Monday, July 28, 2008

Hot out the Kitchen

Finally the August issue of Female is out! This issue features a hair spread where they gave three of the past cover girls a make over. How cool is that? Lil ol me with Amber Chia - Malaysian Supermodel and Emmeline Ng Miss Malaysia 2005!

Amber seemed quite busy during the prep.. she arrives later then us and is constantly buzzed on the phone... being booked for jobs and such. I must say this girl has been working very hard improving herself. Her command of the English language is a lot better. Well its not perfect but its getting close and will be soon if she keeps trying. Some people have not been very kind to her I would say. Mocking the way she spoke...our so called Supermodel can't speak English and she is representing Malaysia to the world? Well now she can stick her pretty little tongue at you!! =p nyeh. Sad how for some people , others shortcomings put a smile on their faces. Amber's book entitled 'The Secret Behind a Supermodel' will be out soon, I think in about 2 months.

I don't really know much about Emmeline Ng other then the fact that is Miss Malaysia 2005. She sat next to me during the prep session. If I were to describe her from first impression I would say she is very down to earth and very eloquent. Recently she appeared on the very edgy cover of the first issue of Envy Magazine Hope to have more shoots and shows with her =) Well of course Amber gets the spread page...

Amber gets the spread of course!

Jaishana - The Valentine issue girl ~_~

Emmeline - looking Regal with the new hair looks like that's about it... Haven't got my Tatler yet.. but defiantly looking forward to it. Well I gota run now...oh this picture below will also be in the August issue of Female. Ah...and there is this event called Fashion Flirt in Attic KL I want to go to.. its this Thursday. So hope to see you there! (meanin if I make it there!) heh 9_9


Hanis Zalikha said...

why you look so different like orang melayu? anyway imma go to the magazine stand now. tata darl!

Anonymous said...

cos jay is melayu+indian+chinese+egypt+iran+african duh =p so versatile!

bibo said... the makeover pic.

very versatile!!

keep on rockingggggg!


Azzam?? said...

Amber Chia?????? woot woot!! she's HOT!! smokin' one xD

bout the language, that's fine by me.. superb command of English is over rated, we just need to be ourselves xD

NaniRostam said...
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Hanis Zalikha said...

yes you are rght jamie

Simon Seow said...

Amber is a very hard working indeed.

Anonymous said...

I love your last pic !!

Bongol said...

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