Monday, January 5, 2009

Killing Me

Oh my god Im so beyond being pissed at the moment. Im bored! I can't seem to log on to gmail since morning. Dear god I have a deadline.... I need to work. This Gmail is testing my patients.
I'm falling asleep. You are that a cigar? a candy cane? a giant toothpick?
Im back to getting annoyed at Gmail or how i (used to) fondly call it Google Mail much to my friends' amusement. Im not fond of you anymore Gmail. You suck! That's right!
Back to being bored and zombified. Ah-ha that is a Choki Choki! And thanks to Gmail I'm all out of the only thing that was keeping me awake. You happy now huh Gmail? I've been all excited and positive about the new year even calling it Joyous January this month and there u go pepper spraying my eyes!

Please please...I'm holding on to my sanity. Trying not to curse. I need to use you my dear for work I must.

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