Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today I have an Interview with Capital FM to read the news. Ive to come up with my own news script. They already have one prepared for me but I have to write one to demonstrate my writing skills.... So in a bit of a rush right now but just felt like dropping a line or two...which is quite weird cos of such a long absence and now when I feel like writing I dont have much time to spend on it . heh =p Weirdness! Anywho... I also wana share some pics with you all =) Yea so comments are most welcomed...from haters as well if u must. See im so kind...before this if you wanted to comment on my blog u had to be a blogger...no anonymous comments allowed but after this one poor hater had to create a blog merely to add a comment on my page... I felt sorry for his/her sorry soul. So now all anons invited! Haters and Ma Peoples! Oh by the way I had met Blogger Jaclyn that day in Poppy...or was it Passion? I dunno... dont really go there but she so made my day or week or perhaps even year! She said 'its the happiest day of her life' Why? "cos she got to meet Jay the hottest Malaysian Dreamgirl" OMG thats like the best compliment anyone can ever give you man! "happiest day of my life?""WOWWEEEEEEEEEEE". I feel so touched man! So awesome! So humbling at d same time.

Shu Uemura Black Book
Make Up by Taisu
Picture by Yipiyaya Studio

Make Up by Idan
Picture by Idan

OK now for the pictures of me and Jaclyn!
No...we didnt have a drunk photographer the picture was well composed just that I looked awful! Like super yucks... But she is so cute! Well below is a decent pic of me from that night...yes Im wearing like some freaking long sleve wooly a bit outfit that why I was so hot and sweaty...but judging from the pic below I looked Nice from Far =) Plus Ive been wanting to wear that top for a while now and never got the chance....I will have a separate post for the top I promise! Hrm... yea N also the guy in the picture which is Jac's fren Chris is quite hot too... no not jus cos its Malaysia and our weather is really hot makin everyone here hot but cos he has only been here 5 months and speaks awesome Malay! I think I pinched myself.....twice...Yea seriously...It would put alot of ppl I know to shame! Tsk tsk shame on yoll!
Oh and this time around I intentionally decided to skip page breaks (paragraphs) cos Im running outa time to prep for my interview. Ill be back with more ~_~


LolliPop said...

lol. you cant run away from that 'faggot' look you have can you?

Anonymous said...

my gosh.. lay off la.. whats ur prob lollipop?

Unknown said...

the good thing about having haters...

you get more hits to your blog and through their blog, you get even more popular.

i wish there is a hate site for my blog. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

haters - have everything to say, but nothing to prove =P

Jaishana Logan said...

ya i know right.. so kinda missed my haters la wondered where they gone...so just had to giv em a mention.

Clothes Indulgence said...

okay so i shameless looked for this hater that you mentioned. It MUST be lollipop I reckon. lol. I'm amazed at his/her lifeless activity.

btw, u look great in the 1st picture. stunning.

Jacklyn <33 said...
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Anonymous said...

hey jay!
finally i found your blog !!
lol, i was so drunk when i was taking the picture with you. haha.

oh and i see your previous post taking picture with hot ice hockey player eh. haha.
im an ice hockey player too :)
but not hot la...
hope to see you around soon.
take care.

The Idan said...

kesian... dont bother la about that "bitch"

btw, kenapa you crop that photo?

Nlndr said...


wow, how low can people go?

Jaishana Logan said...

As low as Flo Rida's Shawty hitting the floor!

Jaishana Logan said...

Stellar : thanks. There will be more to come. keep showin d love =)

Jacklyn: Hey thanks for stopping by.. i heard u have a blog too...but how come you dont use ure blogger identity? is it a BIG secret 9_9

thediaryof_idan: well i duno ape masalah dia... but the name sounds kinda gay anyway..?Hellow?Like why would you name yourself something to suck on? hmmm...mebe he she wadeva wishes i was a man. And as to why I croped it...well i just thought it looked nice... shud i change it? sorry if i messed with your artwork =(

Anonymous said...

my blog site:

there you go hun.