21, 2009

Modelly Hair?

Hrmm... today Im goina tell you my hair story. How it made me and (mostly) broke me.

When I was a wee ol kid I had cute little ringlets of hair

Then when I was in kindy somehow it grew rather straight.

When I was 9 it became wavy and slightly frizzy.

Then when I was 10 I duno what my dad was thinking when he took me to the hairdresser and got it cut real short. I wanted to cry. But when she was done chopping of my hair and blew dry it wasn't so bad after all. Dad told me my features would show more like this. But a day or 2 later disaster stroke. I washed my hair and it sprung into frizzy curls. It turned to look much shorter then it was. I got my haircut on the weekend so when I went back to school it was with this disaster version of the do. It was so awful that my friends didn't recognise me. Since I was lanky and wore a shirt and tie (class head uniform) I looked like the new boy in class whom they only noticed at the later part of the day cos I sat far far behind.

Then I decided to grow my hair out. By the time I was 12 I had a beehive on my head. And the worst part is I didn't notice my hair had grown into a mini afro. In my head I actually thought it was pretty striaght. WHY? I DON'T KNOW! aaand it didn't help that early 90's fashion was hedious!

Come 13 years old, I step into school still oblivious of my growing hive. Then on the first day I heard the name 'Alleycat' that's when I woke up!
-I'm not kidding-

I made my mom take me to straighten my hair when I was 14 or so. It was quite cool cos it was short n straight something like how Nick from Backstreet boy's hair looked that time.

-Something like this but I looked better-

Ever since then I had been diligently straightening my hair.

Then about a year ago when I left my hair untended to for a long time and the curls came out I noticed that they had potential to be groomed. They were little ringlets again so I stopped straightening my hair and have now decided to let the curls come out so I can chop of the straight ends. Got to tell you its a damn long process!

Right now I go between blowing straight the top of my hair and adding curls to the bottom. I mostly like to wear my hair down.

Then Yong (my designer friend from the brand Le Ann Maxima) came along and told me how I should always always put my hair back! Make my features stand out and look more codelly he said. Thats what my parents say too but I just like it down.

Me. Yong. My Fav Gal Azura

But I have finally started trying out my new sleek look...and this is what it looks like :

-This is my left side. Pointing to some hair stickin out. I don't get it. I gelled it down. So unrully!-

-My right side. Ok Im in the office right now curi tulang-

-And here's my face from the front!-

So what do you think?? Modelly?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Psycho Stalker Story - They are watching you

I'm sitting in front of my laptop.
I've been sitting here all day.
It's getting really late, my eyes are bloodshot.
But away from your face I can't tear my gaze.

I log on everyday
I don't open my mail
I log straight on to that site
In hope
You'd surprise me someday
With a comment or a poke

I sit and stare at the screen 8 to 10
Cos I know that's when you log in
I keep clicking to view online friends
Hoping you'd come online by chance

I can sit all day just at your page
I see you have a quite a number of fans
I feel so trapped in this cyber cage
You see I'm your greatest of fans

So it annoys me ever so deeply
When I see you with other guys
Why you gota be so damn sexy
It's 2am I can' t shut my eyes

I have 12 pokes none of them from you,
I'm not gonna poke back cos I just want it from you.

It's 3am you've been tagged
I'm tired of commenting
You never reply me
I throw a sheep at you
I buy you as a pet
Tell me what does it take
for you attention to get?

I'm fighting your vampire now
She's nearly dead
and it's really time now
for me to go to bed

I'll stop by again tomorrow
Hopefully you notice my status
Or you hit me with a trout
At least some conversation will sprout
I just answered your quiz
I came in at 100 without a doubt
I'm becoming such a stalking whiz
I have no idea how that came about

Yours Truly,
Your Facebook Stalker

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Japanese Fan

I was sitting in the backstage of Mid Valley during the fashion week with Zucca and San when out of the blue someone passed me a note. It happened so fast and unexpected that I can't remember who it was.

She said "There is a message for you" while handing me a small folded paper. My first react ion was 'Ok I did drop my phone like 2 days ago in the Mid Valley toilet while changing and had switched it off so that it would completely dry (yeah if you were wondering I did put my hand into the toilet to salvage my phone) so someone probably tried to reach me but couldn't get through.'

I opened the paper and read it. To my surprise it was from a Japanese boy. He had come to my show the previous day and added me up on Facebook that very day. I was very surprised how he had found me so quickly.
He had uploaded this picture with the caption "Throughout these fashion shows, I loved this indian lady at most! I was really impressed by her atmosphere filled with full of confidence." Aww so sweeet =)

SO back to the note.
He said he was waiting outside and wished that I could spend some of my 'precious time' to take a picture with him and he wanted to give me a gift! Something like this has never happened to me before. There I was sitting stunned. Zucca and San were really excited. Zucca was like "Hey come lets go la. I'll take the picture for you. Come come come" So I walk out not knowing what to expect. As I opened the door I was greeted by this smiley faced Japanese. He seemed starstruck and me...well I was just humbled and honoured, I mean who am I anyway? "Finally dream came true(><) Thanks for sparing your time today, Ms.Jaishana! You were more polite&modesty model than I'd imagined. Actually I wanted to talk more, but I stopped my selfishness!haha (as it was middle of show) Thank you so much again**"-Ryo

After the picture he told me that he brought me a gift. He insisted I should take it. I said no at first. Then he told me it was a Coffee Canister from Starbucks Japan and you could not get it anywhere else. Coffee? Cool I like coffee! Starbucks Japan? Awesome...that maybe the closes I get to Japan anytime soon anyway. And since it was a very humble and sincere gift I excepted it =)
Very noice. I loike. My first official fan gift all the way from Japan! Yataaaaaaa!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


That's Jimmy Choo in the middle there!

Wow its been a whole month Ive gone without blogging. I've not abandoned it. And I do come and check on and off if there are any messages and comments. Mostly no... I guess I'm not thaaaat missed. Some people do read nearly everything I post. I do know who you are and thank you so much ~_~
I love this! A Cut Above show.

As you can see my schedule has been packed! But it's all good.

The thing is my dad has been trying to get me to stop pursuing modeling. I understand he means well. After all I am his only daughter whom he adores and cares for so much. (some times too much). Me not getting many modeling gigs in the past gave him a good point to argue with me why I should reconsider my plans of becoming a supermodel *coughs* hehe.

"Use your brains not your looks"

Well lady luck shined upon me recently but I'm not about to get all cocky up on it. Plus I am aware that it is Spring/Summer. One of the best times for a model to make her moola. This is the first time I've worked with Blitz Production (Raffles show) and the first time I was introduced to Cilla and Associates which are renowned agencies here in Malaysia. (Udd is the one that introduced me and I'm very thankful for the selfless gesture).I never really did try before this as I always thought I was too fat. Ok I know that sounds crazy but you can't blame me. Im surrounded by skin and bones. Well right now I can safely say that I'm not fat anymore but I do have way too much @$$ for a model. Hmmm that's most probably my Indian genes there! Anywho I'm working hard to keep in shape and hopefully start exercising soon =D I heard Yoga is good (but Im thinking - Do I really wana be in a room where farts are most welcomed?)
Here's me and Udd at the Raffles show.

Hopefully everything goes well from here on. Thank you (all) for the support. I nearly gave up.