Friday, June 20, 2008

NewMan Birthday

Firstly the picture on the left doesn't have any direct link to the content of my post. I just happend to find it today... this picture was taken by Shoalin Tiger when the bloggers gate crashed our living space ... I mean visited the dreamhome =) Anyway..I think I look nice and modely here eheh.

Last Wednesday NewMan had celebrated thier Birthday at Savanh Too. The Malaysian Dreamgirls were supposed to take to the catwalk but a pity it was that quite a few couldn't turn up...including yours truly! But I was determined to make it some how... if not for the walk at least to the party! I wanted to show my support and meet up with the girls of course!

I had a show in Mid Valley for Shu Uemura on the same day. I had to be there for the rehersal at 7am! Had to bother Kamil by making him send me at that wee hour. Then came back again to Mid Valley at 2.30pm. I would like to show you the set up of the stage and the atmosphere but I still having trouble with tarnsfering pictures =( was really awesome.. It was a circular stage with hanging mobile pictures of the beauty shots from the Little Black Book 2008. My artist was Taisu. He has been in the industry not less then 10 years. He is so humble and genuinely nice.

- wore all white. white school sneakers which he painted pink diomands on one side of each shoe resembling the Viktor n Rolf theme.
- only took an hour to do such fine quality make up.
- made me coffee during the photoshoot cos I kept falling asleep.
- asked me if he should go on stage with glasses or without. I told him what I thought of both the looks and he decided too look matured, sophisticated and professional by wearing the glasses.
- thinks I make him look short!
- is awesome =)
There were three lashes in the collection...Taisu used the last on in the picture above. It was quite plain comaperatively, black, longer on the outsides and cost RM250!

I was the second last model on the catwalk and the last was Amber. Her look was called The Mysterious Face Behind the Mask or something like that.... and my my did she bask in the ambience of the photgraphers! And I say that matter of factly.

When we were done we mingled around and I met my fav designer Karl. He seemed to be matching the theme colour by then! Too much sake? I dunno eheh. He introduced me to Jonathan Cheng. Of course I know, just haven't had any formal introduction. But the man really needs no introduction. So there I am... thinking what to say and not sound like everyone else ie.'Oh I like your work!' I just smile and say "yes of course I know him! I saw you in Space at Heritage that day actually" I met Raymond Choon as well...dress quirkyly as usual. I first met him at Mifa Launch 2008. And thats where I fell in love. Straight or gay I don't know... I dont care...but it was like looking at a fictional character! So its like how you love Bart Simpson or the Power Puff Girls kinda love. OMG A REAL LIFE FICTIONAL CHARACTER! (Now there's an Oxymoron for you!). He reminds me of Johnny Depp. Cos Ive seen him looking like Edward with the scissor hands and also like Charlie from the chocolate factory.

Ok So all that done I drag my bestie Afiq and grab a cab. We are headed to Mont Kiara. RM9.50 and we have arrived! Throw the huge modeling bag in Lina's car and head for Savanh Too. Whoa! There were so so many people! Savanh was like a fat guy's waist line. Bursting out! Alison,Fiqa,Eyna,Nadia,Val and Natasha greet me. They are sitting way out from the entrance obviously tired from the long day! We are delighted to meet one another.

I look for Hazel. She was so kind to reserve 3 invites for me. One for Afiq (my unofficial bodyguard who has been following me around the past few weeks - but I think its just cos he knows that if he hangs with me there will bound to be some encounter with hot girls! eheh. I kid I kid. He is sucha darling, but ...yeah i still think its partly cos of the girls! sorry Afiq), one for Kim n her boo. Lina is there for work. She's from EMI.
Then guess who I see at the entrance? Kenny Sia! He seems cuter after the show eheh. He greets me with a drink in his hand. I say "It looks very packed in there!" and he starts talking about his drink. Then he stops when he sees my confused face(raised eyebrows and all). I laugh and repeat my question. He answers me...We take a picture...I go in...and that was the last I saw of him.

It rawked cos....

So many familiar faces. Ben! my old time fren cum model consultant, the hairstylists from Shawn Cutler, Shawn himself, Designers - Keith Kee, Bonz, Models - Kit, Karen, The people from NewMan, and lots more.
I bump into Hanis inside and we are all screamy jumppy about each other. eheh
Some Singaporean NewMan cover girls or something like that were there. They just looked like many Nadias to me...again I say that matter of factly. But I dunno If they were covergirls cos they looked so small.
Hot male models throwing underwear. I caught one! So did Alison! Mine was grey tone...Alison's was YELLOW, ORANGE and GREEN! what the!!!!!!!!!haha
I catch one guy(Guy A) asking his friend(Guy B) where are the MDGs? And Guy B happily points at the singaporean chicks that were posing posing for a picture. I tap Guy B on his shoulder, he turns around. I say "Excuse me but those aren't the MDGs, dont bluff kay If u duno" I extend my hand "Hi, Im Jay. Malaysian Dreamgirl" "hahaha" he is stunned but they take it lightly. Guy A says he recognised me thats why he asked. and I tell Guy A"yalah your friend was happily trying to pull a fast one on you"
Whole lota good Martell. And excellent drinks for me thanks to Raymond! Ok wait this is not Raymond Choon, this is Raymond Xavior. But he is not related to that bald dude from X-Men. Dosen't resemble him either. He is from Indo-Chine line of retraunts (BarSavanh KL Manager - i think la, but most importantly a cool friend).
The MDG's danced the night away together with Kim!
Everyone keeps on mistaking me and Alison!
The goodie bag was awesome - discount vouchers, parker pen, clinique lip balm for men, durex, hp merchandise.
Lina was a sweetheart. Sent Afiq and me back. We were back by 12am.

When I come back I show my mom the Shu Uemura Little Black Book 2008 with me in it and the new NewMan magazine with Cindy on the Cover (and inside of course). We come to a conclusion that it doesn't look like any NewMan magazine...more like some bridal mag or a home and living kinda mag with some Martha Stewart kinda person on the cover. Wonder why they changed thier direction on this cover....Where is da sex yow?! Blame the photographer or the director or someone just tell me why it looks odd and not NewMan-ish.... Don't get wot I mean? Checkout the previous covers


Simon Seow said...

I was too late to send in the entry to get the invitation to the birthday bash. T_T

Anonymous said...

so do u think it would be more sexy-ish if u were to be on the NewMan magazine instead? if u were on it...i might thought its a sheman/bapuk magazine instead.haha i rather look like.
btw, do u know what makes a good model? is when ppl look at the model and want to buy that clothes thats on the model. but looking at the pics u've taken. u dont make the clothes look good at all. infact u make them ugly n not wearable at all. i wonder y ppl want u to wear their line.

Wendy Sue said...

"no one wants to read if there's no visual stimuli"


Pictures! Pictures! Eheh! :P

Anonymous said...

u blog?! hhahahahah!!!!! COOLNESS! Anyways, my bf is BACK! hehhehehehe

as clara is said...

Don't you love "melissa". Everyone loves a hater.

Been a while since I've visited your blog. Glad to see it's all going well for you. Not that you need to know, but I'm travelling America and it's awesome - except for the junk food on every corner that just makes it all a little gross :D

fie the elf said...

lol@ guy A and B