Thursday, July 3, 2008

What has she been upto?

I just shot a fashion spread for Tatler. Its gona be out in August. Its a sports issue in conjuction with the Olympics. Oh no..don't expect to be seeing the models dressed in nike or adidas sports outfits, do expect the unexpected from the kinky to the cool. Here's a teaser.... imagine horse riding.... oh just wait for the issue.

It was an awful long day... I went to bed at 3.30am the day before (don't know why- seem to have insomnia these days), woke up at 6.00am and was back home only at 10.30pm.

I Learned the Tuff way that ...

Hay can hurt u....real bad!

When you twist your body into awkward positions it hurts the most the next day

Why people don't bowl with 4inch stilletos

Getting Cornrows hurt yo neck like *#@^ (not talking about jagung a.k.a. maize - its that real kewl hairdo like the one Mr. Bow Wow here is donning)

It Rawked cos....

I got to don Afros - black and blonde

I looked like Foxy Cleopetra from Gold Member in one of the shots

I got to play with a cute horsie - i think he is a pony

Everyone was so energetic and very high spirited

I get to keep the Cornrows! Until they come off or until cant take it anymore (cos of not washing it...numsayin)

The number one reason in Rawked was.... I got to take picture with HOT ICE hockey players ~drool~ (haha sorry no visual...we'll just have to wait)

Well....Ill be going out on Friday Night just to flaunt my fro =) Cya if I cya. heh

I MANAGED TO GET SOME BEHIND THE SCENE PIC! EHEH. This is me with Tzu Ann, make up artist, Cris Yong and Patrick. He is not a starfish.


Anonymous said...

Do remind us again when it's out :)

Unknown said...

no pictures of your fro?

Jaishana Logan said...

got month =p

Jaishana Logan said...

n yes will remind!