Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Untamed Fashion

TALENTS/August 2008/Vol 3

Declare your mighty presence with adornments of exquisite fur and puffy sleeves. Since prehistoric times, fur has not only been used for warmth and display, but also an expression of sexual energy. Not wild enough for you? Get accesorised with coulourful beads, chunky bangles, and gladiator shoes. It is a wild, wild world of fashion after all.

Finally these are the pictures from Talent magazine. I really like them.
Well, don't really have much to say so this time the pictures will do the talking.
I like this one!
Ans this one!And this one!


~*inilahSShalini*~ said...

love the pics. Lookin very tribalistically-scandalistically-sexalicious. Dont know about fur though :P Skinning of animals n all

~*inilahSShalini*~ said...

Just out of curiosity did your shoes have heels or are they them new-age "heels-without-heels"? :D

Hanis Zalikha said...

so exotic looking! rawr you!

Anonymous said...

yea, all the pics are GREAT!! keep goin~

fie the elf said...

you look great! go girl!

missX said...

Gorgeous looking you! :)