Saturday, March 21, 2009

Red n Gold

Don't know about this...may be a bit cheesy compared to my previous incoherent kind of writing style. This is not a dreamscape. Just a little something that streamed out into words.
Somewhere in a city the night was young

Neon lights flashed in blue green gold and red

Cars formed a heavy stream of gold n red

Ladies accessorized in gold and nails red

She wore her innocence the way she wore white

‘It was only an accessory for the night’

as she looked into the mirror she thought.

She closed her eyes

She could see him standing behind the door

In another room

She could see him flash his white pearls

Beyond the door

She longed to touch his soft skin

And for he hers….

She opens her eyes

Disgusted with her thoughts

How could she think for a minute

Someone like him would even …..

She shook her head dismissively

Let out a faint mocking laugh

She walked out of the bathroom

Hoping that repulsive girl would stay in the mirror

She steals a glance

He is but a boy

Like a bobby his round expressive eyes catches the thief

The thief that is her stolen glance.

He smiles, scans her up and down

Taking her all in with those boyish fervent eyes

Well of course she dismissed it

He was just wondering at her imperfections

She thought.

As the night got older

The boy got bolder

He never left her out of his sight

Nor out of his hands

She had forgotten of the girl in the mirror

She was wearing red now

It was a deep shade of red

like the deepest of passion

She was losing herself to the night

The night made people act in funny ways

Its darkness a symbol of mysticism

A symbol of nothing but everything

They wanted nothing from each other

Yet everything from one another.

She was losing herself to the night

They were too close now

So close she could hear his thoughts

Her face brushed against his

His petal like lips firmly across her cheek

Their hair entwined by the heat of their passion

Closer and closer till the only closer was in.


ahlost said...

Wow.. it's really something different from you ;)

Anonymous said...

i think this is pretty!

Jaishana Logan said...

Aww thank you both =)Just suddenly got inspired.

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