Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fashion Flirt

Are you a fashion flirt? I know I am.

Ramesh Vadiveloo the owner of Attic and Justin Yap cossy up

So I get this invite on Facebook right...and its some event called Fashion Flirt. I scan thru (not reading of course), look for pictures, checkout who will be attending and wonder about the name of the event again>Fashion Flirt. I take a look at all the uploaded pictures notice pretty quickly they are Mr Justin (not Timberlake ...) Yap's collection. Ha! Now that piqued my interest! I go back to the main page and at last start reading what its all about... This is what it said

We like fashion. so do I
We like meeting people. me too
We like going out on a night looking hot and making new friends. er ok..agree on the friends part.
We like being entertained with good music and fun interactive games. ~nods head~

And so we've created Fashion Flirt just for that simple purpose! wah just create like that! good lo!

Fashion Flirt happens once a month, Thursdays. okay

Fashion Flirt is all about being up to date with young crazily talented local fashion designers who are definitely up&coming. Designers who aren't afraid to think waaaaay outside the box, and bring out the sexy flirtatiousness in their designs. Yeah baby! Now youre talking!
We like that. OMG so do I (while doing frenzied head and hand movements - bimbo style of course)

Fashion Flirt is also the perfect event to be meeting new faces and adding more numbers into that little black book *winks* I don't have one... What? i should get one? I probably lose it even If i had one and we'll be right back to 'I don't have one'. heh. Dowanla

Whats better than a night that has yummy biscuity models displaying an array of to-die-for apparel, surrounded by spunky interesting individuals, and kickass cocktails at the bar? biscuity...biscotti..sounds so cute..hmmm... what abt Yummy dunked in teh-tarik so slightly fluffy bicuity models like me?

You know it. Keep tuned for more Fashion Flirt news @ the attic!! God knows where that is. But its a plus that houses in Malaysia don't have attics... so that leaves alot of places to be eliminated.

So I decide to go and see what the hoohaa is all about. Sounds like a good place for Networking. But yeah I decide to go like couple of days before the event even though the invite has been hanging out in my Facebook for quite sometime. I return to the page to confirm my attendance. It says I can bring friends but I would need to provide their names. I sms a few of my friends that may benefit from attending this event..but my mobile stays silent... They reply but no one confirms... now I send a msg..a very sad sappy one on how I'll be going alone. Julez feels sorry for me and promises she will come with me =) yeay! I guess my sappy msg must have been really sappy cos everyone else replies me as well! Well almost everyone. YEAY YEAY.

Getting ready

Well I don't spend much time at all deciding what to wear. My mom got me this bright yellow top and I had already decided to wear that.

I matched it with a simple 4 piece gold bangle that had yellow dangle(y) bits on it that was actually scheduled to be thrown into the bin by my mom! She got it free from this indian accessories shop after we spent a bom there! Too her it looked so last season, like the boss was giving away the old stock, like he used our shopping bags like recycle bags! eheh. A bit dramatic but it did look kinda shabby to compliment an indian outfit. I assured her that I could match it with some western gear and will rock it and beg (ok not on my knees) her not to throw it.

I learned that my hair looks better with its natural curls. So I just leave it be and enhance the curls where necessary.

Julez texts me and says I have to look good! Cos they choosing ambassadors and I just have to get it plus she's supposedly lookin mighty fine, with her jacket and all ;) and I have to compliment her 9_9

Alison calls me and tells me not to be late! I assure her I will be late =p

~at this point im like thinking 'ok u guys, if i keep smsing i WILL be late. I know la u all tak sabar wana see me n hangout with me right =p' hehe ~

Fetching my date

Julez my ol fren calls me to make sure Im on my way. She had sms-ed me directions to her house th day before and Im darn sure I know how to get there!

but turns out me being the wreck that I am managed to somehow erase the message and also get the wrong road. I dunno where I was going ....but finally I was guided to somewhere near her house but she still had to walk out some distance and I had to make an illegal U-turn, but apparently "Its ok la, everyone does it".

On the way now. We wind down the window for some fresh air... but the air smells like ASS! OMG its the yuckiest thing ever! We wind up and hope the traffic lights change faster so we can get out of this shitty (pun =D ) place.

The Attic

Haaa finally we are at The Attic! Its in Bangsar. Well for starters the atmosphere was something I least expected. It was very quiet. Not many familiar faces either. It had a very house party feel..but still way too quiet.

I scan the room for familiar faces. Aly finally catches my gaze. Um..Stella from the MDG auditions is there too. Fiqa and her friend appear right after us. When we are done registering we quickly head toward Aly. We all find a seat and very quicky get into introductions and chitter chatter.

The fun is starting to build up and people start to mingle. Oh and there was this lady talking to us about Salsa classes.... I duno... call me a perv but after hearing her describe Salsa Nights (not a name of a movie but just what they call a night of Salsa) I began thinking that Salsa was very promiscuous...

"........There will be a lot of guys there. Every guy has his own style and moves. So the more you dance with different partners the more you will learn moves. Every guy is different. Its interesting. If you have never done it before you can come and watch. Then you can slowly join in. Its really good. ...."

Hey not my fault la! hahaha. Sorry sorry...Maybe its just my mind! No disrespect to Salsa and Salsa-ers.
yellow-yellow dirty fellows - jay n gangez

The Fashion Show

Me and Julez couldn't find a better time to head to the toilet! As we come out of the throne room we realise the fashion show is about to start and the catwalk starts from inside the restroom area! Aiyo! We sneak out when the 2nd model is half way down the catwalk and make a quick dash back but of course whilst stealing some of her lime light! Sorry =(

Justin refreshingly used various types of models and not biscuity types. I believe this shows that his ensembles is for everybody and not meant solely for the runway.

There were 3 rounds all in all, evening, casual, and smart casual. Or thats what I thought I saw.
Justin with his models. The lady in white beside him is so hawt!

Not so sure about about all the outfits but if I were to judge him by just donning his outfit once I would say he is an amazing designer who managed to capture elegance, detail, class and most importantly comfort. I had walked the runway for him during the Mifa08 Launch and I felt totally naked! No but its a good thing! The material was so lightweight and smooth. It was like the Emperor's New Clothes! The shoes! OMG it was like stepping on clouds in heaven. He told me the dress was Cashmere Silk and the shoes Lambskin. Ive never felt so pampered...just by donning an outfit.

The Ambassadors

OK I think the men in the crowd were mostly gay men..why? well when the emcee asked "Do you wana see the male ambassadors?" The crowd was real loud "What about the female ambassadors?" silent. except for me n some noise makers. Oh well. it is FASHION!

Thanks to overwhelming response and votes ..they decide to pick 4 male ambassadors and 7 female ambassadors as opposed to 3 female ambassadors and 3 male ambassadors!

The Guys:

Ken Yeong

Micah Boutin

Teik Lee

The Gurlies

Aida Hani

Alison Victor (yeay - that's ma gurl)

Alison Rodriguez

Asniesari Rahim

Fiqa Liyana (yippee - that's ma gurl too!)

Ganges Rekha (wooo - our senior)

Jaishana Logan (hey! thats...thats me!)

Me doing Catwalk while Fiqa n Aly cheer me on adoringly ...awwww...

Stella Matilda (from MDG auditions)

Joyce Kristen (the kinkybluefairy) as Honourary Fashion Ambassador

OK somehow when I do the math it doesn't add up to what was announced! But who cares =p

Some of the ambassadors - me~_~ , Fiqa, Stella, Aly, Gangez

How the Night Ended

The night ended with more chitter chatter and my 'team' hung out at the balcony with lotsa other kewl people (u know who you are).

Julez, Fiqa, Kahar, Me ~_~

I just have to add that Ishak the photographer from Envy turns out to be really kewl. We are totally on the same wavelength! Never knew but glad to know.

The Kinky Joyce (wearing Justin Yap), Ma gurl Fiqa and The Kewl Ishak

Well setelah selesai di Attic kami pun berangkat ke sebuah kedai mamak dan lepak makan makap disana. Hari ini memang menyeronokkan!
Its a Wrap! My bro joins us at mamak.

Fashion Flirt happens every month and falls on a Thursday. The next event is Flirt with Dubleve (and its "doo-bluh-vay" ) Fashion on 28th August 2008 ! Be there!

Dubleve .... perhaps may look like this

This is your fav fashionista signing off..adios amigos!

Moat pics were taken from James Quah the official photographer for Attic KL. Thanks James, even though I didnt ask you first! he he.