Sunday, October 5, 2008


Can I be a comician? (ok i'm aware thats not a real word) heh =p


DEP said...

Of course. No doubt about it!


red | hongyi said...

haha, that's really cute. u should do more of these!

pz: issat an alien from toystory framed up on the wall?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. Yaya.. You can be one :D

Anonymous said...

You can be a lawakcian too if you want.

ps: The words at the bottom need to be less flowery for easier reading. I read 'white' as 'iohite ;)

Jaishana Logan said...

thank you thank you. I'll try. Still struggling wit my drawing skills and I don't get inspired that often. Need to be around more funny people or clowns more i think =p And ash..i can be a lawakian too? ape bezanye lawakian ngan comician beb? eheh bt thanks for pointing out d over flowering of d font!

Anonymous said...

Dear Abs,

A comician is someone who's only funny in her comic strip dan juga sedikit gile komisyen.

Lawakian is for all-rounder lawak people who is also lawa.

Ok mari kita fikir betul2 which kategori u masuk? Piiikirrrrr!

Azzam?? said...

hahahahha luckily i actually get some(yes, its not that much!) real salary over this black hole!

[b.a.m.b.o.o.z.e.l.e.d] said...


Damn babe this is funny!!

Love the name
"Ms Leading"

Arent they all?

Would love to see more of ur comic creations.


Jaishana Logan said...

Owh cool! U actually caught the encrypted joke! nice =)

[b.a.m.b.o.o.z.e.l.e.d] said...


Oh well. I guess great minds do think alike eh?


A.D.D minds will either have encrypted creative msg/joke in their creations and the other will mos def catch it!

(Think Amelie - French movie, the cinema scene)


Simon Seow said...

That's a good one. LOL.

fie the elf said...

haha love it!!

very good play of words

Unknown said...


ms leading!

Ashleigh said...

Love it! The art is pretty detailed too! =D

Jaishana Logan said...

Thanks for calling it art!

afiq said...

os this really happen to you?
totally bangang la that agency!

Unknown said...


豚骨拉麵Tiger said...