Saturday, December 5, 2009

its all about the Pussy in The Philipines...

We just recently got back from our island escapade in Boracay, Philippines. Tho the tittle may have mislead you a wee bit its not totally off tangent either. Here are some funny things we saw that got us ROTFLOAO! Enjoy

.................a Soup consisting the innards and probably 'outards' of a familiar domesticated animal (I found it weird that you dont see many (any) cats and dogs running around freely there like in Malaysia. Hrmm you do the math! haha) opposed to a dead one?.......and at 220Peso/kg?

I think it means this:

Pantat Hidup - 22/kg
Saya Mahu - 270/kg
ABodo SAngat GATAl - 300/kg

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cover Story: Double standards the fashion?


Cover Story: Double standards the fashion?

Is there any truth to the grouse that foreign models are taking over jobs from local ones in the country? ZUHAILA SEDEK speaks to those in the industry.

THE Malaysian fashion scenario today is such that modelling may promise glamour, but it seems the limelight is not so easily won if you are not Caucasian.

Many feel that there are too many foreign models on the runways, depriving locals of the chance to prove their worth.

And it’s not for the lack of local talents. From way back in the ‘70s right until recently, we’ve produced many credible catwalk queens.

(Datin) Adib Yasmin, Juriah Jamil, Shasha, Shigim, Nik Marini, Yvonne Blake, Yvonne Gabriel and Christine Lim were among those who had carved a niche for themselves in the industry at the time when local models were most appreciated.

The scene today, however, is not like what it was those days. Names such as Nasha Aziz, Tengku Azura, Tinie, Anita Aziz and Amber Chia still rule the catwalk but some of them have been around for about 10 years.

Read more

The part I paling tak tahan in this article........
Drum roll please..............
" Nineteen-year-old Annabelle hopes Malaysians won’t create a fuss about the presence of foreign models here. “I really need this job. My family in Uzbekistan is poor. I’m glad to be given the opportunity to work. If you were to take this away from me, my family and I would be in trouble. "
I just have to say one thing....Habistu kalau aku makan rumput takpe ke? Man... why dont my parents just invite a begger to my house and I'll sleep outside... you can sleep on my bed, eat my food and wear my clothes while you are at it. After all, if I take that away from you, you will be poor again. Boo Hoo. So yeah its ok that my own parents threw me out. Its ok cos you think I will survive somehow even though Im not blue-eyed and fair skinned. And its ok that I actually have more poise then you. If my own parents don't want me Im sure it will just make me a stronger person right? Maybe I shall save my money and buy my parents a freaking mirror.....
Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all? Well one thing for sure my parents face will definately NOT appear cos thier are far from fair, they are very dark :
They are unfair in treatment as
Thier thoughts are darkened
Yeah it might sound a little too harsh coming from me but enough is enough. The industry is seriously like an evil step mother. In other words its a like that thing that rhymes with 'itch' and its not switch or pitch.
Tolong laaaaaaaaaaa!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fashion Week - Pavillion - nothing fancy - no pictures - speedy typing

So like its Malaysia International Fashion Week again but this time is different cos I didn't get called by the agency to sashay down the runway (or rumour has it a flight of stairs; its held in Pavillion this year and the models would be strutting down stairs). Of course I expected to be called, I did MIF-W ever since I started this career! So naturally when I didn't get the call i was a bit mentally and emotionally agitated and questioned myself 'why?'

But I got a call from a designer, Fie his name, a designer from Singapore ( I sound like Yoda?), he asked me if I would walk down the catwalk in his outfits along side Tengku Azura. I was shocked, being put on a pedestal alongside my idol is a big honour. I humbly except his offer and we arrange for a fitting session and showed me drafts of his design and the material. This was really different as usually when you get booked by the agency you just have a mass fitting session where u wear anything you get, no one has time to discuss with you about how you would be the best person to pull it off. I really like his draft design...all black, lace, jacket, pants, killler shoes, very strong look.

So there I was assured that eventhough I wouldn't be part of the agency models, my presence would be felt there as an invited model. Yeay I get to go to Mifa afterall!

Then around the same period of time another ex student who is still in his final year told me that he would be showcasing his designs and mind you not in the student category! He is doing mens wear and he told me he would give me invites to watch his show. I was so excited that I would get to see his creations, afterall which teacher wouldn't? Well I may not have thought him fashion but I believe I did have a hand in some way or rather during his first year (or I hope to?hahaha) after all i did teach Creative Studies!

So yesterday we arranged to meet at his workshop (where they were busy doing pricing) to collect the tickets. He suddenly asked me if I would rather be on stage then watch. I was like "Er....anything" the lack of enthusiasm is not cos I was not interested. I was caught by surprise and I had been planning on what to wear to the show all this week! And this was menswear! "please jay, can u try this on, i wana see how it looks on you, its not really manly stuff, its like can be men or women, i thought of showing that" and it appears that he would be using celebrities at the end...Im like yeay! but Im not a celebrity! But them on anyway and they look jes great! Simply fabulously androgenous outfits. So like you can buy it as a gift for you man and you could wear it too! haha. oh btw...his stage name is MadMub which translates to AhMad Mubaraq! Geez i thought it was cos he was Mad like the Mad hatter!

I thought it was just that but now I have another show which would be my first show tommorow. Not to sure what or whose garment Im wearing but the stylist is the talented ever young cutie Cris Yong. He told me the call time is 5am! "What? 5am? how many shows?" then he replied.."Ok 6am then, the make up very drama la". It's gona be awesome I'm sure! All I need to do now is find my camera charger! DAMITTTTTTTT

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Istimewa buat Hanis Zalikha

Semasa tengah dok lepak sebelah suami tengok tv kat Sungai Petani, Kedah...

Kring kring.
Itchy: Yo wassup?
Scratchy: Jay! I want to ask you something.
Itchy: Okay ask lah.
Scratchy: You know that thing you wear on your forehead right?
Itchy: Which one?
Scratchy: Ala I dont know, I think it's called Nande.
Itchy: That's Bindi. Or Pottu in Tamil.
Scratchy: Then what the hell is Nande?
Itchy: I dont know lah you Malays.
Scratchy: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry sorry. Ohh Bindi.
Itchy: Untuk assignment eh?
Scratchy: What is it for? Is it religion or culture?
(Itchy lowers the phone and asks hubby and aunty - a small debate arises in the living room,
hoohaahoohaaa, scratchy is giggling on the other side)

Itchy: If u ask me I think its cultural but then again they say that its to mark the third eye.
Scratchy: So its religion or culture? bole ke pakai?
Itchy: bole je.. ala know u know the term go Google it la. Pottu or Bindhi k? not NANDE!
Tip: When u buy pottu, look for this kinda pack. Its cheaper then buying single ones and trust me sometimes the price is so ridiculously expensive!)

menggayakan pottu a.k.a bindhi semasa pertunangan

Ok sebenarnyer nak explain ni. The closest sounding word to Nande is actually Ketam a.k.a Crab. So tak mungkin la ader ketam kat dahi. And don't ask me why people in Malaysia call it that.

kecik kecik da pandai posing kan? Tapi ader orang tu cakap yang I nampak cam that alien from Toy Story 2

"Hello, Im abszie "

Dibawah ni adalah pendapat saya bagaimana wujudnya perkataan 'Nande'. Sila baca dan bagi komen =)

(Sometime long ago - zaman datuk nenek gitu)

Nenek Scratchy: Hey ape tu kat dahi ko?

Nenek Itchy: Ha? dahi? apa tahi tahi?

Nenek Scratchy: Bukanlaaaa, DAH-e.

Nenek Itchy: Oh itu dhal ka? Kawan! itu ah .... macamana mau cakap ah?. Itu sangat special la. Itu nande. Nande teriyuma? Dhal kulla Nande potta rombe syioka irukkum!

Nenek Scratchy: Ape ko merepek ni aku tak faham la!

Nenek Itchy: Aku cakap ah itu Nande Dhalcha syiok la kawan.

Nenek Scratchy: er... ok. So Nande eh?

Nenek Itchy: Yalah! Aku cakap lama lama ni ko takda dengar ka? nande la!

Maka tersebarla ke seluruh Malaysia yang bende kat dahi itu namanya 'Nande'. Klik sini


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tempat: Envie Club
Waktu: Some ungodly hour (ala time time kutu embun suke merayau tu)

Abs: (Sambil melihat gelagat si mamat ni yang berkaca mata hitam bukak 'move' kat lantai tarian atau lebih dikenali sebagai dance floor)White guys dance funny..
Sasi: White guys have money...
Hey! I rhymed.(chewah chewah hebatnyer dier!)
You know when I was in Thailand I was like a white guy? (kawan I ni is obviously Indian)
Abs: You danced funny?
Sasi: No! Cos youre a foreigner they think you got a lotta money. So I mean I was Like a White guy to them. (lepas tu conversation berikut takleh nak citer sebab ini blog rating 'U' hehe)

Saya taK racist tau cuma nak share lawak jer. Kalo tak lawak sorry la, kalo lawak gelak la, kalo tak paham maknanye lawak yg tak jadi. Tapi masa tu sumpah klakar. Hidup kempen 1M. Kalo tak tau kempen 1M shoot yourself please! Eh I mean only if u r Malaysian. Ok gile boring dan poyo post ni. takde modal jes feel like typing stuff.

Yawn. goodnoight x0x0x0x0x0

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Top Tier

Hi there =) as you can see I'm still not over the wedding yet. I kept the top tier of my wedding cake till today. Cannot tahaaaan ambik gambar terus cincang and makan the yummy thing!

This is Sujen and Jay during their wedding reception.

They stood upon a fluffy garden of sugar n cream adorned with pretty white flowers with little pink hearts.

Though the wedding over, the bride still blushed during the dinner reception where all her friends and all her family came to shower the couple with their well wishes and celebrate their union

Her groom was equally excited as she was. I dare not use the word blush, for men don't blush. Or at least they say they don't! All eyes were on him as well that night and all his well wishers there too.

They had a magical time that night as they looked forward to their magical time ahead.

......but here they are today; he trying to flick her head as she tries pushing him into the cake.

...well that was just some good natured humour, but life is not always a fluffy bed of roses....

'Don't ever raise your voice in anger,
Don't ever forget to listen to each other,
Don't bring up mistakes of the past,
Don't be spiteful to each other,
Don't let a day pass without a loving word,

Do admit your mistakes and ask for forgiveness,
Do care more for your partner than yourself,
Do take time to talk to each other,
Do understand your partner's feelings,
Do love and cherish each other'

- 10 tips to a happy married life by Anonymous

PS: The figurines are in the freezer. Im thinking (if it doesn't rot by then) we could use it on the anniversary cake. Then again the year after. And again after that. And again. And again. And till we are 60! eheh. Betcha neva gona eat cake now if I offer you huh? I kiiid I kiiid!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wedding Snapshots

Sujen takes the oath.

It's in Tamil so I'm like just repeating what's been said. But I sound very convincing.

Signed sealed delivered, I'm yours.

The happy couple - I can't tell if the look on our face says 'Yeay! We've finally done it" or 'Yeay...what have we done!" haha I kiiiiiid I kiiiiid.
While waiting to be fetched by the groom's side to the wedding hall.

Ash - the Maid of Honour and Amit - the Best Man. In Indian culture the Maid of Honour is always the groom's sister and the Best Man is always the bride's brother.

Tying the noose. haha KNOT!

The happiest moment of my life...and my left contact lens is torn. So one eye is green.

Sexy back! The yellow string is a Thali. It was then changed to a gold chain at an appropriate time.
A young Indian James Bond looking sharp in his white suite with his Belle decked in a specially tailored gown by Felix Tan and A1 Tailor.

Okay ... I gotta go now... My HUSBAND wants to use his laptop. I'll be back soon. Hopefully =D well u know me. Ta!

All wedding pics by Andy Saiden and dinner pics by Naz Media. Thank you for the beautiful shots.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blogging from Kedah - Thank You All - Still Wedding Mood

Today is the first day I blog as Mrs. Sujendran. The first day I blog from Sungai Petani, Kedah while my husband lays asleep beside me at 3.30pm on a Wednesday. We are here for about a week. We are not on our honeymoon but you could say its a honeymoon week as we have been off work for quite a while now and spend most of the time in bed, eating, making our honeymoon plans and sleeping.

Ever since the wedding Ive been calling around to thank friends and relatives for all their help during which one of my Aunts told me laughingly "Yeah enjoy yourself, this is your luxury time, you're not expected to do anything, the next time you go back it wont be like that! hahaha" But hey I've been doing the dishes at least! But jokes aside I'm lucky to have such loving, caring n thoughtful in-laws.

At the moment, I'm just lying on my belly typing while waiting for the clock to strike 4.30 so I can wake up my hubby and we can go visiting. Its customary for a newly wed couple to visit their relatives, so while we are here we plan to visit as many relatives as we can as we aren't sure when next time would permit us.

I'm not sure how I feel yet about getting married. Of course I'm happy to have found my soul mate but it still feels like a weekend gateway. I'm pretty sure how my family feels tho. My brother Amit who will be going back to Ukraine very (too) soon has been on the phone with me several times since we left for SP. Mom tells me she accidentally calls my name thinking I'm still at home. Dad sounds mellow tho he tries his best to sound up beat and I can't forget my younger brother Ian's short impromptu speech during the wedding dinner about how I've been like a mom to him. He's been saying he want's to get a puppy to replace me! hehe

Speaking of the wedding dinner, my hubby n me gave the most unconventional wedding speech! It was like watching a bad stand up comedy but Im glad Amit n Cris think it was very 'real'. hehe. But what i feel badly about is that it slipped my mind (at that particular time) to thank :

1. Felix Tan & A1 Tailor(jln alor) : for the kind gesture & gorgeous dress - without you I would have been walking down there naked(ok ok not stark naked but you get the picture)

2. Jerra - for the custom made dinner card! - omg! without you there wouldnt have been that perfect card i was looking for.

3. Atie - for the moving picture show (since we didnt want to call it slide show or slide presentation =p) I know your hard work and sleepless nights to make the presentation nothing short then perfect. Don't feel too bad about the technical glitch on that day cos it was great anyway!

4. Leena - for lotsa things but most importantly for finding me the Instrumental Version of Bittersweet Symphony. You made that moment everything ive ever dreamt it to be.

5. Afiq - for the wonderful speech and also being the surau n buka puasa guide

6. Fizah - for being there at the rehersal and of course being the surau n buka puasa guide

7. Bulma - for being there despite your busy schedule and doing what you could

8. Raj annae - for letting us use your beautiful house to get ready and be as accomodating as you could as well as sit thru the planning stages if the dinner and delivering a speech despite having so much on your mind.

9. Ashley annae - for driving us to the hall, playing bartender for the night and telling me I look beautiful when I started fretting and worrying if my dress was showing too much skin. You really calmed my nerves!

10. Mole akka n Sulo mamee - for the simple yet elegant deco of the bridal car on such short notice!

11. Niths, Thanama n Poe - for hunting for a mukuthi(nose stud) for me. Twice!

12. Baby akka - for retouching my mehendi b4 th wedding

13. Shaliny - for food arrangements throughtout the various pre wedding ceremonies, booking comfortable rooms at crazyliy amazing prices for my in laws and retaouching my mehendi despite being heavily pregnant!

14. Jayama - for your knowledge of the Indian culture and Hindu religion. In other words thanks for being our very own mini priest!

15. Vinesh annae - for coordinating the dinner

16. Varun & Ian - for being my favourite hosts! oh and for looking as sharpp as can be!

17. Vasdave brothers - for acting as bartenders for the night and for always being there for us. and to Navin for the unconventional yet insightful speech.

18. Kanna - for scanning the ol skool pictures

19. Andy - for the LOVELY LOVELY wedding pictures. Its still the talk about town y'know hehe.

20. Amit - for doing so much running around and sitting patiently thru all the carzyness tho I know how impatient you can be haha.

21Sujen - for bringing me a wonderful new family that I'm genuinely happy to be part of.

22 My Inlaws - for being understanding and caring and excepting and going the extra mile to make everything perfect.

23. ALL My Family and Friends that have been involved in planning this memorable occasion.

Last but not least I would like to thank My Mom n Pops for going thru hell to bring me a taste of heaven. Its funny how words are lost to the people I want to thank the most. I guess the closes I could describe how much I appeciate this two people is thru a big long hug and an I Love You, I Will Always be Your Baby.

It's 4.35 now, time to wake up the Mr. and go visiting. I shall update some pictures later.

Still in wedding mood ~lalalalalala~

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

After d wedding ....

2:11pm He asks:
what's in store after the wedding then?

2:12pm me:
i duno...what happens after d wedding?
start living together
start seeing each other everyday
inlaws gona be prominant in both lives
either side will say come back for deepavali, new year, merdeka etc
not thinking of kids anytime soon tho
i got some growing up to do first

2:14pm He says:
u think too much woman..

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sneak Peak - Big Day?

What have I been up to lately? Why haven't i been blogging? Well I've just been so caught up preparing for my Big Day. Yes you heard it right. Me, Aberami Jaishana is getting Married =) to my long time sweet heart of 6 years. The Big Day is just a few days away in Sungai Petani and will be followed by a dinner reception few days later in KL. Planning a wedding, especially an Indian wedding is really stressful I kid u not. Im so excited the day is nearing =) Its definitely going to be a grand affair like all Indian weddings turn out to be! Thanks to the many Many relatives.
Just thought Id share with you some of our pictures from our pre wedding shoot though we aren't to happy with the outcome =( We shot them at the peak of the afternoon sun... don't ask why...we were puzzled ourselves. We thought they'd know what they were doing since we were really impressed by their portfolio. Yeah I a model I should have sensed something was wrong.
We are hoping to get more pics done after the wedding... these will definitely include us in traditional garb. Btw i think Sujen looks just stunning in a white suit! I lost count how many times the make up artist/stylist uttered the word Leng Chai throughout the shoot.
Though the shoot was not what we expected and cast weird shadows on our face it was all fun since I've never actually had a shoot alone with a male model. So it felt like I got some practice with my sweetheart.

Hmmm well after uploading the pics I guess they're not toooooo shabby ey?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

MMIG: Miss MalaysiaIndian Global Pageant

Hey you Indian gurl! Have you always dreamed of joining an International Pageant? Then this might be your big break!

10th National Miss MalaysiaIndian Global (MMIGLOBAL) Pageant is invitating Malaysian women of Indian descent (mixed descents acceptable too, as long as one parent is Indian) between 18 and 27 years to its National Selection Open Interviews on 1 August 2009 from 10am-4pm at the Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Dresscode: Saree.
Bring along CV and 2 photographs.
Registration is RM50.

'The Miss MalaysiaIndian Global pageant was conceived in the year 2000 as a social development programme targeting young Malaysian women of Indian or part of Indian descent (at least one parent descending from the Indian Ocean).

Unlike other conventional pageants, the Miss MalaysiaIndian Global pageant's primary thrust is the personal and professional enhancement of the Malaysian woman of Indian descent.

It is a pioneering event filled with glamour and world-class presentation. Held on a national scale, it is now a finely etched programme that draws participants from all corners of Malaysia and audiences from across the segments.

The pageant focuses less of beauty and physique and more on the overall presentation of the women vis-avis through its Health & Fitness (a 5km run), Community and Environment Awareness Programme (facilitated by USM's Faculty of Environmental Science under the helmanship of Prof Zulfigar Yasin) and a Bridging Communities Programme (partnered by the sub-ethnic communities within the Indian grouping.)' - Source : MMIG Website

Seriously what are you waiting for? By the way the past winners have even included Drs, Lawyers and Lecturers. You don't need to be a Model to join. Don't be shy n give it a try =)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

King of Pop - A message

Dear Michael,

Life ..from a fairy tale turned out to be a living nightmare for you. But now you may truly Rest in Peace. Hope you find Neverland. We will all see you when we get there. And when that day comes, be sure you give us the best performance ever as we love you forever and ever.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

OMG so Hulu n Alamak gigiku!

Sudah lama aku tak belog seperti biasa. Hari ni belog pon tak di rancang. Dan si Hanis pula sibok nak suruh update. Yelah Hanis rajin update belognyer yg beralamat inibelogsaya (chumil la tu =p ok ok memang chumil pon) dan agak ramai la orang yang baca belognyer yang chumil tu.
Ha, jadi hari ni bukan nak citer pasal photoshoot atau sehari dalam kehidupan peragawati. Cuma nak citer kat korang sumer yang bukan kat Malaysia je ader tempat hulu tau. Ramai orang ingat Amerika Syarikat tu sangat maju dan selalu je nak compare negara kite atau negara mana mana je lah dengan negara diorang.
Tapi pagi tadi la kan, masa nak baca Yahoo News! (apesal tak CNN ke BBC ke?) Ade satu video yang disekalikan dengan petikan yang Jay tengah baca. Tapi tu takleh Jay nak tengok...Do you know why? Sebabnye cos "Hulu can only be streamed in d United States". omg like so HULU yolls! Jadi kawan kawan jaganlah nak mengata Malaysia ni ulu ke hulu ke dan sebagainyer. Hulu ni wujud merata dunia dan tiada escape darinye ok.

Lepas tu kan ade lagi satu citer ni. Ha, ni kisah benar ni. Kengkawan tau tak 'root canal' tu ape? Root canal ni berkenaan dengan gigi. Selalunya bebudak jahat yang suke makan gule gule pastu tak gosok gigi akan terpasksa buat prosedur nih. Kire gigi rosak sampai ke 'pulp' (pulpa?). Klik sini untuk tonton video pasal root canal.

Lepas da rosak teruk sampai camtu kengkawan bole la cabut gigi tu, tapi tak elok tau cabut cabut gigi cos nanti lambat laun gigi semua akan tercabut dengan tersendiri sebab takde sokongan dari gigi lain. Pastu belom capai 35 tahun lagi kena pakai gigi palsu. n that's so not hot!

Anyway, dulu Jay adelahbuat prosedur ni. N then hari tu, malam semalam la sebenarnyer...Jay tengah sronok makan nasi goreng (yang Jay dan ayah buat) nyum nyum nyum ... tertiba topi untuk root canal Jay tercabut!!! (Well its called root canal cap in english. topi la i guess :p). So next week terpaksa la melawat doktor gigi. Sangat tak bes. Jay tak suke pegi doktor gigi =(

Jay bemuke bucuk mempamerkan 'topi' root canal.

e'eh..baru perasan la pos kali ni dalam bahasa melayu =p
OK la itu je nak citer this time. Semoga korang gosok gigi elok elok dan jangan makan sugar banyak banyak macam si budak Flo rida tu nanti mouth full of cavities takder orang mau.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Modelly Hair?

Hrmm... today Im goina tell you my hair story. How it made me and (mostly) broke me.

When I was a wee ol kid I had cute little ringlets of hair

Then when I was in kindy somehow it grew rather straight.

When I was 9 it became wavy and slightly frizzy.

Then when I was 10 I duno what my dad was thinking when he took me to the hairdresser and got it cut real short. I wanted to cry. But when she was done chopping of my hair and blew dry it wasn't so bad after all. Dad told me my features would show more like this. But a day or 2 later disaster stroke. I washed my hair and it sprung into frizzy curls. It turned to look much shorter then it was. I got my haircut on the weekend so when I went back to school it was with this disaster version of the do. It was so awful that my friends didn't recognise me. Since I was lanky and wore a shirt and tie (class head uniform) I looked like the new boy in class whom they only noticed at the later part of the day cos I sat far far behind.

Then I decided to grow my hair out. By the time I was 12 I had a beehive on my head. And the worst part is I didn't notice my hair had grown into a mini afro. In my head I actually thought it was pretty striaght. WHY? I DON'T KNOW! aaand it didn't help that early 90's fashion was hedious!

Come 13 years old, I step into school still oblivious of my growing hive. Then on the first day I heard the name 'Alleycat' that's when I woke up!
-I'm not kidding-

I made my mom take me to straighten my hair when I was 14 or so. It was quite cool cos it was short n straight something like how Nick from Backstreet boy's hair looked that time.

-Something like this but I looked better-

Ever since then I had been diligently straightening my hair.

Then about a year ago when I left my hair untended to for a long time and the curls came out I noticed that they had potential to be groomed. They were little ringlets again so I stopped straightening my hair and have now decided to let the curls come out so I can chop of the straight ends. Got to tell you its a damn long process!

Right now I go between blowing straight the top of my hair and adding curls to the bottom. I mostly like to wear my hair down.

Then Yong (my designer friend from the brand Le Ann Maxima) came along and told me how I should always always put my hair back! Make my features stand out and look more codelly he said. Thats what my parents say too but I just like it down.

Me. Yong. My Fav Gal Azura

But I have finally started trying out my new sleek look...and this is what it looks like :

-This is my left side. Pointing to some hair stickin out. I don't get it. I gelled it down. So unrully!-

-My right side. Ok Im in the office right now curi tulang-

-And here's my face from the front!-

So what do you think?? Modelly?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Psycho Stalker Story - They are watching you

I'm sitting in front of my laptop.
I've been sitting here all day.
It's getting really late, my eyes are bloodshot.
But away from your face I can't tear my gaze.

I log on everyday
I don't open my mail
I log straight on to that site
In hope
You'd surprise me someday
With a comment or a poke

I sit and stare at the screen 8 to 10
Cos I know that's when you log in
I keep clicking to view online friends
Hoping you'd come online by chance

I can sit all day just at your page
I see you have a quite a number of fans
I feel so trapped in this cyber cage
You see I'm your greatest of fans

So it annoys me ever so deeply
When I see you with other guys
Why you gota be so damn sexy
It's 2am I can' t shut my eyes

I have 12 pokes none of them from you,
I'm not gonna poke back cos I just want it from you.

It's 3am you've been tagged
I'm tired of commenting
You never reply me
I throw a sheep at you
I buy you as a pet
Tell me what does it take
for you attention to get?

I'm fighting your vampire now
She's nearly dead
and it's really time now
for me to go to bed

I'll stop by again tomorrow
Hopefully you notice my status
Or you hit me with a trout
At least some conversation will sprout
I just answered your quiz
I came in at 100 without a doubt
I'm becoming such a stalking whiz
I have no idea how that came about

Yours Truly,
Your Facebook Stalker

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Japanese Fan

I was sitting in the backstage of Mid Valley during the fashion week with Zucca and San when out of the blue someone passed me a note. It happened so fast and unexpected that I can't remember who it was.

She said "There is a message for you" while handing me a small folded paper. My first react ion was 'Ok I did drop my phone like 2 days ago in the Mid Valley toilet while changing and had switched it off so that it would completely dry (yeah if you were wondering I did put my hand into the toilet to salvage my phone) so someone probably tried to reach me but couldn't get through.'

I opened the paper and read it. To my surprise it was from a Japanese boy. He had come to my show the previous day and added me up on Facebook that very day. I was very surprised how he had found me so quickly.
He had uploaded this picture with the caption "Throughout these fashion shows, I loved this indian lady at most! I was really impressed by her atmosphere filled with full of confidence." Aww so sweeet =)

SO back to the note.
He said he was waiting outside and wished that I could spend some of my 'precious time' to take a picture with him and he wanted to give me a gift! Something like this has never happened to me before. There I was sitting stunned. Zucca and San were really excited. Zucca was like "Hey come lets go la. I'll take the picture for you. Come come come" So I walk out not knowing what to expect. As I opened the door I was greeted by this smiley faced Japanese. He seemed starstruck and me...well I was just humbled and honoured, I mean who am I anyway? "Finally dream came true(><) Thanks for sparing your time today, Ms.Jaishana! You were more polite&modesty model than I'd imagined. Actually I wanted to talk more, but I stopped my selfishness!haha (as it was middle of show) Thank you so much again**"-Ryo

After the picture he told me that he brought me a gift. He insisted I should take it. I said no at first. Then he told me it was a Coffee Canister from Starbucks Japan and you could not get it anywhere else. Coffee? Cool I like coffee! Starbucks Japan? Awesome...that maybe the closes I get to Japan anytime soon anyway. And since it was a very humble and sincere gift I excepted it =)
Very noice. I loike. My first official fan gift all the way from Japan! Yataaaaaaa!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


That's Jimmy Choo in the middle there!

Wow its been a whole month Ive gone without blogging. I've not abandoned it. And I do come and check on and off if there are any messages and comments. Mostly no... I guess I'm not thaaaat missed. Some people do read nearly everything I post. I do know who you are and thank you so much ~_~
I love this! A Cut Above show.

As you can see my schedule has been packed! But it's all good.

The thing is my dad has been trying to get me to stop pursuing modeling. I understand he means well. After all I am his only daughter whom he adores and cares for so much. (some times too much). Me not getting many modeling gigs in the past gave him a good point to argue with me why I should reconsider my plans of becoming a supermodel *coughs* hehe.

"Use your brains not your looks"

Well lady luck shined upon me recently but I'm not about to get all cocky up on it. Plus I am aware that it is Spring/Summer. One of the best times for a model to make her moola. This is the first time I've worked with Blitz Production (Raffles show) and the first time I was introduced to Cilla and Associates which are renowned agencies here in Malaysia. (Udd is the one that introduced me and I'm very thankful for the selfless gesture).I never really did try before this as I always thought I was too fat. Ok I know that sounds crazy but you can't blame me. Im surrounded by skin and bones. Well right now I can safely say that I'm not fat anymore but I do have way too much @$$ for a model. Hmmm that's most probably my Indian genes there! Anywho I'm working hard to keep in shape and hopefully start exercising soon =D I heard Yoga is good (but Im thinking - Do I really wana be in a room where farts are most welcomed?)
Here's me and Udd at the Raffles show.

Hopefully everything goes well from here on. Thank you (all) for the support. I nearly gave up.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Red n Gold

Don't know about this...may be a bit cheesy compared to my previous incoherent kind of writing style. This is not a dreamscape. Just a little something that streamed out into words.
Somewhere in a city the night was young

Neon lights flashed in blue green gold and red

Cars formed a heavy stream of gold n red

Ladies accessorized in gold and nails red

She wore her innocence the way she wore white

‘It was only an accessory for the night’

as she looked into the mirror she thought.

She closed her eyes

She could see him standing behind the door

In another room

She could see him flash his white pearls

Beyond the door

She longed to touch his soft skin

And for he hers….

She opens her eyes

Disgusted with her thoughts

How could she think for a minute

Someone like him would even …..

She shook her head dismissively

Let out a faint mocking laugh

She walked out of the bathroom

Hoping that repulsive girl would stay in the mirror

She steals a glance

He is but a boy

Like a bobby his round expressive eyes catches the thief

The thief that is her stolen glance.

He smiles, scans her up and down

Taking her all in with those boyish fervent eyes

Well of course she dismissed it

He was just wondering at her imperfections

She thought.

As the night got older

The boy got bolder

He never left her out of his sight

Nor out of his hands

She had forgotten of the girl in the mirror

She was wearing red now

It was a deep shade of red

like the deepest of passion

She was losing herself to the night

The night made people act in funny ways

Its darkness a symbol of mysticism

A symbol of nothing but everything

They wanted nothing from each other

Yet everything from one another.

She was losing herself to the night

They were too close now

So close she could hear his thoughts

Her face brushed against his

His petal like lips firmly across her cheek

Their hair entwined by the heat of their passion

Closer and closer till the only closer was in.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Blonde at Head?Heart? Or not Blonde at all?

Here's the thing. Its been like ages and my blog seems to have been orphaned =( My excuse is I don't actually have a camera at the moment and I've been quite busy too which is good (but bad cos I havent had the time to blog).
I wonder like without pictures..does anyone actually wana read the junk I write? Or is it the shows and stuff that is of interest? I don't know. But I know that this post is just gonna be words words words. Its about me and how sometimes I say really stupid things or respond oddly (is that even a word?) to questions.
I mean its not like its cos Im blonde (im not) or something. It just sounds right in my head and actually even after I've said what I said but the reaction from the person Im talking to is a giveaway...I'll be like (in my head) "'ve done it again." Am I eccentric? frank? lack social skills? You tell me ~_~

Situation 1:
At a club. A really drunk lady and her drunk friend try to have a conversation with me.
Drunk ladies: Hello! Where you from?
Me: Er here. Ampang.
Drunk ladies: Oh. So what do you do?
Me: Er...I work.
Drunk ladies burst out laughing...."wow! she works"
-End of conversation-

Situation 2:
At some audiotion I was asked some culturally themed question.
Judge: What is your favourite festival in Malaysia and why?
Me: Deepavali. Cos its like the only festival that everyone can fully enjoy. Like Chinese New Year...if you invite a Muslim they may not feel comfortable eating cos they may think it's non-halal and Raya people mostly cook beef so Hindu's can't eat.
(at this point I realised how racist I sounded. But Im not. I was just being honest. Ok maybe a little too honest.)
The Judge was a Chinese guy.......

Situation 3:
I dropped my mom of at school (no she is not a child. she is a teacher.). It was really really early in the morning so I didn't wash up or anything before leaving. I carried a box of files out of the car for her to the school gate where I met her friend, also a teacher.
Me: Hi =)
Teacher: Hi. How are you?
Me: I haven't brushed my teeth yet.
The teacher stood there staring at me too stunned to say anything.
Me: Bye =)

So, with this I end with a promise to update more often and put up some nice shots as well. Thanks for dropping by anyways and sorry you were not greeted by any new posts.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Geng The Adventure Begins

I just got back a while ago from the screening of Geng The Adventure Begins or Geng PengembaraanBermula. If you haven't heard of it and are thinking at the moment 'Oh it must be just another failed local (Malaysian) attempt of a movie' - and might I add an animated one too, 'I will just let it pass', you say. Well that my friend you should not do. Honestly I might have let it pass myself not being much of a local movie fan. Ok not a fan period. Till now.

If I'm not a fan how did I end up at the screening you may ask. I'm proud to say the key people behind this national milestone are my Uni mates from Multimedia University of which some are friends =) That said, I'm not blowing their horn (that doesn't sound right..) cos they are my mates. I mean if I watched it and I truly believed it sucked I would not bother sitting up at 4am and writing this.

It was so amazing that I really don't know where to start. The characters, the story, the script, the screenplay....

So we shall start with the story:
Two KL boys Badrul and his friend Lim go back to Badrul's gramps' village where there is said to be a Durian (yes that smelly fruit that foreigners think we are crazy to love with all our heart but they would rather eat life roaches on Fear Factor..) thief whom the villagers belief to be a ghost. As soon as the boys enter the village they are greeted by a host of buoyant lovable characters. Very quickly they get acquainted to two cheeky little lads Ipin,Upin, thier sister Kak Ros(the only chick in the movie) whom is not a very tolerable or affectionate person and later Rajoo. Rajoo though timid compared to the crazy fun loving twins is more matured because of his age and is gifted with an ability like Ma-Ti from Captain Planet. What started of as a trip to the orchard to pick some Durians becomes the adventure of their life when they meet a bizarre little creature and a few uncanny beasts that lead them deeper and deeper into the jungle.

The characters:
Les' Copaque Production really did their homework. They adhere to the typical Malaysian Truly Asia way of making a movie where at least 3 main ethnic groups are portrayed. I usually get put off and annoyed by the stereotypes, but I must say this was very tastefully and cleverly done. What you usually get is one of the ethnic characters, usually the Indian followed by the Chinese one being the brunt of all the slapstick cheap jokes. It's safe to say that these people at Les' Copaque had extensively studied people or rather have an innate understanding of people per se. What I found intriguing though is that Rajoo was given quite a significant role which is very rare for a local movie especially one produced by a largely non-Indian team (no racial slur here, just stating as a matter of fact so don't call the freaking ISA on me!).

The screenplay:
I have a habit of talking, checking my messages occasionally and getting fidgety but this was not the case with this movie. You will be lucky if you get to blink an eye cos there is always something happening on screen. I also love that it has action, suspense, comedy and the parts that make you go awwwww. To me all of it was put together seamlessly and left me no room for complaints.

Don't miss the chance to catch this in cinemas. I'm telling you DVD is just not gona do won't believe how awesome the action scenes are until you watch it.

Anas, Zaid, Shafiq - Im so proud of you and your team. Thumbs and Bigtoes up for yo!

The Adventure Begins


Ghost? Beast? Yo mama's Pet Rat?

The only chick

Anas hehe - So kiud~_~

P/S. My mom and bro have decided to watch it and I'm gonna go again.

From the horses mouth ...........