Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Blonde at Head?Heart? Or not Blonde at all?

Here's the thing. Its been like ages and my blog seems to have been orphaned =( My excuse is I don't actually have a camera at the moment and I've been quite busy too which is good (but bad cos I havent had the time to blog).
I wonder like without pictures..does anyone actually wana read the junk I write? Or is it the shows and stuff that is of interest? I don't know. But I know that this post is just gonna be words words words. Its about me and how sometimes I say really stupid things or respond oddly (is that even a word?) to questions.
I mean its not like its cos Im blonde (im not) or something. It just sounds right in my head and actually even after I've said what I said but the reaction from the person Im talking to is a giveaway...I'll be like (in my head) "'ve done it again." Am I eccentric? frank? lack social skills? You tell me ~_~

Situation 1:
At a club. A really drunk lady and her drunk friend try to have a conversation with me.
Drunk ladies: Hello! Where you from?
Me: Er here. Ampang.
Drunk ladies: Oh. So what do you do?
Me: Er...I work.
Drunk ladies burst out laughing...."wow! she works"
-End of conversation-

Situation 2:
At some audiotion I was asked some culturally themed question.
Judge: What is your favourite festival in Malaysia and why?
Me: Deepavali. Cos its like the only festival that everyone can fully enjoy. Like Chinese New Year...if you invite a Muslim they may not feel comfortable eating cos they may think it's non-halal and Raya people mostly cook beef so Hindu's can't eat.
(at this point I realised how racist I sounded. But Im not. I was just being honest. Ok maybe a little too honest.)
The Judge was a Chinese guy.......

Situation 3:
I dropped my mom of at school (no she is not a child. she is a teacher.). It was really really early in the morning so I didn't wash up or anything before leaving. I carried a box of files out of the car for her to the school gate where I met her friend, also a teacher.
Me: Hi =)
Teacher: Hi. How are you?
Me: I haven't brushed my teeth yet.
The teacher stood there staring at me too stunned to say anything.
Me: Bye =)

So, with this I end with a promise to update more often and put up some nice shots as well. Thanks for dropping by anyways and sorry you were not greeted by any new posts.



Azzam?? said...

definitely an interesting post abs.. =D next time im gonna be frank to people when they ask me "How are you?" hahahah xD

Anonymous said...

I always come back here hoping you've updated(I'm just one of your readers) and you finally did!

P.S. Am interested in whatever updates you put up (;

Anonymous said...

you are funny abs :D. i think you just being humble and creative?? and sometimes can be sarcastic. but thats worth it.hehe nice!

DEP said...

Did Atie tell you that the girl often horseback riding at equine park? Now we know the side effect of such interest. ;P


Jaishana Logan said...

Aww u guys so cool la to appreciate me. Thanks =X

Azam: Being frank is fun. U wear those white pants n ill be frank with you.

Samantha: Tadaaaa... Ive updated! Thanks for checkin me out. Now my turn to hunt ure page =)

Atie: That's y i love you =x

Acai: Maybe its not d alcho...she probably fell down while riding n hit her head or something kan?

Ghuraba said...

haha the 3rd situation is freaking funny :DD

btw ppl still gonna read even without the pics :)

Jaishana Logan said...

Thanks dear Jyja. I like that pic of yours with the finger on your nose. heeeeeeeee so cute

Unknown said...

hey jay! thanks for updating. :)
i have been checkin on ur blog for ages long ago.

nice post! muax

Jaishana Logan said...

Babe...I should say thanks to you man! Thanks for patiently checkin up on my blog, you make me feel so honoured =X

Jaishana Logan said...

Babe...I should say thanks to you man! Thanks for patiently checkin up on my blog, you make me feel so honoured =X

Ghuraba said...

haha thanks. :p