Wednesday, July 30, 2008

About Being Ourselves

'bout the language, that's fine by me.. superb command of English is over rated, we just need to be ourselves xD'

Well I was reading comments on my last post and was about to reply one... the one I just mentioned above...then it started becoming lengthy so I decided it would be great as a post.

This one is simply about being ourselves... what does it mean? personally i dont think its over rated... IMHO its good to be ourselves but its better to be our best selves. We all have potential to be more then what we are so we should not be content with who we are. Well Im not saying we should be over zealously pushing ourselves...that's just tiring! and can be quite painful for others to endure too.

But sometimes under certain circumstances we cant wholly be who we want to be or rather who we really are. Circumstances may vary. Many factors such as Time, Money, Cultural Background, Family and Relationships, and so on could throw you off track . And mostly we can't really be who we are to the fullest. We are part who people want us to be. But that said... It brings us to a question... Is it worth living for people? I shall not answer that... because it is a point definitely to ponder. Go on and think about it.

There may be a lot of things that you could say stop you from being who you want to be or what you want to be. But those are just excuses. Because deep down inside you know that 'you are not afraid to fail but rather afraid off the greatness you are capable of' And you know that with greatness comes a whole lot of other things. But thats just my humble opinion.

OK Im off now.... don't know if I made any sense to anyone ~_~

Monday, July 28, 2008

Hot out the Kitchen

Finally the August issue of Female is out! This issue features a hair spread where they gave three of the past cover girls a make over. How cool is that? Lil ol me with Amber Chia - Malaysian Supermodel and Emmeline Ng Miss Malaysia 2005!

Amber seemed quite busy during the prep.. she arrives later then us and is constantly buzzed on the phone... being booked for jobs and such. I must say this girl has been working very hard improving herself. Her command of the English language is a lot better. Well its not perfect but its getting close and will be soon if she keeps trying. Some people have not been very kind to her I would say. Mocking the way she spoke...our so called Supermodel can't speak English and she is representing Malaysia to the world? Well now she can stick her pretty little tongue at you!! =p nyeh. Sad how for some people , others shortcomings put a smile on their faces. Amber's book entitled 'The Secret Behind a Supermodel' will be out soon, I think in about 2 months.

I don't really know much about Emmeline Ng other then the fact that is Miss Malaysia 2005. She sat next to me during the prep session. If I were to describe her from first impression I would say she is very down to earth and very eloquent. Recently she appeared on the very edgy cover of the first issue of Envy Magazine Hope to have more shoots and shows with her =) Well of course Amber gets the spread page...

Amber gets the spread of course!

Jaishana - The Valentine issue girl ~_~

Emmeline - looking Regal with the new hair looks like that's about it... Haven't got my Tatler yet.. but defiantly looking forward to it. Well I gota run now...oh this picture below will also be in the August issue of Female. Ah...and there is this event called Fashion Flirt in Attic KL I want to go to.. its this Thursday. So hope to see you there! (meanin if I make it there!) heh 9_9

Visit to Hell

-Throw me in hell and I'll still have a halo over my head -

MDG Doll Heads

Hey hey hey... apparently Monday again. Well well what was eventful last week? Me and ma gurls Hanis n Fiqa did a hairshow for Wella again...and this time my hair (and me) have been changed from coconut husk head to to a hot and sassy red head! Im lovin the new hair! We had a ball of a time the three of us. We couldn't just sit still. I couldn't stop bugging the girls as usual and vice versa... just that Fiqa is not so good (sucks) at bugging but is a delight to be bugged! eheh. Me and Hanis had a ball of a time!
So the guys who did our hair were 2 Japanese guys and 1 Taiwanese guy. One of the 2 Japanese guys couldn't speak English whereas the other sounded like he been in US for quite a bit. So well it was a long two days but here are some things that made it memorable:

1. I initially tried on something very elegant and sexy... but then those Japanese men decided that i should wear this fully lace black dress... with (a lame excuse for) a shorts and a tiny tube inside. I wasn't thrilled but ... i guess it wasn't that bad. So they decided I was thier lace girl and they used something called hair lace on me.... yeap its real human hair made into lace, wrapped around and pinned ove my face! I tell u it smelled like oil! no not coconut oil the natural oils secreted from human head! And I have no idea how many diff heads did those hair come from! Yaks!

2. Due to the English language barrier we were served with a few unintended jokes ....

scene 1: Mr. Taiwan n Mr. Jap who no speaka english are doing my hair.

Mr. Taiwan,"Is this your helmet?"

Jay "What?"

Mr. Taiwan, putting something on the table " this your helmet?"

Jay I had been unaware that my cap hat fallen down!"That's called a cap darling"

Mr. Taiwan "oh its not helmet?"

Jay "No, no. Helmet can protect your head. Like for motorbike or bicycle you know?"

~we all laugh happily ever after~

scene 2: Mr. Jap who no speaka English is washing Hanis' hair after the show. He had been talking about a technique of cutting hair called swish blade or switch blade or something and one of the other models had over heard it.

Model "hey did you create the swish blade technique?"

Mr. Jap "Thank you"

Well the poor guy thought that the model told him he was great or something like that! But its ok ...we found a translator and all had a good laugh after! Kawaiiii! yeah that is one of the two Jap words I know. The other is Baka ~_~

3. Hanis' make up is called the Americana... sounds like a kind or coffee to me.Here is us clownin around. In case you are wondering they didn't bleach her hair. Those were just stuck onto her head.

Ok next I head on down to Ara Damansara to meet Alison... cos before the show we had gone for a casting together with Fiqa for Honda. The models had been shortlisted but the clients wanted to see us first, and the lady who was booking me told me that I could bring my friends who would like to try out as well. So I did la. But monkey Hanis didn't bother reading her sms! Aaaaanyway When I went for the audition I had left my shades so Aly picked em up for me. So the plan was to meet after Wella show.

Me n fiqa rush down so that we don't get caught in the jam. It was 5 but we somehow managed to beat it. Before meeting Aly we stop at the Studio / Office where all the MDG stuff went on. I don't know what I was expecting but the people seemed indifferent to us now....anywhose ...after having a drink at the mamak yang Sedap (cos its name is Sedap) I get invited to Aly's house. Fiqa has to go home so she does... At Aly's I feel most welcomed...her mom is a lovely lady. I carry her lil nephew for awhile and constantly sniff him! I love the smell of babies! He was just the sweetest thing but I was chicken that I may carry him wrongly. Then there was her Lil niece who is excited too see me cos she is my ardent supporter...but she is very shy! She is a smart lil girl I can see by the way she talks and carries herself.

I also met 2 of her the baby of the house and the other the mother of two of the babies i just mentioned and her better half. Last but not least was her Dalmatian called Cash $
Oh and did I mention I was treated to a homemade dinner as well? swell!That's me and the Victors! Dont you think I fit in so well? Hrm...if you haven't noticed I'm wearing my Mrs. Timberlake t-shirt in hope that Justin might actually google it up and find me...eheh

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Quote of the day

"Keep on hating me...Ima keep on givin yo'll sumthing to hate" - T.I. aka Clifford Harris Jr.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today I have an Interview with Capital FM to read the news. Ive to come up with my own news script. They already have one prepared for me but I have to write one to demonstrate my writing skills.... So in a bit of a rush right now but just felt like dropping a line or two...which is quite weird cos of such a long absence and now when I feel like writing I dont have much time to spend on it . heh =p Weirdness! Anywho... I also wana share some pics with you all =) Yea so comments are most welcomed...from haters as well if u must. See im so kind...before this if you wanted to comment on my blog u had to be a anonymous comments allowed but after this one poor hater had to create a blog merely to add a comment on my page... I felt sorry for his/her sorry soul. So now all anons invited! Haters and Ma Peoples! Oh by the way I had met Blogger Jaclyn that day in Poppy...or was it Passion? I dunno... dont really go there but she so made my day or week or perhaps even year! She said 'its the happiest day of her life' Why? "cos she got to meet Jay the hottest Malaysian Dreamgirl" OMG thats like the best compliment anyone can ever give you man! "happiest day of my life?""WOWWEEEEEEEEEEE". I feel so touched man! So awesome! So humbling at d same time.

Shu Uemura Black Book
Make Up by Taisu
Picture by Yipiyaya Studio

Make Up by Idan
Picture by Idan

OK now for the pictures of me and Jaclyn!
No...we didnt have a drunk photographer the picture was well composed just that I looked awful! Like super yucks... But she is so cute! Well below is a decent pic of me from that night...yes Im wearing like some freaking long sleve wooly a bit outfit that why I was so hot and sweaty...but judging from the pic below I looked Nice from Far =) Plus Ive been wanting to wear that top for a while now and never got the chance....I will have a separate post for the top I promise! Hrm... yea N also the guy in the picture which is Jac's fren Chris is quite hot too... no not jus cos its Malaysia and our weather is really hot makin everyone here hot but cos he has only been here 5 months and speaks awesome Malay! I think I pinched myself.....twice...Yea seriously...It would put alot of ppl I know to shame! Tsk tsk shame on yoll!
Oh and this time around I intentionally decided to skip page breaks (paragraphs) cos Im running outa time to prep for my interview. Ill be back with more ~_~

Thursday, July 3, 2008

What has she been upto?

I just shot a fashion spread for Tatler. Its gona be out in August. Its a sports issue in conjuction with the Olympics. Oh no..don't expect to be seeing the models dressed in nike or adidas sports outfits, do expect the unexpected from the kinky to the cool. Here's a teaser.... imagine horse riding.... oh just wait for the issue.

It was an awful long day... I went to bed at 3.30am the day before (don't know why- seem to have insomnia these days), woke up at 6.00am and was back home only at 10.30pm.

I Learned the Tuff way that ...

Hay can hurt u....real bad!

When you twist your body into awkward positions it hurts the most the next day

Why people don't bowl with 4inch stilletos

Getting Cornrows hurt yo neck like *#@^ (not talking about jagung a.k.a. maize - its that real kewl hairdo like the one Mr. Bow Wow here is donning)

It Rawked cos....

I got to don Afros - black and blonde

I looked like Foxy Cleopetra from Gold Member in one of the shots

I got to play with a cute horsie - i think he is a pony

Everyone was so energetic and very high spirited

I get to keep the Cornrows! Until they come off or until cant take it anymore (cos of not washing it...numsayin)

The number one reason in Rawked was.... I got to take picture with HOT ICE hockey players ~drool~ (haha sorry no visual...we'll just have to wait)

Well....Ill be going out on Friday Night just to flaunt my fro =) Cya if I cya. heh

I MANAGED TO GET SOME BEHIND THE SCENE PIC! EHEH. This is me with Tzu Ann, make up artist, Cris Yong and Patrick. He is not a starfish.