Monday, October 13, 2008

Where is Your Pants Gurl?? Part 1 and Part 2

Where is your pants gurl??Is the question I asked when I saw Victoria out like this, but I now totally understand how one can leave thier house forgetting thier pants.

Where is your pants gurl?? Part 2
All I had on was a White Shirt over some Tights! I only realised an hour or so before the show that I didn't have pants...but the show had to go on. If i had tried to go back home to get my pants in the God Blessed KL Traffic it would have been Pointless! so.... instead there I was Pantless! Im sure Victoria Beckham would have been proud of me!

Peter, Jezmine, Pamela, Rachel, Jaishana, Dephaney, Wilson, John, Aimee

Credit to all those pics that I nicked

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Huei said...

ahh so it was u i saw there! =D

no worries..u look awesome as always! ;)