Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Write like a God

It felt great to be part of Mifa! again. Im (mentally) back now with a promise to myself to keep writing even if there is really nothing to write. How do you explain being uninspired? Can anyone tell me? A friend asked me why I haven't been posting up much and I told him I was uninspired...He asked me "why?" At that point I realised it was one of the toughest questions to answer..kinda like why were we put on earth. I paused for a while...frowning...opening my mouth to say something (but my brain hadn't an answer yet)...pause again...then I was like "you can't explain 'Why' you are not inspired! If you could then you would inspire yourself and get back to writing." That answer satisfied him.
Im still fiddling with the thought can one be uninspired when there is so many things going on around her? Maybe sometimes you just need to force youself? If anyone knows please tell me.
Oh by the way the spread in New Tide is out. This is one of the pics....I nicked this off my friend Shirley's Facebook. Yeah Shirley is d one with d sexay lips.... (and also d one that can look like Cris Yong sometimes). Actually this is a spread page...there are another models on the other side..but she just scanned d side she is in..hehe.
Merry Christmas - Fukuoka(down), KS, d sexay Shirley, Me with a whip!

I am also in another 2 pages of the mag. One is another group picture which has us all dressed like in a costume party (and with me holding a whip again!). Fukuoka is a sailor! KS is playing with an apple(?), Shirley is a sexay showgirl and there is a Chipndale dancer, Mistress of d house and Kinky maid. Can't picture it? Go get d magazine already! In d second pic....Im't wana explain anymore. Pegi beli!

Also do checkout Tongue in Chic, Aizat interviewed me =)
I got to say I was very honoured when he asked if he could interview me for an article fot TIC. I was like 'hell yeah!'. I first got to know about him when I left the 'Dreamhome'. I stumbled upon his page and learned that he had written about me, supported me and had a lot of believe and and hope for me ~_~
Me n Aizat at McD after my last show at Mifa!

Here is the link to the interview

Here is Aizat's page

I will also be contributing a post for TIC related to Mifa! That should be out soon too. Till then, I will try to keep my spirits up and hopefully be inspired to write like a God. heh.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I actually wanted to ask you for a favor to get me a photographer's pass to the runway, cos I really wanted to shoot the event.

For fun la, not for anything else. :p

And it is nice to see you active in the industry... unlike some past winner in some competition.


Jaishana Logan said...

Ala u shud have! and is so unfair...well maybe not 'so' but 'quite'. Some memories are better buried...

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

awwwwwwwwwwww!love jay!

Slayerbabe said...

ur last picture you so chun :)