Monday, June 16, 2008

Bibo Aswan

dress by Suhairi Marlina
hair n make up by Idan A'ma

Who! Its been that looooong huh?! I swear Ive been wanting to blog... only that Ive been havin some trouble transfering my pictures. Ive visually documented the past 2 weeks very well thank you but its a pity I cant show them to you...not right now anyway. I have learned that no one really wants to read when there aren't any visual stimuli. A pity that is...but understandable.

skirt by Somerset Bay
top by Idontknow Itsagift Fromlin
belt by Nichi
hair n make up by Idan A'ma
monorail by Luck

So yada yada yada aside..I finally did they photo shoot with Bibo Aswan. He used to be my student ~_~ (weird?cool?interesting?awkward? - well i'll tell u that it was all positive feelings). He is just so adorable...the blue eyed boy in class if you may. SO when I came to know about his talent I was quite shocked...not that I ever underestimated him...but cos I always saw him as very childlike (not childish mind u) so I was amazed when I saw the level of maturity and passion in his photography.

dress by Nichi
tube by Somestall Inthecurve
belt by Nichi
hair and make up by Idan A'ma

So what do you think of the photoshoot? But honestly I think I could have delivered better.


LolliPop said...

omigod! damn ugly la you! haha! your poses are hideous! and you call yourself a model? seriously, go continue your studies la... dont make yourself a laughing stock.

miss lolly

Bob Dyldo said...

I guess it's ok...

"Cuz you can't criticise what you can't understand..."
-Bob Dylan

life-sized-doll said...

miss lolly : dont be here if you dont like it. it such a waste of your precious time. and dont make yourself a laughing stock either.

fie the elf said...


Clothes Indulgence said...

your body language is gorgeous, maybe just some improvement when it comes to facial expression? a bit too fierce now, i think.

Suz said...

ok whattt... i like your body structure. the shoulder especially. you were a lecturer??

disillusioned said...

i find posts with just plain words the best to read lol. though eye candy does attract attention. and your pictures certainly are gorgeous =)

Anonymous said...

super like your first pic :D

jkavi said...

love the pics!
maybe can trying smiling with your eyes a bit more? =)

Anonymous said...

LOL Idan A'ma, Idontknow Itsagift Fromlin, Somestall Inthecurve.

Priceless ;D

Does anyone even notice? Sure don't look like it in the comments.

babychyu said...

gOrgeous !

Missy said...

love yr poses :):)

alice @ chai ping said...

no regretted t0 support you.. keep it up..=)

Honesty said...

Not bad ur poses! I likey! and who is lollipop person..he/she's hillariously silly

The Idan said...

eeeeeee gedik laa! that lollipop! whatever! btw, Jay! HELL TO THE NO! im not Idan A'ma! just put it IDAN! hahaha! sounds funny okay! ni bibo ajar la ni... joking! :P