Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Its mifa! again! or rather its Mif-w again!For those of you who are alien to the word mifa! and Mif-w....mifa is Malaysian International Fashion Alliance and mif-w is Malaysian International Fashion Week. So......... mif-w is mifa!'s innaugural event. Comprende?

The schedule is as above and i have higlighted the shows I'm walking for in red. I would like to invite you all to come! Datangla beramai - ramai! Who knows...this may even be my last Mif-w...... so datangla!

"Yea ok... I wana support you Jay/Abszie... but how do I get the tickets?" Well that's easy... Mif-w is open to everybody but you need to RSVP first! So it works on first come first serve basis. Just send an email to

For more information visit or call +603 2143 3098 or e-mail

So i have all the info you need..what are you waitng for? Oh n its just 7 days away! Cepat cepat!

PS. Don't forget your Camera =) Seeee you there



R3Stax Admin said...

Dear Jay =) I'm going to have to change my name now..... we cant have 2 of us running around in M-IFW 2008 creating havoc hehe.
(I'm assigned to covering the backstage again this year, as well as helping out on the main runway & other zones)

Any ideas for me? *w*

Jaishana Logan said...

yela kan...may end up u in a dress n me behind d cam! But I don't mind ~_~

hmmm.... any ideas for you? like what la? I can only think of three....take pics of me!! take more pics of me!!! and take more pics of me!!!!

hehe =p

Jaishana Logan said...

Btw...some things kinda Changed. i wont be doing the 29 show cos I have something else on but I will be doing the Truly Asia show on 26 morning and maybe doing the Asia Magic Gala on 27 Night. But Im afraid I wont be able to update and confirmations..U know la busy busy...Today fitting till late sumore and tom is MIFA already! Well cya there anywhose ~_~

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