Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Quote of the day

"Keep on hating me...Ima keep on givin yo'll sumthing to hate" - T.I. aka Clifford Harris Jr.


LolliPop said...

"I guess a drag queen's like an oil painting: You gotta stand back from it to get the full effect."

---Harvey Fierstein

Anonymous said...

lollipop: sounds like you like the effect.... if not... stand further back...

LolliPop said...

yuppp... i like... i likeee... i really likeeeeeeeeeeeeee jay's drag queen look. So i have something to laugh about.. haha.

Anonymous said...

lollipop = sucker

"There's a sucker born every minute" - P.T.Barnum

-lollipop's mom-

Anonymous said...

Lolipop!! ur Sad!!

If you dare, let your identity be known. A picture would paint a thousand words of the kind of person you are.

All your hate jut comes from within. Dont hate yourself to much.

Everyones Beautiful , you are too..:P

LolliPop said...

ah come on... dont be hypocrites la!

are u all blind or what?

shes damn ugly ok.

damn geli to see her face.. euwww.

dont go boasting around jay. go and look at yourself in the mirror. hahaha...

and im gonna continue yapping!

Wendy Sue said...

Don't bother with them Jay. Loosers put down others to make them feel good bout themselves.

I think you are absolutely stunning.

I've watched you from your first runway show with Felix on Project Runway.

And girl, you've blossomed beautifully. :)

Keep on doing what you do cuz I do think you are good at it.

Stay beautiful.

Hanis Zalikha said...

Hey babe saya cinta the shu uemura make up. anyway the other pictures are at fengtau's blog, go steal.