Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 random things, facts, habits ..........

1. I loved the feeling of drinking Milo out of a feeding bottle. When I was in Uni my roomate Thana got me one for my b'day one year - I made some nice warm Milo got under the sheets and suckled to sleep =D Would I still do it now? Perhaps.

2. I like to eat the skin around my fingers. It's sweet. I guess that's why there were/are canibals.

3. I really want to be a supermodel but my family doesn't support that idea. My family is more important to me so...

4. My dad got me a very short crop when I was 12. It then grew into this massive afro. I was called alley cats when I stepped into secondry school. I didn't realise how awful I looked till I was much older and I saw some (a lot of) pictures.

5. I was always uncomfortable with my height till I started working. I always felt like a freak before that.

6. I learnt about sex when I was 7. I had a hard time digesting it though. It sounded to disgusting. But then when I came to terms with it I tried explaining to my classmates (girls) by drawing them out in a sheet of paper torn out of a math book. The teacher snatched it away. No action was taken. Perhaps the drawing was that bad?

7. I hate to be ordered!

8. Eventhough my grandma has passed on, I still feel she is alive. I see her in my dreams ocassionally and it makes me happy.

9. My dreams are very vivid. I write them down sometimes. I love to dream. It is when your mind is really honest with you.

10. I've never thought of marriage till Sujen.

11. I want to name my first son Suryan which is tamil for Sun. He will be bright and as important and warm as the sun and also if u break up the name Su-Ryan, Ryan for Ryan Giggs. Hopefully he will be the best leftie player someday =)

12. I think I have eaten a cocroach. I had a dream once that I eating broccoli n cheese and some brocolli had got wedged between my front teeth. Half asleep I removed it and left it on my bedside table. When I woke uo in the morning I checked to see if there was anything on the table cos the dream was so real. I found what looked like a tiny cocroach's skin.

13. I hate roaches and lizards!

14. When I was in Form 1, Bulma and I were eating some Blackforest chocolates that we snuck under the table in class. We both like the ones with the crunchie cookie inside but ate around those with they jelly kinda thing. We colected the jelly thing (which looked like jelly beans) under the table. During break time we offered them to some Form 2 boys who thought they were so cool. We had a good laugh after that!

15. While in MMU, they were doing some rennovation on the between the FCM n Management building. As so they had put a safety net from one building to the other. So a few of us (all girls mind you) thought we would test out the strength of the net by climbing from one end to the other. I don't remember how high it was but it was a coupla storeys at least. Mannnn that was crazy! I remember Joanne and myself climbing across, not sure about Amee, Ching n Mel though. Anyone remember this?

16. Im an adrenaline junkie.

17. I'm not into huge muscles. I prefer lean.

18. That said I duno why the hell I had this huge lifesize Peter Andre poster when I was a teenager in my room. I used to sleep on the top bunk and the picture covered the wall beside me. He was staring out from a sheet of (of all colours pink!) satin. OMG its so gay. And not to mention it looked sick. What the hell was wrong with me? Thank god those times are over.

19. I'm not really into material things but I think money can buy you essential things and experiences.

20. Im a jack of all trades.

21. When I was 14 I had an art exam. I was to do a mixed media piece with oil pastles and watercolour. It was a picture I had taken of a Shakespere book. The teacher didn't allow me to leave the class to get water. With not much time in my hand I spat into my pallete while no one was looking, and spat again and again till my mouth was dry.. eventually I used it to paint the whole background and past it up. When the results came out I got a high mark and the teacher was so impressed with the 'textured' background. She told me how good it was while feeling the texture with her fingertips....Oh god..Im so sorry =(

22. I think I have too many calling names..that I maybe schizo. There is Abs - the cool one (which I love), Jay (still getting used to it) - the proper one, Abby (which I hate) the little girl, Abe ( which Im ok with) the nice girl. There are few more variations that make life more complicated.

23. I would like to meet Oprah and Justin. But when I do I would really not know what to say at all Im sure. I would hug Oprah and dance with Justin, and then take them to restaurant Lima Bintang so that they can try my fav roti canai n nescafe combo.

24. I make awesome chocolate mint candies to die for!

25. I would like to publish a book someday called Dreamscapes (tm). hehe


dy said...

omg! i finally found someone who loves dreaming too! lol!

Hanis Zalikha said...


Azzam?? said...

did u frame the artwork?? the one with spitting involved tu.. =p

Jaishana Logan said...

Dy, hows ure dreaming going babe?

Hanis, did your caps lock key get stuck or are you screaming for no good reason? Aku tau la kau excited n miss me roite? eheh

Azam, I wish I did...then I could see if the enzymes in my spit slowly eats d paper away.

dy said...

I'm trying to cut down movies-before-bed.. LOL!

Jaishana Logan said...

It works! seriously.

fie the elf said...

i wld totally support u if u wish to become a supermodel! i really think you can do it.. like out of all these so called 'models' i see on the magazines, youre the only one who stands out, babe. and im totally honest. i always am anyway haha!