Wednesday, July 30, 2008

About Being Ourselves

'bout the language, that's fine by me.. superb command of English is over rated, we just need to be ourselves xD'

Well I was reading comments on my last post and was about to reply one... the one I just mentioned above...then it started becoming lengthy so I decided it would be great as a post.

This one is simply about being ourselves... what does it mean? personally i dont think its over rated... IMHO its good to be ourselves but its better to be our best selves. We all have potential to be more then what we are so we should not be content with who we are. Well Im not saying we should be over zealously pushing ourselves...that's just tiring! and can be quite painful for others to endure too.

But sometimes under certain circumstances we cant wholly be who we want to be or rather who we really are. Circumstances may vary. Many factors such as Time, Money, Cultural Background, Family and Relationships, and so on could throw you off track . And mostly we can't really be who we are to the fullest. We are part who people want us to be. But that said... It brings us to a question... Is it worth living for people? I shall not answer that... because it is a point definitely to ponder. Go on and think about it.

There may be a lot of things that you could say stop you from being who you want to be or what you want to be. But those are just excuses. Because deep down inside you know that 'you are not afraid to fail but rather afraid off the greatness you are capable of' And you know that with greatness comes a whole lot of other things. But thats just my humble opinion.

OK Im off now.... don't know if I made any sense to anyone ~_~


Azzam?? said...

owwhhh.. Abs.. i was talking in Amber's situation. her not having to converse oh so perfectly in English doesn't make her less of a model. be ourselves in sense of not faltering to people's ridiculous expectations. so improvements come with hard work and slow and steady progression. changes should be gradual and evolution-like.. not overnight xD

Azzam?? said...

*not being able to converse

Jaishana Logan said...

Azzam?? : hey babae...i jes mengarut je...not directly related to what you had to say... i was pretty sure that thats not what you meant anyway. Just sharinf my thoughts =) ey fiqa told me she met u n ery =p then i saw u on her blog! popular la

Anonymous said...

hey jay..this post rocks. to the core. well said...there's definitely points to ponder on. it's something i can relate to this very moment.

i can't elaborate much for now. but just dropped by to say "great post"..

take care girl..

B.H. said...

It's not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you.


Anonymous said...

cool post. Pondering..pondering..

heyy absuru <-haha fo old time sakes. Teringat the official doc eddie made with that name. Funny shit yo :P

Jaishana Logan said...

dayana: thanks for stoping by and even more so for posting a comment. Its good to know that you can relate to it and cant elaborate much...cos I feel pretty much the same. I guess we all do at some point.

aweng: It was ebisu la! not absuru! I do miss them days man. The people are awesome there. Fun gile!mmmm FMC rawks! d guys r hawt! haha ...i can say it now cos im not there anymore...but Im sure they know it can. Hows ausie man? Tak balik hols ke?

Jaishana Logan said...

I jst noticed that i always have unintetntional spelling errors in when I write. M i dislexic or just careless?

Anonymous said...

haha ebisu was it.. haha my bad. Yup, was good times. best colleagues. hot ke? am i included in that?.. lol.
aussie great.. havin heaps fun here. But missing Msian weather la, specially the saiko hot cyber weather la.. seriouesly.. haha too cold here.
Yeah coming back in december.. 3 months woo free hahaa.. Can c u in action on the catwalk :P

Anonymous said...

hey babe.. just dropping by so u know i read ur blog :P love it.. keep doing it yea.. take care!

p/s: miss chit chatting with ya.. i know i know we can still hang out.. but still cant find the time sorry :)


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